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Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed
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This cube-shaped cat house provides a fun, relaxing place for kitty to hide, lounge,
Comfortable sherpa top with a soft suede border to add structure and comfort to the sherpa side and bottom
There is a den-like environment inside where children can nap circular cutouts encourage interaction with each other
It can be assembled quickly and easily it folds up for easy storage wipes clean easily and it comes in a stylish shade of Blue that goes
Size is 15 in. wide by 15 in. long by 17 in. high weighs 7 lbs. The Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty covers this product weight of 2 pounds

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if the weight capacity is there? My cat is big, what should I do?

There is a cat that weighs 14 pounds in my household. I have no problem with that

Is there any reason why the price has risen so much?

It is the price of Amazon that fluctuates all the time. Keep an eye on it, it will go down eventually.

Is it necessary to have a lot of cats to make a tasty What is the number of these I'll need for all those ?

If your cat is a decensible chef, then it might be possible if your cat has decent cooking skills. So now your kitty can relax after spending all that time preparing the soup All you need is one of these

Can you tell me how soft the interior is?

It is very soft, however none of my cats would like to stay in it.

Selected User Reviews For Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

I like the shape of this They like it a lot

This is a good They like it a lot. The material is quite durable.

Maximiliano Werner
Maximiliano Werner
| Mar 27, 2021
It is a favorite of cats! They are both 12 years old The year is This cat house is loved by both young and old alike! Taking it to work/packing it up is very simple

Only thing I changed is that I added a folded up blanket to the inside (it seemed a little hard at first). It's fine with me! (I'm not a cat, so I'm sure they would have thought it was okay!).

Maxton McBride
Maxton McBride
| Dec 10, 2020
The cat is at risk

I would not recommend buying this product. It is a very dangerous hazard! My cat loves this. I bought it for her. A round black plastic piece is embedded in each hole on the side of it. As my cat tried to get his head in, the black plastic pieces fell off, and the size of them was round enough to allow him to go in, but they were so tight he could not pull out his head. My husband heard my cat choking while my cat was stuck in this dilemma, so he caught my cat. The plastic piece was so tightly wrapped around my cat that it could have severed its neck within minutes of being stuck. If my husband had not been there to witness this, we believe my cat would have died immediately. There is a serious safety issue with this product, and I am calling Amazon right now to ask them to announce a recall.

Brayden Vaughan
Brayden Vaughan
| Jul 10, 2021
It was an instant hit with my two cats

Using some catnip oil, I sprayed a generous coating on top and inside and set it up on my home office desk (a location I previously had only one kitty bed in). I first introduced it to my 18-pound cat, Noodle. I've got an old cat named Cassidy who's gone The little hanging balls are attacked, biscuits are made After almost 4 hours of sleep in that mattress, she has finally woken up. I am 14 years old The old cat, Evinrude, wandered out and discovered the new magic box and went berserk! Taking advantage of the opportunity to get as vertical as possible, he jumped up onto the top of the table and rolled over and over as he watched the birds outside. My cat family won't be able to resist it!.

Brodie Hunter
Brodie Hunter
| Jan 02, 2021
Our cat instantly hit it out of the park

A big hit with him! As we call it, "kitty cubby" is our cat's favorite place to relax. While he spends most of his time on top, he also has the option of stepping inside whenever he likes. A well-made product. A plush toy.

Caden Pearce
Caden Pearce
| Mar 06, 2021
I highly recommend this purchase

Getting this set together was very easy and it is very sturdy as well. This is one of my cats' favorite things! There are also little cutouts with balls for them to play with, which is a nice.

Anahi Key
Anahi Key
| Aug 03, 2021
This is excellent! It is a favorite of our cats! This is excellent! It is an investment that will benefit your cats for years to come! A second one is on its way to me When I put it together (which was quite simple!) I was amazed at how quick it was! I was totally surrounded by my cats! I think that it is very well made, blends into our décor (we have the grey one) and does not look too "cat furniture-y

" Highly recommended!.

Madalynn Calderon
Madalynn Calderon
| Apr 03, 2021
It's light, sturdy, soft, and cozy, and it looks great In addition to our four cats, we have another cat that is a little bit overweight

She models this cube, which she found at a local thrift store. As a test, I tucked it away into a corner on the hearth of the fireplace to see if anyone would be interested. Having gone right in again, She stayed for quite some time, so I think that is the place we will keep it My first thought was to place it on my desk, but I may change it to make it stand out a little more. The cats love hanging out with me at my desk when I sit down to work, so I think this will attract them all. Regardless of where it is used, it will look great! Since it is uniform in shape (cube), its size (15") is not huge, and it is easy to move around, this makes it easy to place anywhere, anytime. I like how the cube arrives flat, and it is incredibly easy to assemble. I believe it is very sturdy, and yes, it can be used as a foot stool and as a seat if necessary. There might be a liking for it among small dogs as well. There are similar items such as benches, stools, and storage boxes that I have and they are impressively strong. I think it would be nice to be able to store this away. It is lightweight and folds flat again when put away. I am not certain I would use it but for review I rolled it down once, then put it back up again once I was done. '

The material is soft and seems to be of a high Micro fiber suede brushed to a smooth surface. There's a dark brown that I have, and it's very rich and dark. The extra use of fluffy sherpa further enables it to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. There is a large cut out in the main room large enough to accommodate my 16+ lb young tabby cat (not pictured). He can fit on top as well. Although it is not ideal for a huge breed of cat, this is still a nice place to at least sit, or use as a step to get up high (take advantage of that vertical space! ). A few small holes are incorporated into the design, and it holds dangling puff toys for a bit of playful fun. The opening is not large enough for a kitty to stick their head through (unless she is a kitten), but she can stick her paw through and bat at toys. It adds an attractive element, even if it is ignored. I always use catnip to treat any new item I add to the house for the cats. When we are done with play around any item that I have provided (even if it is only a bed), I engage them in more play. So they know they own it and will take an interest in it. If your babies are ignoring you, keep in mind that it may take a few days to get into the habit. It didn't seem to be off to me New products can suffer from gassing, but that is also normal.

If I learn anything new (good or bad), I will be back to update as my goal is to help as many people as I can. This review I provided today is my hope that it helped you. I hope you are doing well.

Reyna Christensen
Reyna Christensen
| Aug 13, 2021

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