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Sport Write Pro Diamond Baseball Coaching Board

Sport Write Pro Diamond Baseball Coaching Board

Sport Write Pro Diamond Baseball Coaching Board
$ 33.67

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By entering your model number, you can make sure that this fits.
The play can be seen by the entire team thanks to the large format.
There are two writing surfaces.
With a premium dry erase marker and a great pen clip, you can't go wrong.
Produced in the United States using only the highest-quality materials.
16 x 16 inches 5" x 12.

Questions & Answers

What exactly are the board's dimensions?

Just Her Sports 12" x 16"br>

Is there something magnetic about it?

No, that is not the case.

Is it possible to attach it to a fence?

It doesn't come with its own fence-hanging clip, but it does come with a pre-attached hook. A hole has been drilled in the back so that you can hang it up.

Selected User Reviews For Sport Write Pro Diamond Baseball Coaching Board

I'm looking for the hangar piece, but it's nowhere to be found

What a fantastic product; it's so simple to make changes on the fly when players don't show up or in the middle of innings. Note - It does not come with anything to hang the product, which is a disappointment.

Alexa Allison
Alexa Allison
| Feb 08, 2021
For games, this is ideal

In Dugout, you've done a fantastic job! All it takes is a slightly larger hole so you can clip it to the fence. Zip ties are what I've been using.

Braxton Griffith
Braxton Griffith
| Feb 27, 2021
This is an excellent product! Love it!
Kylee Miranda
Kylee Miranda
| Jun 02, 2021
Organizer of baseball teams This is extremely beneficial, not only for the coaches' organization, but also for our younger players' understanding of their roles on the field, the batting order, and so on

I create columns for each inning, with the players' names on each line on the left side, so they can see where they stand in the batting order. I listed their positions next to their names in the columns for each inning. Simple!.

Denise Horn
Denise Horn
| Feb 25, 2021
Five out of five stars

a wonderful product.

Luka Potter
Luka Potter
| Jul 17, 2021

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