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Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat

Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat

Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat

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A ULTRA SAFE AND DURABLE product The CLAW-style coat is made from high-quality fabric The bag features DEFENSE MESH ventilation, an adjustable shoulder strap, durable handles, and sturdy handles. It is lined with metal wires on two sides to ensure your pet stays upright and sturdy. Those are all just for your much loved pooch to rest, play, or sleep comfortably in her new soft sided travel carrier.
The following air carriers have approved this flight Ideal for aviation, auto travel, or for an adventure or a visit to the vet, this bag is perfect for any trip. Stainless steel handle ensures that our Folding Pets Totes Carriers Bags comply with the strictest airline regulations Adaptable to fitting under any airplane seat so you can take your luggage with you. Besides being a great cat carrier, it also works great with small dogs!
DESIGN THAT IS PERFECT An additional benefit of this product is that it can be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag and mounted to a vehicle or hung on a towbar. In addition, they can be folded to save space and store easily. The carrier features a removable and washable fleece bed cover with an insertable hard support board that keeps it in good shape and provides more comfort for your pet. Leashes are built into the carriers, so your pet can be connected to the device.
The Cooper carrier has a two-side expansion that provides increased air circulation within the carrier, making it a comfortable place to move around with your pet. The pet condo can be transformed into a pet bed at home. The top is ventilated, and the sides spread out to keep pets from feeling closed in or trapped.
THERE ARE NO RISKS IN USING THIS PRODUCT Cooper is a quality company that puts a high priority on customer service. A travel pet carrier tote that is one of the best We recommend that you buy with absolute Please contact us if you are unhappy for any reason, and we will be happy to refund your credit. Nothing to fear 100 percent of the time. You'll never have to wait, or face any hassles. Now that you have added to Cart, join thousands of pet owners around the world who are happy with their products.

Questions & Answers

Are there any advantages to flying with this carrier?

flew three different planes from Morocco to the USA to bring my daughter's cat to the States. I had no issues on any of the seats here because they were all different sizes. Denver to Omaha plane was very small and the carrier still fit snugly, but I could stand on either side of the container without my feet touching the ground.

Can you give me an idea of the carrier's size?

Eleven by eleven by seventeen are the dimensions. It measures 7 inches.

Are they able to take me on international flights?

think it depends on what your airline carrier requires in terms of dimensions. Having only traveled to the southwest with this pet carrier, I can't comment on how it performs. I found it a bit bigger than it was supposed to be, but it went under the seat because it's soft. Our plane was in flight, so I expanded both sides.

Selected User Reviews For Coopeter Luxury Pet Carrier Two Soft-Side Expansion,Pet Travel Carrier for Dog & Cat

Despite the fact that she cannot stand up straight, it fits my 15 pound westie just fine

In this case, I followed the size requirement outlined by the TSA and it met almost all major airlines' specifications. Although I am not certain if there is enough room on the airplane for it to extend from both sides, I like the fact that it can extend from both sides. She can stretch out inside the sitting areas or the lounges of airports as well as in the kennels (required to keep pets in the kennels). The small woman can't fully stand up inside she can move inside, but cannot do a full 360-degree turn without both sides extended. Even though she's very small and low to the ground, she's still unable to stand up inside. No, I don't think it is the bags she is not a toy size, so this is going to be her size. The straps of other brands always pop out of the frame and did not remain in the I'm pleased with the construction of this product. The fact that both sides have extra pockets is a great There is no difficulty retracting or extending either side. There is a nicely padded cushion inside and on both sides. She is in training with her new carrier, so I haven't had a chance to take her on an airplane yet. I haven't had a problem so far, I let it air out for the first 2 days and it smells menthol.

Anahi Dalton
Anahi Dalton
| Sep 16, 2020
This carrier is great for cats! A new update has been posted Thank you! Though the seller was slow to respond, he eventually sent me a replacement top for the bag

I am so glad it worked out! The fires on the west coast have made me evacuate twice now, and I have had to go through them. As we only had two carriers, and we had 4 cats, we quickly realized where we went wrong. A fried cat is exactly what you get if you are trying to flee while cats climb over your dashboard and under your feet. This was my initial intention in buying this item so that once we landed our elder cat would be able to stretch out and relax for a moment, rather than letting her out right away (when she proceeds to pee in my purse to show me how she feels about all this fire stuff). As soon as this arrived quickly, I was beyond excited. Even more so when I saw that what was in it was exactly what I wanted! Then I put the carrier on top of the base. Normally, it's made of a soft fabric and is zip-off to remove to clean, as is the case with most standard ones. As a matter of fact, the base was cracked. In other words, picking up the cat in the carrier will just result in it folding in half around the It has been 24 hours since I emailed the seller, and I have not even received an You may want to try another brand and be wary of this phenomenon.

Aleena Brewer
Aleena Brewer
| Jun 03, 2021
The room is spacious and airy

In the past, I have worked for a few different carriers. When a stressed-out passenger sits in an airplane, they may find themselves having trouble breathing The cat is out. You'll love it's large size and its airy roof and side panels—as well as its expanding sides if you sit with it for long periods of time. There is even a light connected to it Collapsible water dish that can be folded up. It would be great for a small dog, but my cat would be too stressed to use.

Axl McCarty
Axl McCarty
| May 15, 2021
Good! Better than we had Our trip would not be on a different carrier because it wouldn't arrive in time

I was surprised by the improvement in this one as well. We found this to be very sturdy when zipped up and very comfortable, especially for our first time traveling. We opened the side of the car after we had settled him in, and he was able to spread out freely. Once, I was even able to place a small litterbox inside in case the cats needed it (my cats actually don't use the litter box when traveling, but I always try it just to be safe). Both cats were put in the roomy carrier both at home to test it and on the way to the vet. I approve of both! primarily for whom we bought it is a beefy 16 lb cat and he was sitting contently on it. It has an additional benefit of being able to close the side expansions from the inside, potentially forming an internal wall, so you could possibly slip an item in the outside extensions and zip it in, just like A tablet or other device similar to an iPad. It's important to point this out because if I'm flying with a cat, it considers itself my carry on and I attempt to fit all my purchases in its While there is not a ton of extra side room, you could use the expandable pockets on the side to store a zipper if need be.

Arthur Farrell
Arthur Farrell
| Jan 28, 2021
The result was not quite what I was hoping for

A chihuahua, kittens under 5 months of age, and very small dogs (like a chihuahua) are more likely to benefit from this product. The book was given to my eight-year-old son In the month of She has a small space in it when it is folded into a small kennel, and has no room left to stretch out. She takes up the majority of the room in it when she lies horizontally across it, as it is fully expanded. As a result, I cannot fit it in my small car when fully expanded, and she would flop over in the bag when I tried to carry it fully expanded while she was in it. As it was expanded, it was impossible for her to stand upright. As a final test, I also put her four year old in with her I am years old Having an old cat in it when it was expanded to its full size. Such an approach does not fit here. She is quite large for an older cat. In spite of the carrier collapsed down to one size, the kitten, when she was put in it by herself, was afraid of being in it since there was no room for her. Due to the kitten's preference for the hard kennel that my other cat uses, I will switch back to that one. The kitten has more room in that one, and doesn't mind living there. If you are planning to transport several animals in this carrier when fully expanded, I do not recommend it, except perhaps if you have several kittens younger than 5 months old, or if you have a few tiny chihuahuas to transport. wouldn't even recommend it for one animal unless it met the same requirements as above or if it were a single Chihuahua.

Amelie Mathis
Amelie Mathis
| Jan 17, 2021
The good thing about it is it's leak-proof, but not perfect

The following is a translation of the Greek text The furniture was purchased by me for the move from the United States to Germany. The flight was going to be a long one, but it has been postponed due to congestion. I spent a lot of time here practicing with my cat and practicing with the carrier. There are several pros to this It is an airline approved size, expands a lot (especially since the sides pop out and not just fold in), is easy to carry and hook to a suitcase, and has plenty of entry points from the top, sides, and front. There is just one thing I wish wasn't fuzzy the sides.

Cassidy Maddox
Cassidy Maddox
| Sep 25, 2020

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