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Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate

Go Pet Club Soft Crate

Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate Go Pet Club Soft Crate
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The products are of Chinese origin
Providing full ventilation on all sides, the mesh screen door has a secure confinement feature.
There is a weight of 2 pounds for the package.
You will receive a sheepskin mat and a carrying case with this product
It is designed for dogs that have learned to stay in crates

Questions & Answers

Why is a metal tool included in the kit?

As part of this crate, there are metal rods for forming the There are 3 rods at the top that stick out of the nylon at several inches and poke through it. It is extremely important to be careful, as these are sharp and can easily stab you. There is a serious flaw in the design.

Is it possible to open the top as well? Thank you, sir?

I think this is the perfect lightweight crate - it's very sturdy and very well made. Dogs that are very young or who are not used to being crated should not use this kind of cage. In spite of that, it is a very portable as well as very sturdy device as well. Due to its lack of a top, it cannot be opened.

In addition, there are so many different straps on the device. What do they serve ?

The L shaped metal pieces are supposed to secure the kennel to the ground, if you use it outside. There are four little loops on the bottom that you insert the L shaped metal pieces into, in order to secure it to As for the long strap, I "think" that it's for tying your dog to, should you want to let them out but keep them attached to the kennel at the same time. I am only guessing as to what is outside I am not familiar with how it works. As far as I know, I have not used it for this purpose. My motivation for buying two of these is the ease of folding them up for travel - in fact, I think that's the main reason for my purchase These two little dogs are for mine. This should be helpful, I hope.

Are two dogs weighing 10 lbs able to fit in ?

Two strikes me as the answer A cat weighing 10 lbs would fit in there. Perhaps it is a bit cozy, but I believe it will I hope you'll consider it.

Selected User Reviews For Go Pet Club Soft Crate

With this purchase, I am beyond pleased! costs less than $100, and that doesn't take up much space in the I must admit that it has been somewhat My female Great Dane is my larger dog, so I took her measurements and tried to find something that would fit her, based on When I ordered the 42" Soft Crate by GoPet Club, I was a bit worried, but it turned out that there was no reason to worry! The first thing I'd like to discuss is the travel case

Neither the crate nor the floor mat slide neatly inside. It doesn't make a fuss over looks and holds its position well. The zips and handles do not exhibit any mechanical errors. In addition, the floor mat of the crate is a little dirty Evidently, I did not read the product description thoroughly because the mat that was inside the travel case was a surprise to me! The fabric is not too thick or too thin and it appears to be liked by both kids. I love the softness of the sheeps wool top! Let's move on to the crate! Both my 97 lb Great Dane and 23 lb Boston Terrier are definitely able to fit inside this bed, and still be able to give each other some space if that's what they need. Putting the helmet on is really simple, you just need to zip the front and back of the hood There is actually a pocket on both of the long sides of the bag (I double checked, it doesn't say this in the description), which will serve as a great place to keep Then I got into the crate to try it out. I was shocked to find that it fit all three of us inside! (It was uncomfortable, but somehow comforting at the same time. All in all, my overall experience with the purchase was positive! It will be updated if anything changes, such as a rip in the mesh, a problem with the zipper, etc.

Amiyah Graves
Amiyah Graves
| Aug 23, 2020
It was an eyesore but I needed it for what I needed

My favorite part of the book is the end. Despite the fact that I dislike how much space it takes up, it's the right size for my dog. I ordered the "small" 32inch size. The dog den is a perfect fit for my dog, and the price is good too. The only color I would have liked to see was For him to get used to it, I put his bed in there. I appreciate that it comes with its own carrying case and another bonus is that it includes a metal stake so that I can fix it down,.

Bentley Bird
Bentley Bird
| Aug 16, 2020
I found it to be a great It looked flimsy to me when I saw it for the first time

I bought it for my husband's guide dog but he wanted it for himself. I have had his dog, a 70-pound lab puppy, love this crate since he broke the last one! His favorite part of the night is to curl up in it and "go to sleep. " This is the best purchase we have ever made.

Justice Flowers
Justice Flowers
| Aug 20, 2020
This is the perfect place to hide during a storm for overweight corgis

Considering the fact that I purchased it as a storm safe hiding place for our old corgi while I'm at the workshop, I'm giving this item Often, he retreats into the basement when it storms, and sometimes just for sleep. So far, we have not put it to use in the van, but if we try it later, I will let you know. All the mesh windows and the fact that the doors have flaps if there is a need to do so are amazing to me. The shirt holds its shape well and was easy to put on. It's hard for me to comment on durability, since I have a dog that doesn't chew on things or claw his way out of enclosures. For reference, the 32-pound corgi in my house is super overweight at 38lbs, and the 38lb corgis in the store are both Laying down, he can fit in the bed without any problems. He pokes out his nose when he's lying straight, but we don't zip him up in it anyway, since it serves no purpose for us.

Jaliyah Delaney
Jaliyah Delaney
| Apr 05, 2021
There are some issues with it, but I love how easy it is to clean, and I love that there is space for both of my cats to stretch out and still have room for each to lay down

The pad that it comes with does not adhere to the flooring, so if you have a cat who likes to tunnel under things, this will not be a good choice. The bottom is not leak-proof as well. Also, the bottom is not rigid at all, so when carrying the cats, the animals are squished together because the bottom is so As a result, I cut a thin but sturdy piece of plywood and attached a pad with velcro (to allow it to be easily removed and cleaned) and the crate is now rigid and the cats don't squish together as they travel. Although the crate is still foldable, there is still plenty of storage space. Two of my cats learned quickly how to get out of it, so I had to pull over three times in a 30 minute trip to find a place to put them inside. Because I feared that if I opened a door, none of the cats would remain. I basically crawled over seats in order to bring them all back in. In the end, I zip tied the zippers together on the ride home to prevent them from escaping. Once they tried to crawl out, they were unable to open the zipper large enough to open. Having to cut the ties when folding up or letting out the cats is the only drawback of this. The search for an alternative to this is still ongoing. The land cover has straps that can be bungycorded to the four loop bolts on the floor of the trunk of the land rovers. In case I must slam on the brakes or turn off the vehicle, they prevent the crate from sliding around. Because I live in a college town with new student drivers who sometimes don't utilize their heads, I find this feature very useful. In regard to the foldable viewing side flaps, they are nice touch however, the Velcro straps are too long, in which case I cut them to fit. The reason I rarely use them is that a thin blanket placed over the crate partially calms my one anxiety prone cat rather than allowing him to see out. **I believe this crate would be suitable for dogs that are small. I've been using it for a while now for my sister's miniature schnauzers because it fits them perfectly with room to run around. There are a few close quarters between the two schnauzers in it.

Georgia Bond
Georgia Bond
| May 05, 2021

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