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RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday

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Designed to last for a long time This lightweight, durable, and multipurpose bag is designed for all occasions Enjoy a day of outdoor adventure This product is designed to be easily mounted and removed
There are two places where leashes can be attached A reinforced webbing at the heart can stand up to pulling and provide additional control (useful when training, as well) The aluminum V-shaped alloy Centered on the back of the ring
It is padded for comfort with foam-filled cushions While running, walking or resting, you will feel comfort and even load distribution with the padded chest and belly strips
It can be tailored to fit you For total range of motion, 4 convenient points of adjustment are provided Your dog's ID tags will stay secure in this ID pocket that is easy to access
The stars are easy to see both by day and by Day or night, a brightly colored, highly visible fabric with reflective trim makes your dog stand out against any landscape

Questions & Answers

A crash test has been performed on this item?

Here is the short answer There is no such thing. We recommend that you do not use this Ruffwear Front Range Harness to protect your dog in case of a vehicle accident. In a car crash, it is not heavy duty enough to prevent your dog from being injured. It is indeed true that Ruffwear offers a particular harness for your dog, a car safety seat belt called the RUFFWEAR LOAD UP HARNESS. This harness has been crash-tested and is made from tested components that will keep your dog safe in an emergency situation. In a very bad car accident in which the van was totaled, my dog was wearing an earlier version of a Ruffwear Load Up harness. The harness saved my dog's life. With each of my two large breed dogs (120 lbs, and 50 lbs) I have the Ruffwear Webmaster Pro Harness (for every day walking and easy trail hikes) and the Ruffwear Doublack Harness (for challenging and difficult rough terrain and mountain climbing). Front Range harness was ordered but returned a few days later because my dog was able to wiggle out of it quite "Escape proof" is only found in the Ruffwear Web Master and the Double Back. Load up with a harness if you have the extra cash. It may be the difference between life and death for your dog. Similarly, I have a Ruffwear Float Coat (my dogs don't displace enough water for swimming. I actually keep my dogs in Ruffwear all year, even in very hot weather when the vest makes an appearance. When it's cold and snowy in snow country, they wear Ruffwear Powder Hound jackets or other Ruffwear jackets that are made for cooler weather. There are no products I would trust over those from this company. The other thing I like to do is... Hurtta is a leading manufacturer of dog safety harnesses and apparel. As well as Hurtta products, I swear by them. The materials they are made of are extremely durable and long-lasting The quality of the materials is very high, making it very long-lasting The materials and components are of high quality. In my opinion, Hurtta's products are better quality than Ruffwear's, but I am satisfied with the two companies' products as they meet my standards for my dogs. Be well and stay safe. All Hurtta products are designed and made in Finland. Hurtta's products are high quality (which is reflected in their prices, a little higher than those of Ruffwear) and extremely durable. Have a look at their four-footer This is a pair of pajamas with legs. During the coldest weather, I also provide a pair to both of my dogs. There are Hurtta products available on Amazon as well.

Despite its size, I feel like a beagle. He is 37 lbs and has a 26-inch Would you mind giving me some suggestions on what size to buy ?

Sizes small & medium are 22" - 24" The medium size is 27" and the small size is 25" This is 32 inches large

A harness in the X large size will fit an adult of what size?

Buying a Large for my Boxer/Pit mix was a great buy. 32 inches is the circumference of her chest.

Except for the color, what is the difference between last year's version and this year's?

In addition to the new colors and improved fit for the dog, new colors were added.

Selected User Reviews For RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday

If your dog knows how to escape from a harness, do not buy one

This makes a horrible product. It fits my dog perfectly and feels great. My dog felt snug and secure in the harness after I carefully sized him and secured him in the harness after reviewing the video. As we walk outside, my escape artist dog bucks once and goes out as if he is holding up his arms fiercely. As he refused to come, I spent the next 45 minutes chasing him around town. When exposed to the strap, I found out that they are basically elastic, so no matter how tight you tighten them, they still give 2 more inches of flexibility I received a reply immediately.

Lana Lewis
Lana Lewis
| Jul 28, 2021
I highly recommend this book! It is a pleasure to walk your dog with this product

The harness is excellent and I cannot say enough good things about it. Neither of my German Shepherds is very good at pulling, but I have two. I have two children, a "smaller" one who is 70 pounds, and a "bigger" boy who is 120 pounds. With a height of barely 5'2" and a weight of just over 110 pounds, A five-year-old woman has been pulled over on at least one occasion when the start of the walk sprint has had to be done. My dogs have a nice, big backyard that is fenced in for them to play in, but I noticed that they were bored, such as digging in it, so I thought they needed more exercise. That is when I came across the * They have almost put an end to the There is very little noise from the dogs when they walk. The best way to direct them away from distractions is to stop them from trying to sniff where another dog had perfect for keeping them from running away from us if we come across a cat while out foraging. It's also nice that they are easy to put on and take off - I love them for this! I just tapped two times on the head. Several of the other harnesses I've tried have multiple connections which are not only difficult to connect, but difficult to get on as well. There is no fight with these dogs at all, but I would have this issue with those. I can easily pull these over my dogs' heads when they get out of the house. They know when the handles are out that it's time for a walk. I would say that if I had to find one fault it would be that the front tends to come a little loose while walking, depending on how much you are pulling. This is very easily fixed and you can continue walking. Buying this harness is a good idea if your dog pulls. We are confident you will be pleased with our work! There are not enough words to describe the importance of this book.

Sawyer Kramer
Sawyer Kramer
| May 20, 2021
I like the harness a lot! We are having great results with this harness

It has a really nice feel to My Brittany, Ripley, is a small. I ordered her a size small. Her dimensions are slightly larger than those for a Brittany, standing about 20 inches tall and weighing 39 pounds with a chest measurement of 24 inches. The harness fits her very close to its tightest setting. It is between an inch and an inch-and-a-half in size I'd like to add There is half of strap remaining at each of the four locations for tightening. On the basis of the order chart, the harness appears to be fairly true to size. You can see how it fits in the included photo. Ripley is a bit of a puller, and some other harnesses we've tried have caused her armpits to rub when she pulls. I chose this harness because it has no flaps that rub under her armpits when she pulls. This harness hasn't caused us any of the same issues as the other harnesses so far. As there is no rubbing, there is no possibility of Additionally, a harness paired with a leash with two loops (the type with a short one at the front and a long one at the end) has been an extremely helpful combination. This is the first time that we haven't even had to use the front attachment point. As for the front attachment, though, it does seem a bit weaker than the rear however, since I have not utilized it, I cannot say whether or not it is a potential weakness.

When I first purchased the harness, I was a little skeptical because the reviews seemed to indicate that it would be great. Although I love Ruffwear gear (and I own a lot of it), many of the photos for this particular product show an attachment point that is broken. According to the pictures, this harness is from the older version of the harness, which comes with gray straps (mine is It contains a plastic piece between the fabric loop and the attachment point on the back. The straps are the same color as the harness, and they are attached at the back by a metal ring. Plastic added to the fabric strap seems to be doing a pretty good job at protecting it from metal loop wear and tear. Any changes to my review will be relayed to you. In general, this is a well-made harness of very high quality and I am impressed with the workmanship.

Briar Shaffer
Briar Shaffer
| Apr 21, 2021
Surely there must be something to love about this? It is Best to Use the Purple 2017 FR Harness

The harness I have for my service dog has been a big hit. The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is the best I have ever used! It's like this (2017 edition) here are the reasons. Their customers have been listened to and they clearly care about their satisfaction. It arrived in a timely manner and A new version of the harness has been released for 2017. They not only introduced new colors, but also used a metal leash hook that they adapted. They added a black piece of plastic where the metal leash hook used to be. In other words, you are not just bringing the metal into contact with the material holding it, but rather providing it with a 'buffer'. You can see pictures here. This harness has been with me for a while, and I have had no problems with any of the parts. I was very excited to finally have the option of purchasing purple for my service dog! It's a color that we love! It initially seemed as if the ID section would be a good idea, but it has little practical use. This was an incorrect assumption on my part. As soon as you receive the harness you will notice that the Velcro is not easy to open in this section. This comes as a positive, because this section does a great job of keeping the current shot tags in place. The area seemed to be so small that I might not be able to put just one tag inside of it, but the truth is that it is much longer and bigger than I imagined. Since we needed the L/XL, I'm not sure if that is an option that changes (or if it is different sized) based on the harness size ordered While I cannot appreciate this feature so much, I can truly appreciate it, since having public access means my dog needs to have all the information about him, including his shots and a contact number to make sure he gets home when (heaven forbid) we become These pieces of information end up winding around the neck of the dog. The idea of having an everyday harness with such a feature is truly groundbreaking. It is now possible to put a lightweight contact number tag on his collar instead of his name. The idea of putting on a harness everyday was a brilliant one. You're the best! While others have complained that the location is not clearly labeled or that the label is not large enough, it is there clearly marked as Based on the area of the harness on the dog's back and the size of the portion of the harness on the dog's back, it seems to be a very good size and can be easily read by the dog. The harness is also designed to have no metal or plastic parts that could rub against the dog while it is in use. It feels comfortable to my service dog, and I can tell that he feels safe. It is made to be at one with the dog, as it was designed specifically for them. Rather, it should be a piece of equipment that is designed to fit the dog, but actually purchased more for the owner than their The harness is made with the dog in mind, which is why it fits so well, and if you examine it closely, you will see that it's made with the dog in mind. The dog should be as comfortable as possible in each part of the collar. There's been talk about a dog chewing the straps on a couple of reviews. If your dog is wearing the harness and the harness is removed from a location where he cannot reach it when it is removed, then this shouldn't be a problem. The chewing of the strap is a direct effect of a lack of supervision by the dog owner, not the company that made the product. Dogs are dogs and will chew, so the dog owner is responsible. To keep your dog from seeing it or getting a hold of it, I suggest keeping it in a consistent place (close by to where you'll need it most or where you use it the most) but out of sight or reach. Having used this harness for many years, I really cannot say enough good things about it. In terms of the not so wonderful thing, I would say that getting the straps to fit perfectly on the front and back would be a nuisance. There is a really good reason why this is not so easy - because of the fact that the collar is made to continually be comfortable for the dog, no matter the adjustments it needs. You may need to do this in multiple sittings due to the convenience of your dog and the want to prevent your dog from getting frustrated with the constant trying on as well as the need to see how it sits and moves when You are ready to go once you complete this step. harness is quite possibly the best I have ever worn. As someone who has put it through its paces with their service dog, I have found it to be reliable and trustworthy. In addition, it's fun for both of us!.

Braylon Powers
Braylon Powers
| Jul 27, 2021

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