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SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection

SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection

SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection

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We have a patent for this. The original design was - A wide side-opening door that is easy to open and that cats feel comfortable walking through
This kit includes an extra-comfy pet bed as well as a grey door carrier with tan trim.
Folds easily and compactly, has an easy to clean surface. Machine washable and dryer safe, our pet beds cater to all your pets' needs
Measurements taken by the carrier The dimensions are 2" wide and 18" long. The size of the artwork is 5" by 14". It measures 2" high. Its size is 18 inches long and 13 inches wide. A 75-inch W screen
Whether you're on a road trip, ambling through the countryside, or stopping by the vet, this pair will accommodate you in style and comfort. The cage can accommodate pets weighing up to 25 pounds.

Questions & Answers

Is it capable of holding a certain amount of pounds?

Unfortunately, the problem is NOT the number of pounds for a feral cat or a cat that had been feral. There is a risk that a cat in panic could break the plastic fasteners holding the carrier shut. He pulled the entire door off a sturdy plastic carrier in a couple seconds because he is a little six-pound tortie from a feral litter. To take her to the vet, I have to use a plastic container with a metal door and latches.

What are the chances of this fitting under the seat of an airplane?

I don't believe it will. The carrier holds a lot of cat food, making it a good choice for individuals who like to travel with cats. There is really no way to fit it underneath a plane seat because it is too tall and too wide. For this purpose, it would be nice to see the carrier in a "travel" version.

Does it have a gray/tan or grey/blue appearance? Which of the previous answers applies? (Previous answers state both.) ?

There are slate blue/gray accents on the body of the carrier and beige accents on the top door, handles, and locks. I hope this We were all pleased with how easy it was to get the cat in and out of the vet's office. I wore my seat belt in the car and it was easy to secure.

What is the approval status of this aircraft?

Flights with the Travel Master are not accepted by airlines.

Selected User Reviews For SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection


A high number of "verified" Amazon users praised it. The previous carrier in which I used to take my cat to the vet makes one of my cats afraid of it. He learned to love sleeping in this one after a few weeks of leaving the door open. Unfortunately, my cat fell out of his carrier when the clasps on the top broke when I took him to the vet. So he took off to explore the outdoors, which he had never done before The car in front of you was under the oncoming one. As a result of this piece of s**t, my cat is dead. All those who recommended this crap, thank you so much. During the time I carried around books to determine if the product would be safe for my 10 lb baby, the clasps were correctly attached and functioning. As a result, he now has a litter brother who cries all day.

Blair Holloway
Blair Holloway
| Apr 26, 2021
This is a waiting to happen accident

A customer service representative from Sport Pet Designs sent me an email, and she very kindly refunded me for this purchase via gift card and allowed me to return the carrier even though I did not keep all the parts. Thank you so much, May! I blocked them from emailing me again after my refund and they asked me several more times to change my star rating.

I have a dachshund and am really excited to get this for my new baby. It might be against Amazon guidelines to try to change a review of your defective product. I thought it would be great for her since it folded down, and easier to carry and store since it was less bulky, There is a danger here. As a result of cave-ins on the sides of what's supposed to be a locked position, it takes very little pressure to cave in the sides, and it takes much less force to hook a paw into the opening and pull it There is a high likelihood of an accident occurring here. The item will not be used by me, and I would appreciate it if it could be returned. Also, the description stated that the bed could be machine washed, but the tag right on it says that it cannot be machine washed.

Cadence Reynolds
Cadence Reynolds
| Jul 06, 2020
Compare the size of an XL carrier and a Regular carrier

The brown carrier that I bought initially is the smaller size and is a good size for our domestic cat. We also like how easy it is to store and the stylish It is easier to load and unload cats when they visit the vet with the large front door. Recently, I decided to purchase the XL carrier to hold our ragdoll because I needed a second carrier. Two cats or a small dog can fit comfortably in this space. Improve the quality of the As opposed to the small model, you press it in rather than pull it down. In the attachment, you will find photos of both models side by side and I hope that this can help you decide which one would be best.

Alina Ibarra
Alina Ibarra
| Nov 27, 2020
I absolutely love this carrier

With this, I can get my cats into the cage and take them to the vet much more easily than I could with even the top-of-the-line brands. I will open my We put a little fleece bed in it (sprayed some catnip and feliway in it) and leave it out for them to sleep in. They love it, and I can easily pick them up, place them in, and close The vet's office makes it much easier to take pets to the vet, since you do not need to drag them out or lift This carrier is big enough to hold my cat that weighs 15 pounds. They can sit comfortably in it. There is not much room for them to stand up and walk back and forth, but that's good because it's easier to carry if they're laying down or sitting, and it's not as long as other carriers so it fits on my car's seat The fact that the top latches are secure and the handle is on the body of the carrier is appreciated as well. The carrier of one of the cats broke open when they were leaving the vet and neither person has found their sick pet. I have heard two people in my neighborhood lost their pets at the vet in the last six months. (I have also bought two of these and plan to buy a third so I have one for each cat to use in case of an emergency, such as an evacuation for a hurricane. I have black and white cats, here are two pics of them Despite their age, both are my chubby cats. The orange one is a senior, 12 lbs, and the white one is my junior, 16 lbs.

Elias Meyer
Elias Meyer
| Aug 02, 2020
The carrier & mat are great space savers, and they're thick and comfy

It is my job to sit for pets and look after them In case of an emergency, I wanted to keep a pet carrier in my trunk. Occasionally, clients do not have carriers for their pets or I find an injured wild animal that needs assistance. As you can see in the cons section, there are a few concerns The rating is only 4 instead of 5, but I'm keeping it and will keep using it The purchase I made was satisfactory. As you can see from the reviews, cats seem to enjoy the product. I imagine it would be easier to get a cat in and out of the house Even with a top load door, it will still get more out of it than the usual rectangular carriers. There are several pros to this You can fold it flat (about the size of a briefcase), speed it up, and keep it safe Setup is quick and the mat is thick and comfortable. It seems sturdy. There will be no problems in getting a pet to live with you There is a large door in the A-room that allows light to flow in A design for the frame. It is designed. Besides being one piece, I like that it's simple. It's impossible to lose small screws. There are some cons to this It's possible that a pet could get a nail or small paw stuck in the small openings along the bottom edge. Take a look at the photos. As it is, the mat that came with it does cover the spaces, but the bottom of the carrier is slightly smaller than the mat. To prevent this problem, I will place a towel at the bottom of the bowl when using it. There is a slim chance that it could happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry. There is also a tag that says the mat cannot be washed in the washer. Use of this product is not recommended for pets.

Lylah Lowery
Lylah Lowery
| Nov 19, 2020
I recommend that you do not get it

Initially, I was ecstatic about the genius design of this, but it is just too thin and My newly adopted cat was placed inside the basket and left in the bathroom to get acclimated before I let him out. I unlocked it correctly and tied it up. Upon opening my bathroom door only 15 minutes after the dog had escaped it, he was bloodied, terrified, and had clawed his way out of the siding. It was so hard on me to see him go through that. If they do not improve the design and materials used to make this cat carrier, don't buy it. As of November of 2017, I had purchased the home.

| Nov 26, 2020

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