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Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch

Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch

Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch
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Materials of all natural origin
This is a disposable, reusable, waterproof product
Definitely stays on the paw with its paw bend
Cold substances such as ice, snow and salt, as well as hot surfaces and lawn chemicals.

Questions & Answers

When taking measurements of a dogs paw, how should it be done to ensure the correct size is obtained?

My dog is a little over three, so I went to the manufacturer's website to find out how to measure it. This is my 63 pound brindle pitt bull, who I got to be medium size. The top of the clothes does stretch out a bit after a few wearings. I hope this is helpful.

Is there a package of how many?

In total, there are twelve of them. In other words, three different

Fortunately, I don't have an excitable Springer who destroyed the leather in my new car console You have sharp toenails because you groom them. Does this product have a puncture-proof coating?

In my opinion, it would take a lot to puncture them if they were used in the car! I have found this product to be a Godsend to The dogs we use them on when my son comes to visit have also loved them. We found him dragging his front feet and ruining our hardwood floors,

So my dog does not scratch the pool liner or our skin, I was looking for something for him to wear in the pool. The nails seem to be protected from this, don't they?

The scratched will be kept at bay with this method. They don't show their toe nails much when they walk around with them on.

Selected User Reviews For Pawz Blue Water-Proof Dog Boot, Medium, Up to 3-Inch

I think duct tape is a better choice! Make sure the nail punctures on the inside are protected with duct tape

The racer is unable to go more than half a mile in packed powder before he has to stop and Taking things to the next level only makes There have been three or four different "traditional" boots I have tried in the snow, none of them working After running in the snow, he would most often take off as soon as he reached the top. There's no exact breed name for my dog, but I think it's an Australian Shepherd mix (best guess). As I measured his paws, I found that the distance from the back of the pad to the front of the nail was about 3". It has at least 1/4" clearance between the inside of the bootie and the edges of his nails when he wears the medium-sized Pawz. - (His rear paws are slightly It was impossible to even try on the "small" size, so I stuck with the medium in all places). It's easy to get on and off with the Pawz booties! No boot has ever been lost, no matter how loose it was or how deep the powder was. His desire to wear them makes him feel good, and he seems to have good traction in the snow and ice. "*BUT, the problem is that his nails would poke holes in the boots. ". The sidewalks in the neighborhood would even puncture him after a one minute stroll on a "calm" day. The boots were torn and I tried to think of a way to reinforce them and decided to use duct tape. Given the fact that these boots would be used in the snow, I did not think the tape would be able to endure being on the exterior. Here is how I did it (see attached images) 1) Turn the boot inside out, flattening it out as much as possible

2) Wrap a piece of tape smoothly across the top of the boot just below the top curve. 3) Repeat on the other side

4) Fold the tape over to the other side

5) Trim off the excess, being careful not to scratch As a result of this change, I've gone on a couple of hikes and have had far better luck than I did in the past. He still gets punctures now and again, but there are fewer of them and they are not letting snow into them as much as they did After I get home, I fold them inside out again and simply add more tape to get additional use out of them. Snow did not get into the paws of animals that were able to keep their claws intact. It didn't even matter where there was a hole because very little snow got in and I didn't even realize he was uncomfortable until I took off the boots as he never tried to lick or bite at them during the hike. The next thing I'll do is find a better quality duct tape, and I'll see if that helps the situation.

Milani Montgomery
Milani Montgomery
| Sep 23, 2020
The dog's paws are protected and the house is kept The point is, I never thought I would be a "dog shoes" person, but my cocker spaniel mix best friend is prone to foot injuries

Even though I thoroughly clean his paws at the door, we are also outdoorsy, and I hate all the dirt he brings in. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about the product since I thought it was overpriced. But, when it arrived and looked like thick balloons, I thought I'd wasted my money. Fortunately, it turned out to be a great product. glad to say that I was proven to be wrong.
Thanks to these little booties, both of us have been enjoying the winter a lot more. In the past, when there was snow or ice on the ground, it prevented him and me from getting enough exercise because the snow and ice between our toes would compact quickly. Now he can play and walk in the snow with no problems. As well as being able to protect my dog from hot pavement, I also look forward to trying them in the summer to see if the small seeds he gets in his paws and the burrs he receives will be removed. In addition to the size guidelines given for his breed, I followed the instruction on measuring my dog's front paw. His paw measurements aligned with the size recommended for his A perfect fit is very important to me. For putting them on, I roll them down, hold the opening open wide with my index finger and thumb, and then with my other hand guide the foot in. I then roll the boot up over the In just two days, my dog was able to put them on with no problems, especially in the front seat of the car before we left for the hike. Also, it took him only 5 minutes to become I led him around the living room and let him have his time, and he quickly adjusted to watching me walk in them. At first, he was hesitant to walk in them. It is not clear that he tries to take them off or appears to be uncomfortable with them. His legs have thick fur that is longish, and I was worried the fur would get caught or pull. However, it does not appear to do so. Nevertheless, I worry that they could potentially cut off circulation if they were used longer - A rubber band would feel like if you wore it continuously for a It would be dangerous to use them more than a couple of hours at a time.

We have already used the same set of four booties (this package includes 12) about 15 times, and they seem to be in great shape. The clothes show no signs of holes, thin spots, or over-stretching. They took us 2 hours to use on a 6-1/2 mile walk through snow, and wet hard packed grass, gravel, mud, and some ice. By the end of the walk, his legs were soaked above the boot, but they were dry on his feet. Keeping my car cleaner than usual was a very pleasant experience! A brief update Over the last year, I have used these boots with my dog and am still in love with them! I reuse the boots over and over again and only 1 has ever ripped, and that was after about 7 uses.

Samantha Hendrix
Samantha Hendrix
| Jan 19, 2021

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