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MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper

MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper

MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper
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It offers shelter above and below the rub rail, unlike other fenders. Thanks to an innovative hanging system, MAX PROTECTION can be easily mounted on a boat or dock. The following patent applications are
With a patented hull-contouring design, SENTRY hangs at an angle that aligns with the hull's contours, making it easier to apply to a boat. The SENTRY does not get caught on top of the dock and it looks beautiful in front of the dock.
AN INNOVATIVE MATERIAL - Molded with closed-cell foam that is exceptionally Designed to be water-repellent, this patented material also resists fading from the sun's harmful ultraviolet As it is free of nasty oils, animal fat, vinyl chloride, and chemical coatings, it is environmentally friendly compared to
The ropes and knots are not required, so there is no fuss. For fast, easy installation, a strap integrates with the cleat and dock to attach quickly and easily.
TIP-OFF! The SENTRY comes with an extra-long strap, so you can tidy up right out of the box. Unlike other attachment locations such as towers and grab rails, this makes it easy to loop over them. To keep your SENTRY nice and tidy, you can trim the strap when the cleats are in an ideal spot.

Questions & Answers

Whenever they are not being used, how are they stored? Can I store my fenders on a fender rack?

Thank you for reaching out, I'm afraid we currently do not offer a storage solution for those using Our recommendation is for them to be stored in the boat locker just like Please feel free to reach out to us at 612-4565 with any further questions or concerns I am 355. I'd like to wish you a successful week, Garrett A boat gear set for the Mission

If this is sold as a set or as just one fender, how do I order?

Individually, they are available for purchase. The boat is much too large for my bass boat, so storing it is a hassle. Larger boats will benefit from this product.

If you drive a boat in the water, do you leave these on or do you take them off when you leave the ?

Dear Sir/Madam, We advise you not to leave these on the boat when you are I hope you're well and I hope you're doing well with your mission

Could this fender be used on a boat up to 25 feet long?

Yes, I do. They receive a high recommendation from you. Any boat can benefit from this product

Selected User Reviews For MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper

This is a good concept

It is a weak design. For years I have used regular cylinder shaped bumpers and fenders. Other than their rolling every now and then, they are held together by bungee cords. They are strong and go the extra mile for their clients. Most of our launches are out of trailers. If you simply want to have your boat at the dock, then the Mission Sentry would be great. A person who isn't moving & A knot has been formed.
Thursday is the day we launched. As an example, here is what we have experienced Having it looked great was a great idea. In addition, I discovered that the Sentry was too high to protect the boat (Our draft is pretty high Fi21 Centurion). After adjusting the straps, we loosen them and tighten them again. There is a problem with the retention clips of the strap - they are popping off As a result, the whole thing ends up floppy and rolling. The fender rolls off and becomes loose when the boat is moving away from the There are issues with the straps being difficult to adjust / sticky This cord is so much stronger than bungee cord. It's especially good when the "Almost Black" color is used. There are no black spots on the chest I didn't like it because it was grey and looked It's been about 6 months since I asked for these cool new fenders, and I finally got one. This is the time to return the item. In spite of all my efforts, it did not In case my helpers (my friends' kids and my wife) cannot make it work, I will need your help! It continues to bother me and I have to fix it constantly When this happens, then it is considered.

Annalise Sparks
Annalise Sparks
| Oct 31, 2020
It is useless

Any type of pull is put on the rubber "lines" when they are rocked, and they do not stay in place. As a matter of fact, after getting back to the restaurant, I remembered I left one on the rear cleat There was a bumper that had gone all the way out of the water and lost somewhere in It appears to be better suited for older ski boats, jet boats, etc. Not having a 4 inch freeboard means they are useless for the Regal 2800. I bought 3 and have been down to two after day one, but will probably use them just as backups.

Gabrielle Vega
Gabrielle Vega
| Mar 31, 2021
We do not have a set up or boat for it

This is an excellent concept. to put on and take There is one problem with our dock, though our boat cleats do not line up with the dock poles. A bumper cannot hang from a boat, so it cannot be hung from it. If I tie the bumper along the front of the dock pole (which has a plastic piece already attached), the boat is protected well, but when the waves come and the boat lifts and sways, the bumper moves sideways and twists out of place. As a consequence, the bumper will lose its benefit. There is always a need for me to move the bumper on the dock. In the bumper system, an extra rope does not appear to be able to sufficiently tighten the plastic straps. it is a great concept! Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with the docking station we have on our boat. Besides looking great and being made of excellent, protective materials, the product is also a great value. If it stayed in place better, it would be nice. There will be no return of the product as I am committed to There is no way this should not work for me since I paid a lot. There is some re-configuring to be done!.

Miracle Barrett
Miracle Barrett
| Dec 10, 2020
This product is awesome

The Fender is a 5 STAR product. The Price is a 1 STAR product, but the quality is great. A. Yes, it's quite expensive. The answer is yes, it performs better than a round fender. The Chaparral 19 H2O is my 2019 and I'm always getting dock rash. This stops that. In fact, I did purchase one to try it, but I plan on purchasing one more. . . . Long story short, I don't get why there are How long have we been here- Prices are likely to be high. Those are not the seller's prices, this is just the going rate for one of them. Considering my boat is a small runabout, I can leave it tied up and walk away without worrying about wakes slamming against my Despite what the other reviews have said, this product is far from The grey goes well with the grey and black finish on my gel coat. Considering these facts, the question is whether to spend 70 dollars on it. To repair gel coat in our area, it costs a little over $100 an inch. Gigi and I both agreed to eliminate scratches in the gel coat by trying a $70 fender. In the case of a nice, clean gel coat, I'd recommend that you consider buying one. I don't think it's worth it for a 20 year old boat with dock rash and oxidation. Nevertheless, I would definitely try it if it looked like it was brand new. Our company generally works with floating docks, and my rubrails don't match up with them very often. Aside from that, I don't want to have the rub rail rub against anything. In any case, I would imagine this would be of no use with a vertical pole pier, but then again round fenders are useless (unless the diameter is 2 feet). In addition, because it's flat, I don't have to worry about it rolling around as much. As for mine, I tend to keep them under the engine hatch to the side of the engine. I have two doors that give me access and it's going to be much easier to access than the ski locker, which is already full. Unlike round fenders, I'm always concerned that they'll roll, and the rope will get tangled up in the drive belt. But you just toss it in there next to the bilge fan hoses, and forget about it until you're ready. As the cable takes a little getting used to, I am worried that it will wear out and I will be left with no alternative. The quality of the product will only be determined over time. I received an e-mail from Amazon asking me what was the problem with the seller, as it took so long for the product to ship. As of the time of the mail, the seller had not given them any information that would allow me to be charged. It took about two weeks for the package to arrive after I received a notification it had been shipped. From the date of order, it will take 5 weeks to arrive. Amazon had predicted that the package would arrive the last day of estimated delivery. The burn wasn't as bad as I thought, but my suspicions were growing.

Joyce Stone
Joyce Stone
| May 12, 2021
There weren't any problems for me

I couldn't tie a knot and I tied A fender like this was used when we were matching a boat twice our size up to our stainless railing. You only have to make a loop and then pass the fender back through it to make it secure against our A cleat makes it easy for you to pass it through. However, it is best used in conjunction with traditional fenders because of its pros and cons. Put them both to the test! I have used it to secure it to dock posts or pilings and it is the best fender I have used. Tip

GIVE AWAY! When you tie a simple knot with the lines after you secure the fender, you won't have the slipping of the fender lines that It has not happened to me yet, at least. Have fun on the water, and stay safe!.

Desmond Ellis
Desmond Ellis
| Jan 29, 2021
A good choice for docks that are not too long

The best way to dock or to try to dock to another boat for a short time. During the night, it became more loose, and in the morning, it was literally falling off. The product is not worth buying again. A chunk of foam with a plastic strap is over priced for what it is. For the price, there is certainly room for improvement.

Kelly Yu
Kelly Yu
| Jun 30, 2021
An excellent choice for a pontoon party boat or fishing boat

Fenders made for pontoon boats with their particular hull contour were what I was looking for. Due to the low riding flat deck of the pontoon, I soon discovered that traditional sausage fenders (of any size) just weren't sufficient to protect the boat from dock damage. Pontoon fenders are the type of fenders that fit perfectly. This deck cleat attachment is easy to use and secure. Your docking line or bungee will fit through the opening in the fender. Attach your dock cleat to the line. I did it! I spent about five minutes on it.

Corey Stone
Corey Stone
| Nov 17, 2020

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