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Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set

Huplay Team Basketball Set

Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set Huplay Team Basketball Set
$ 129.99

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Adjustable Basketball Set made of high quality materials for any weather
A size 5 ball is included for both indoor and outdoor use
Team Color Matched Graphics of the highest quality
The backboard is large, and there is a soft corded net attached to it
Players are able to adjust their height easily as they grow

Questions & Answers

I would like to know what the dimensions of the base are Do you need to know the distance from the front to the back of the ?

You asked a good question - thank you Measurements are 27 inches wide and 27 inches tall. A width of 21 inches can be found here. This information is provided in the hopes of helping you.

The indoor basketball hoop I typed in the search engine doesn't show up. Can this be used in our home? Is that right?

This Basketball Hoop can be used indoors. You can add sand or kitty litter to the base instead of water if you would like a little additional weight.

If I can order one without the sticker, that would be great. It should be painted with a decal of a women's team, like Maryland (or at least one). What are the chances of that?

Thank you for contacting us, we have a Non-Profit Program that you can sign up for Search by B07H4WN3VS for this decal set, or find it on our non-commercial network Orders for Huplay Basketball Set decals will be shipped out soon. There are no Maryland Terrapins in our state. I thank you for your contributions, Huplay

Is the stand so wobbly because it is so unstable?

My sincere thanks go out to you for the If you are going to use sand, please make sure the base ballast contains kitty litter. As well, ensure the lock ring has been installed and is tight under the I would appreciate if you could send me a picture or a video of what you see. Please send your set to us by e-mail so we can take a look at it Send an email.

Selected User Reviews For Huplay Team Basketball Set

I shall dance one more time

There are few better hoops for kids than this one available at Amazon. Nonetheless, it is not up to par in terms of There is nothing but plastic on the wheels, you would think at least the rims would be steel, but nope, all cheap plastic. In the process of installing the net, strings started to come loose. The recommended age seems like it should be 6 yrs old, but the rim is WAY too big for a 2 year old to play on. Although a few kids like it, I don't know how long it will last in the sun.

Grayson Clayton
Grayson Clayton
| Nov 20, 2020
A little girl says, "I think that's pretty cool!" This was a huge hit with my 6-year-old

A new Little Tikes hoop was installed in place of the old A solid construction and easy set-up seem to be its defining features. This was icing on the cake it was the Hawkeyes logo. I'm only concerned with how it doesn't fit tightly into the base and is a little lopsided or wobbly. We will be able to make good use.

Keyla Soto
Keyla Soto
| Jun 03, 2021
I have been using this hoop for many years as it grows with the kids

It is awesome and will last a long time. As much as the kids were, I was excited to see it. It's super easy to assemble, takes five minutes. We are proud to represent our school. I say "Go Wolves!".

Thiago Stone
Thiago Stone
| Sep 20, 2020
This is a well-made, sturdy product

My first impression was that it looked very sturdy. This is a Christmas gift for my new grandchild, who is due to arrive in I am so looking forward to giving it to him - it looks fantastic!.

Alaiya Pace
Alaiya Pace
| Sep 03, 2020
The game is suitable for any age group and looks fantastic

Despite its beautiful design, this set has proven to be a blast both indoors and outdoors. Kids have dribbled and banked shots with the larger ball and backboard than we have on our other hoops for kids. Set includes a large pool that is suitable for all ages, and a height adjustable interior that can be used by children ages 3 and up.

Marcos Barnett
Marcos Barnett
| Jul 01, 2021
I like the hoops

I am very happy for my.

Liberty Donovan
Liberty Donovan
| Sep 19, 2020
This is an excellent product

It is well worth the investment.

Daisy Knapp
Daisy Knapp
| Mar 22, 2021
The quality of this item is excellent, and it is solidly constructed

I bought the set of Michigan State football gear. You should check it out. My MSU themed basement is the perfect place for it. Unlike many other similar brands, this tyke basketball has a bigger hoop and ball diameter than similar brand basketballs A basketball hoop like this can be purchased at a toy store. This hoop is fun to play on with the whole family. I give this a 5!.

Jonas Snow
Jonas Snow
| Mar 21, 2021

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