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Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2 Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2

Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2" W x 25' L

Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2 Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2
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Use this to drain your pool, clean the filter waste water, or run your filter
The adapter makes it easy to attach a tapered fitting to the backwash port of the filter.
Made of reinforced vinyl, 22 mil hosing is highly resistant to leaks and resistant to corrosion
Each hose is supplied with a hose clamp to keep it firmly
A hose set that measures 2" in width by 25' in length is ideal

Questions & Answers

Stretching a 2-inch diameter opening to fit a 2-inch diameter is possible. Could you please let me know what kind of drain hole 5" is?

Two, not one. It would be too big to put a 5" drain hole. Drains that are 2" in diameter can be accommodated by this cover.

Do you think this water can be used for drinking?

The recommendation is not to do so. Waters that contain potable minerals should not be used in the Blue Devil backwash hose.

From my pump there is a 1 1/2-inch pipe that goes to my backwash system. Is this an exact fit or would I be better off with something else? Thanks a lot! ?

As long as the included hose clamp is used to secure the hose to the pipe, it should work fine.

Apparently, the hose package says 2" and the 3" size is measured?

I have an existing blue hose that measures 3" wide when flat, and it fits well over a 1 15/16" (measured) stub I had

Selected User Reviews For Blue Devil 25-Foot Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp, 2" W x 25' L

It can't slide over 2inch pipe, that much is certain

The reviews would have helped me make a better decision. There is no way it can fit over 2inch pipes. I ended up having to get 2 to 1 pipes. You get a claim for 1/2 inch, but you need a second one for 2 inch pipe because the first one is barely big enough. **My only reason not to give it 1 star is that there hasn't been a leak as The skin on this baby is incredibly thin. You should wear sandals if you want to avoid stepping on it. As you can see, the reducer is as follows I will follow up after I use the product for a few times.

Sean Adams
Sean Adams
| May 01, 2021
I am delighted with the results! After reading some reviews I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a go

This was a great decision for me! There is a difference in the thickness of the hose compared to the one originally installed by the pool company. It doesn't flop around in all directions like the previous one, but I roll it out on the ground as I normally would. By virtue of the hose's thickness, I expect this one to last a whole lot Only 20 uses may have been possible for the original.

Anais Howell
Anais Howell
| Feb 20, 2021
This is a very inflexible material

Spending our money on this was a waste. Our sump pump was used to drain our hot tubs, and we installed this hose to connect to it. It is the worst hose I have ever come across. In a week or so, it had a hole in it. attached that part back again after cutting it off. Another hole was then punched in it as well. You will get it in every corner of the room if you don't hold it the whole time. A hard plastic 1 1/2 - 2 inch sling would be better. The hose is 2 inches wide. This is not a hose I would ever purchase.

| Apr 24, 2021
Florida sun must be used to warm the end of the tube to make it fit, but after doing so, it works perfectly

My experience was similar to others who bought these and then were unable to fit on their 2 inch drain wash pipe. After reading other reviews, I laid the hose end in the sun for 3 minutes (I live in Florida, so it's hot here) and it fit fine. It only needed a little stretching. This clamp is also small, but hold it closed with your fingers and the screw will grab hold so you can tighten it. I enjoyed it very much!.

Karter Stevenson
Karter Stevenson
| May 05, 2021
Exactly what I was looking for! As part of my drive to backwash my pool filter, I bought this hose so that I can direct the flow of water into the street

Roll it up and keep it in a plastic garbage bag outside. The period of time specified is five.

Kylen Singleton
Kylen Singleton
| Oct 30, 2020
This clamp and hose are not 2 inches long, so I had to modify it to fit my 2 inch pipe

This clamp and hose are more like 1 7/8 inches. The hose had to be cut on the sides so that I could wrestle it on the pipe, but as soon as I turned it on the pipe, it was almost unscrewed. After you cut the hose, you can expect water to leak out of the connection during backwashing. The next size clamp is on my shopping list or another hose that I plan to buy in the future. In lieu of this hose, I recommend you purchase one from another brand, or get one that's a larger size.

Elyse Fisher
Elyse Fisher
| May 30, 2021
There's no point in spending money on it

In the beginning, preparing the hose to fit a 2" pipe took forever. I stretched it repeatedly over and over in an attempt to fit it. In the end, I had to add an attachment to the back wash pipe in order to use a 1" pipe. I inserted the hose over the 1-1/4" pipe, and it fit comfortably. A 5 is. Although the hose is not very heavy duty, it can be a problem. When I went past a wall I needed to pass, I got nicked, and a hole developed right away. Probably a good idea to just throw it out.

Rhea Wade
Rhea Wade
| Feb 26, 2021
There is something cheap about it

The 2" fit me because the 4" run big. A hose that feels like my old, wear, dirty, full of holes hose would be better. The system I'm using is kind of disappointing to me, but I use it nonetheless. The only reason for keeping it is because I use it once a week for three.

Castiel Delaney
Castiel Delaney
| Feb 03, 2021

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