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Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch

Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch

Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch
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A Dovetail mounting system for 3/8" long
Includes a lithium battery of 12 volts
A switch turns this light on and off so you can quickly find your way to your target
This is a very easy and fun application to use. A firearm is dressed up with this device
A high level of quality and reliability from Daisy

Questions & Answers

How can I find out what the moa is all about?

I appreciate your question, Derek. A MOA is defined as one minute of angle. As long as you have calibrated your camera, scope laser, red dot, iron sight, etc. to "MOA = 1 inch at 100 yards" this means that one click of the adjustment knob(s) will move the bullet impact point up/down or left/right by 1 inch. To adjust the aim point of your gun if the projected bullet falls three inches high, simply turn the vertical adjusting knob screw three clicks downward. An aimpoint at 50 yards will be lowered by 1 and 1/2 inches with three clicks. According to the type of scope and application, there are different kinds of MOAs. On Wikipedia, you can find information about minutes of arc. On YouTube, you can find a video on scope zeroing. If you're looking for great information on MOA, then visit the PyramidAir and other air gun sites. You'll find MOA is a great place to learn practical usage Geometry, physics, optics, and self discipline how to do it right and how to do it the same way over and over again. Here is my answer. I hope it helps.

Do you know if it will work on a Daisy Powerline ?

Yes, it must be on an

Are small game hunts going to be reliable with this gun?

Sure, but make sure the pellets are precision like gamma. A quarter at sixty or so feet is pretty much doable for me right now.

Can Daisy Red Rider 75th Edition be used with this?

Almost any gun with a dovetail groove can be fitted to this mount.

Selected User Reviews For Daisy Electronic Red Dot Point Sight, Black, 3/8 Inch

Despite this, item arrived in sealed bubble/cardboard packaging and appeared to be in good condition

Except for the power button, which feels and looks cheap, the build seems decent. As soon as I removed the plastic tab from the battery compartment and turned on the device, there was no dot. Thus, after testing the battery, I noted that it showed over 3 volts, which means that this unit is damaged beyond repair. My request for a replacement has been sent. I'll let you know when the replacement The following updates have been made We received the replacement in a very quick timetable and mounted it to our air gun without any hassle. As you will see in this example, it does work, but the red dot has a big parallax effect. This means that the dot moves off target based on how you move your head while viewing the site. As you move your head, you can see the dot remain at the intended target. If you have other red dot sights, the dots follow your movements. I'm not interested in that. When you shoot your head must be in the same position, or else you will end up with a different aim!.

| Jul 20, 2020
It is not suitable for break barrel air guns, but it is great for non-recoiling The revised version is 5 The Beeman P17 pistol and my Crossman 1300 series pistols are made for each other

This is a match made in heaven for non-recoiling guns such as the Beeman P17 pistol. At 10 meters, it makes perfect contact with a 5/8" square of electrical tape every time. It is incredibly accurate and It is difficult to adjust the windage and elevation thanks to the coarse threading, but if your gun can shoot, then this sight can keep you on target.

I purchased two of these from my local farm supply store and am very pleased with them. Among the mounts I mounted was one on a Hatsan 177 caliber. An air rifle that uses the springer mechanism. However tight the mounting screws are, the unit continues to float on the windage and elevation adjusting screws, and wobbles a little. No big deal, it should center itself on its own as a plastic spring would when it is "relaxed. ". It is nice to have the option of 2 brightness levels. Upon approaching 10 meters, the red dot covers the center of the target nicely and the first shot falls right on it. When the second shot is taken, the point of impact is moved about two inches to the right. For the third shot, another two inches are moved, then another two inches, and so on until there is no more movement. You just cannot shoot a break action air rifle with it, as the recoil would absolutely destroy it. As much as I would love to get the things to stay put for that first shot, if I could just get the things to stay put I would have a 5 star product. The device is cheap and light, but it uses a lot of power when it does work. There is a possibility that something will need to be epoxyed As the recoil occurs, the adjustment screws are moved. Placing a rock on a moving target works well if you can keep it still. You should be able to use a dab of silicone glue. Make sure that everything is in the right place before fixing it in place. The adjustments are very course. There is a large, circular dot on the side likely to indicate a ten moa sighting device. Not suitable for target shooting, but good for plinking.

Dream Steele
Dream Steele
| Jul 22, 2020
A large red dot makes for an inconvenient target practice

However, after reading many positive reviews, I decided to give it a shot. Red dots like this are very bright (too bright). The size of the red dot is also During the 10 meter spread (33'), the dot is visible most of the time in the center black area of the I do not think that there are many alternatives for dove tail mounts, but I find this Red Dot to be too big. Although the unit has two brightness settings, I wish that I could turn them down further.

Elora Baker
Elora Baker
| Sep 04, 2020
I'm not sure, needs to test further

Even on low setting it is hard to see through with out the flashlight mounted under the barrel so that it reduces glare from the red dot so far I have not been able to get it to hold zero on either a 22 Long or a springer break barrel. In fact, the 177 may be meant as the site, but in the end, it's an okay deal for the price.

Musa Larson
Musa Larson
| Aug 07, 2020
My system seems to be working well

The first half of the year has been great! While I see a lot of mixed reviews, I'm quite pleased with what I'm seeing after having tried it for one afternoon.

Close to a year ago my son moved out of the house and I purchased the Daisy 880. Even though I didn't know from experience how accurate the rifles are, I really enjoyed plinking with them in my backyard

I was having trouble making small adjustments to the iron sights and having to overcompensate for my errors.

The installation on the dovetail rail was a breeze and I was able to zero the scope once I figured out which adjustment was which (windage/elevation) and that I was moving forward as opposed to backwards. This is what I get Shooting 5" groups at 50 feet while it's raining and once I've had some time, I will see which groups do better once it stops raining.

Lewis Rivera
Lewis Rivera
| Jun 20, 2021
I would recommend it to anybody

Would you like me to give you ten This was an excellent Then you can at least get a feel for what a reflex sight is like before investing 80+ bucks on Remember, you may not be supportive of the acquisition of a reflex based on your target. In my opinion, this is an excellent plinker aid for a $30 Daisy 35. Ton can accuracy at 10 paces is no problem with this. Are you sure this is a squirrel Not at all. Neither the dot nor the arrow is big enough. It should not be used for target practice or high accuracy. There is also quite a bit of brightness on the dot. When the toggle is in the middle, the dot is slightly less visible, but still quite If you want to paddle stray dogs or cats with three pumps on a BB, this is the way to go.

Yusuf Ortiz
Yusuf Ortiz
| May 24, 2021
The perfect addition to all kids' toys - cheap and convenient Buying this red dot for my son's airsoft/nerf toys was a good idea

With two brightness levels it performs well in a well-lit area, the brightest level in particular works well. It is well lit. In light of the fact that this is a non-profit It can be adjusted, but it is substandard in terms of accuracy It is assumed that par is appropriate. Due to its placement at the top of the barrel, it aims higher than the shot, but since it's for my son's toys, he's ecstatic about it and still loves it to this day. Basically, he is more interested in the aesthetic and "cool" factor than in the functionality. Furthermore, he isn't aiming for pins for the targets he's aiming at You can specify precise points. Chances are he will hit the target as long as it lines up on the horizontal. The cheap addition turned out to be a very happy ending for a boy. My assessment is that it was a success and that its task was completed.

Amber Mathis
Amber Mathis
| May 21, 2021

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