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Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat
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Product Description

A foam made exclusively of NBR
The product is imported
An extra thick mat that is ideal for yoga, gym sessions, and everyday use
Stability and traction are provided by the textured foam construction
Featuring a 1/2 inch thick mat to provide extra support, shock absorption and stability The ability to absorb and feel comfortable
Rolls are held in place by elastic straps Set up the It is easy to carry thanks to a shoulder strap
It is recommended that you check the mat before you use it to ensure it won't slip
The following dimensions are given The dimensions are 74 x 24 x 14. A 5 inch diameter

Questions & Answers

Do you know if this yoga mat is non-toxic Can toxic chemicals harm us? What is the smell like? Does it smell Your help is greatly appreciated! ?

Yoga mats all smell the same, even though they are different. There is no way I know whether it carries a risk of toxicity. I have never tried to eat it, and I would suggest you do not either.

Let me ask you a You should use one of the two sides of the mat. The surface of one is smooth, but the surface of the other is ridged? Is it just a matter of personal ?

It can be used both ways, I have found. Although it seems counterintuitive, the most stable way to use the mat is to stand on the smooth side with the ridges down so that the mat grips the floor and doesn't move.

Do you think this mat is thick enough to perform sit-ups Hard wood would be the flooring beneath the mat. ?

The answer is yes. On a wood floor, I use the mat for yoga, planks, sit-ups, etc. It is thick and I use it for all these exercises.

What are the return policies for this item?

My copy of the book has been returned.

Selected User Reviews For Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

We have another winner of Amazon Basics! It's really nice that this exercise mat exists! Exercise is an ongoing habit for me, so I have gone through numerous mats over time

mat is definitely thicker than most and longer than most! That is a positive because I am 5ft9, and I sometimes feel that mats are too short for me when laying down to do sit-ups. Push-ups and stretches are recommended. While other reviewers said their mat had a smell, I noticed no smell whatsoever even when I tried to do yoga with my face on it. Red is a vibrant and beautiful color, and it matches my outfit perfectly. It does not transfer in the way some super-coated fabrics do A cheap mat I had often left a stain on my hands and knees when I got It is also a great cardio exercise to use With great landing cushioning that is gentle on the knees and feet, it is incredibly comfortable. It also helps me when I do yoga poses like cat/cow because my hardwood floors would hurt my knees if I didn't have this added padding. Despite the fact that it squishes slightly and leaves dents on the hand and foot, it quickly bounces back to its normal shape once you release it. It seems some people complained that the extra padding was a nuisance when standing on their feet in tough conditions Considering my age and size, I would imagine that it would be challenging to balance yoga poses like tree, but I have absolutely no problems and it feels better on my feet than hardwood floor or super-soft carpet Mats made of very thin materials. Despite being barefoot, the floor has good grip and does not move around or slide off. The top of the mat has ridges that run parallel to one another rather than bending across one another, which is nice to see The egg has been hatched or is When dirt gets stuck in the ridges of mats with other patterns like that, they are much harder to clean. Additionally, I appreciate that the bag is included with a carrying strap, so I can roll it up and keep it in place. There are some reviewers who complain that the mat is too thick and bulky, but I like the thickness and length when it is used, so of course it's bigger than the thin-type mat These mats roll up into a tidy bundle. That's so obvious! I've been very happy with Amazon basics products so far. I've purchased Amazon products of great quality for a price that's reasonable. Take a look at the picture of my red and purple mats next to each other. It's about 3x as thick as a standard mat and about two inches longer than one!.

Rex Howard
Rex Howard
| May 08, 2021
A mistake has been made in the Here's the listing for it ( AmazonBasics 1/2 - Extra Thick Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap, Steel ), but when you add it to your cart, the part about the carrying strap is removed from the shopping cart

A carrying strap was neither included in the item delivered. At the moment, I am not very satisfied with Amazon.

Meghan Braun
Meghan Braun
| Apr 18, 2021
I highly recommend it if you have a bad knee or are overweight

I love this mat! Since I am an extremely overweight individual who is trying to get fit, I purchased this mat in hopes of using it for my floor exercises, such as sit ups, instead of bare hardwood floors. There was nothing to fix in this matter! My first thought was that it would be thin, but it was thick! The floor didn't hurt my knees when I laid on it. I did not have to worry about my knees breaking while I lay on it. During the entire process, my knees never even touched the ground! The fact that it is NOT memory foam is also great. The memory foam sinks to the pressure of the body, and I wanted something that would stay firm, but supportive, and this.

Julius Carpenter
Julius Carpenter
| May 15, 2021
A good performance, not a great one

It is a reasonably priced mat, but there are a couple of things that I think potential users The following are highlights of the item. It is not permissible to walk on this mat with shoes on. I learned this the hard way after my sneakers scuffed up the mat after my workout. In the event that I had continued to wear shoes while using the mat, I would most likely have torn It is best to wear barefoot or socks instead if you want to keep it in good condition. Please read item number 2 carefully. Water makes this slippery
This thing turns into a ice rink when it's wet The slip-and-slide will stick to you if you sweat. You don't want to do downward dog when you're not used to it. The third point the third point. As it is used, it usually moves around a lot. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but yes, it can be quite frustrating. The mat is a good buy all in all. I bought it because it was within my budget, and it was the right size. It's my first, so I don't have anything to compare it with. It did, however, fall short in some of the areas I considered important.

Karina Garrison
Karina Garrison
| Jun 13, 2021
I like it because it works and it is soft and smells like "pee or chemicals" unlike some others have said

My relationship with you is still in its infancy, so I admit it's still a little early. The mat I'm using is nice. Many people overestimate the intensity of the smell The mat smelled a lot better than the shared mats in my yoga class after I cut it out of the plastic. I used it in class 20 minutes after cutting it out. In my later research, I learned that this mat is too thick for yoga and that a 1/4-inch thick mat would be more suitable. Okay, I get it. But I stood over 6 feet 2 inches and I was more built like a lineman than a The mat works fine for me, but when I do tree pose my weight increases which causes the mat to end up as a sub-mat One quarter-inch thick mat does not bother me, and I do not have any problems with too-thick mats A mat of soft material. As for the strap that came with it, it should be found to be okay Taking it to my wife, who uses it with an inch mat, I gave it to her. The mat seems to be good even though it comes as a disadvantage due to its lack of long-lasting properties An equipment company with a model spokesperson has trademarked the end of the word. As far as I can tell, it's just a low price thick green Amazon mat, and it's performing well so far.

Piper Reilly
Piper Reilly
| Mar 28, 2021
I don't like that smell

In the Seinfeld episode The Smelly Car, the smell of the mat sticks to your body like a chemical smell. Throughout 10 consecutive days of sunshine and fresh air, nearly ten days of ivory dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, febreze, and in the end an industrial washing machine nothing has worked. I have used it twice and it was OK, but the smell is to strong for me.

Bradley Dodson
Bradley Dodson
| Feb 09, 2021
You need to love the smell of cat pee if you're going to buy it

The worst purchase I've ever made. My purchase was made on May 1st 2018 and I have been letting it air out ever since. As of today, June 10, there is still a strong scent of cat pee, but I don't own one of them! In this room, the stench just permeates the air. The thought of taking this to yoga class would make me way too embarrassment. The odor neutralizer is the second time I used it and it has yet to get rid of the odor. Spend your money elsewhere and absolutely do not go to that bar. If you want to stay with 1/2 inch, that's an excellent It's better not to purchase anything here if you don't want this odor to linger in your home or embarrass you in class.

Anderson McPherson
Anderson McPherson
| Apr 16, 2021
I absolutely love this exercise mat! It is top-notch at a great price! This is what I use at home for mat exercises and/or stretching when I am not at the gym

You will not feel uncomfortable while doing exercises on it, as it has sufficient padding, which won't hurt your knees or back. does not unroll back quickly once it's unrolled, as it rolls out nicely The one I had before wasn't as good as some. Plastic smelled funny (haha A) at first, but it went away after a day of laying it out/unrolling it. This is a very long dress and fits me well because I'm 5'4''. I would highly recommend this product for its price and quality!.

Willow Glenn
Willow Glenn
| Jul 17, 2021

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