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Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black

Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black

Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black
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It can easily be pulled by shallow waters Roosted trees and brush up to 6" diameter are to be cut off from the ground roots to eliminate regrowth It is a growing industry
Each gripping pad has five large teeth total, and the spring-loaded teeth are on either side Loaded jaws ensure that the hold is strong and secure With strong jaws that open wide, the brush can be handled with ease and the grip pads rotate 360 degrees so that debarking is avoided
The product is constructed of durable and long-lasting materials The duration of 1 minute. The handles on the 5” steel are rugged for easy The single-word version of Operations carried out by one person
Brush is cleaned quickly and easily - you can easily pull out brush and small trees by the roots, taking care of the mess in one move Any ATV or lawn tractor can be attached to it
Buckthorn and other invasive plants can be pulled easily with this tool A limited warranty of one year applies to the manufacturer's parts

Questions & Answers

Do you mean wrapping a chain around the brush and tree, or just wrapping a chain around the tree and brush?

Having used the tool, I have noticed that it is faster than the previous tool. In order to pull the tree out, the tool must be placed about waist high on the tree so it can bend over the tree and pull it out from the ground. It is designed to bite into the tree after it is placed with teeth that grip the tree. To use a chain, a double wrap and securing of the chain needs to be performed before pulling the chain.

Can you tell me if the teeth gripping are made of Have they been abused? What have they done to survive?

Plastic is absolutely not used in making the teeth. The device I bought for my two is one of the best I have ever bought to help me around the house. A 5 acre parcel. I like how heavy it is and how well it works. If you are going to use a chain, make sure it is good.

How does it close? Does it have a spring?

There is such a thing as a brush grubber Xtreme that has a spring that keeps it tight.

Is it true that it takes up to two months to get it?

My package has not yet arrived, it should arrive in a few days. In this instance, it is possible that the wait is due to a shortage of products.

Selected User Reviews For Brush Grubber BG-20 Brush Grubber Xtreme Plus, Black

I found it extremely helpful

I'm glad it worked out for me! I used zip ties on the spring knowing that it would fly off and couldn't be found. Knowing this ahead of time, I just made sure the spring didn't disappear. In contrast, this grubber works well without the spring-and it might even be more handy without it as long as you are able to get a reasonable bite on what you are trying to pull off. However, as I write this review, I seem to recall that there are different sizes. Having gotten the large one, this will most likely work for anything over 2 inches in diameter. It might be difficult to use anything with a smaller diameter, as the spikes won't be able to grasp material that's smaller. This case will simply cause the grubber to slide. Grooming a smaller bushes/brush is a good idea if you have smaller bushes/brush. There are many privet hedges, sweetgums, Eastern cedars, etc. that I have pulled from the clearings for our food plots and to enhance the beauty of I am very happy with my purchase.

Allen McCoy
Allen McCoy
| Apr 11, 2021
The Amazon packaging for Missing Spring failed to meet Amazon's standards

In spite of As far as I can tell, the 20 I received looks well made and I look forward to using it, although it's missing a spring. Upon opening the outer box, there was a label reading "amazon warehouse deals inspected and repacked. ". In the manufacturer's box, the 36 pound steel device was loose without packaging but otherwise inside the original manufacturer's box. It had recently been strapped with new tape which had rubbed through some places in the box. Following the shipment of the damaged and poorly packed container, Amazon placed it in a bigger single walled box, which was heavily damaged when arriving. There were several areas with paint that had been scraped off and a couple of bent teeth on the device. As a first concern, I do not know the history, but the repackaging and reshipping appear to have been subpar. A considerable amount of packaging would have been needed to ship it properly, and none was present. There was a one page manual in a bag, and of course it was worn through and tattered. In order to request a spring, you need to call the manufacturer There is a real person in this video, and he appears to want to resolve this issue. It will be six weeks until they have more of those springs as they are currently "out of stock. " As far as they know, the proper springs are not specified. I'll be contacted as soon as they receive them. It seems that loosing these springs is a common complaint in the reviews, so this might be something worth keeping on hand. There is a part number for them in the manual (page). I would like to keep this and not return it to Amazon just If I can find a temporary spring at a local hardware or farm machinery store, that would be perfect! Before tension is applied to the grubber, a spring appears to be necessary to hold it firmly in place. In terms of time and money, it would be problematic and expensive to return this item with proper packaging. We are disappointed!.

Hayes Schmitt
Hayes Schmitt
| Aug 27, 2020
You can't break it

After purchasing the original BG01 and using it for a day, it was bent in a way that rendered it unusable. I decided to go with the BG20 since it is the second biggest they make. I have no doubt that it is one of the most reliable machines in the world. Despite the fact that I have pulled some pretty tough and large trees with this equipment, it never fails. You will get burnt out carrying it around, but it is worth it.

Everly Bridges
Everly Bridges
| Jan 14, 2021
It will be a cakewalk for a 4wd John Deere

In just one day, we were able to rip this apart. It was connected to John Deere's front wheel assist, heavy log chain, which has a power of 335 horsepower. Trees with a diameter of 6" line the bank of the With all the heavy brush, we have a difficult time maneuvering. Work fine with a tractor that has a 45 horsepower motor and trees with less roots.

Bridget Byrd
Bridget Byrd
| Sep 14, 2020
I love the way it works! It works great when you pull it by tractor! Leverage can be gained by hooking up high up in a tree stump

It pulls up its roots with both hands! We have extremely wet soil as a result of heavy rains. This is a heavy meal, so eat a big breakfast before you go!.

Kinsley Cooley
Kinsley Cooley
| Jan 15, 2021
The tool is great

The BG-36 was the best purchase I ever made It was almost two years ago when we turned 20. Up until today, I haven't used it much. As part of our move to a new house, we pulled about 25 Texas mountain cedar stumps. My Chevy 3500HD was used to pull the trailer. I really liked it. Instead of staying up late digging them out or paying to rent a Skid Steer, I just punched it in. As a result of heavy pulling, the hitch ring was slightly warped. We just ordered a new chain to replace it in case it eventually.

Kole Banks
Kole Banks
| Jul 27, 2020
I feel this could have been made more robust and it works fine

Trees are pulled out to a height of 6 feet by this machine The height of 8". In any case, if a tooth breaks off and the spring that makes the grubber stay closed just pops off, there's nothing to make it stay. As a result, I lost the spring two days in and replaced it with a rubber strap wrapped around the place the spring should be. I am disappointed about the broken tooth the metal used isn't of the best quality, however, it will do the job.

Bode Lowe
Bode Lowe
| Oct 26, 2020
We are here for you! Lord! I thought this thing would be really light, but it's super heavy duty

The spring is coming, so I'm going to use it to clear atv trails and so on!.

Stephanie WESTON
Stephanie WESTON
| Dec 16, 2020

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