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WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green

WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green

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3000 PSI ELECTRONIC PRESSURE WASHER Large 1600- Watt motor can generate pressures of up to 3000 PSI. The maximum cleaning power for your system will be 85 GPM. At 3000 PSI, one should expect a pressure of one. Clean your surfaces with a powerful stream of 85 GPM that blasts away grime and dirt.
This sprayer features 4 quick connect spray tips (4°, 25°, 15°, 0°) to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, including cleaning of homes, buildings, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, RVs, cars, trucks, boats, etc.
WHEELED UPRIGHT TRUCK & ONBOARD REEL Wheeled upright trolley allows easy and safe moving of the pressure washer. A rope reel organizes a 20 foot high pressure hose so it can be discarded and stored quickly.
Equipped with a TSS (Total Stop System) that can automatically turn off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong the life of the pump. You can safely use this cord on all exterior outlets with its 8ft length and inline GFCI.
CO2 EMITTER No oil, gas, or carbon emissions during assembly. All you have to do is assemble the pressure washer, hook up a hose, choose a nozzle, and plug it in to start cleaning. You should read the user manual before using this product since it is loaded with troubleshooting and safety tips.

Questions & Answers

Some old wooden garden furniture that I haven't cleaned in a long time needs to be cleaned. Pressure cleaning will be necessary to remove the dirt. Can this be used to solve the problem?

Yes, of course! This was my first time using it and I found it to be great on composite decks In addition, it is light enough so that it can easily be carried to the garage and down the deck stairs.

As a retarded person, I am unable to do ... Would it be possible for you to provide me with a manual or detailed instructions? In the process of looking for the instructions, I lost them. Are you Erik?

When you Google how to use the power washer, you're taken to information on how to use it once everything is put Although I generally am not stupid, I still don't know how to secure the cable reel until I put the instructions on putting it together. There are no words and no explanation on what to use and I'm not really that dumb.

Could you purchase ?

I am so stoked! Electric pressure washers like this are awesome! Nevertheless, when it comes to people these days, a 3-D model is hard to beat An extended warranty of one year is available. The benefit of having a policy is that even if you never use it in the three years, you will have the peace of mind that in case of an emergency, your insurance would cover you

It looks the same as the other one, same brand. Both are 3000 psi, but the other one Approximately 8 gpm. What kind of miracle can that be?

Increases the amount of water emitted. Several sections of its pipes are bigger, so more water can flow through them. The larger one probably doesn't need it and there is probably no point in getting the smaller one. It makes no sense to waste water that can be used elsewhere

Selected User Reviews For WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM 1600W Power Washer with Hose Reel and Brush Green

At a very good price, this pressure washer is great

My expectations were exceeded by this pressure washer, it's powerful and easy to assemble, it turns off automatically when you're not pulling the trigger, it comes with 4 different nozzle attachments, a trigger gun, a brush, and.

Kinsley Houston
Kinsley Houston
| Mar 24, 2021
The lightest and most powerful pressure washer on the market

I thought "Oh, no. This is too small to do what I need to do around here in the beginning. " as I unpacked this pressure washer. Here is the lead, I won't bury it. The mistake I made is now my own. It is a lightweight, compact device, and is perfectly adequate for most homeowners. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to assemble, and only took a few minutes to do. The item is mostly plastic, so you might be a little worried about its durability. However, I've been using it quite a bit, and I can say it seems to hold up pretty well against normal abuse. The north side of our house takes a lot of wear and tear during the seasons so we use it to clean that area. As long as one is willing to spend a little more time, it is just as good as my gasoline pressure washer in terms of cleaning. Its best feature, however, is that it is not nearly as powerful as my gasoline pressure washer. With this tool, you will notice a difference in noise from gasoline pressure washers. It still seems shorter to clean one section for longer than the gasoline unit even when spending more time on it. Being able to drive without having to stop and add gas is such a blessing. In other words, we have cleaned the north side of our house, as well as the south, east, and west, but those areas had been comparatively easy to clean compared to our north side. In addition, we cleaned the much neglected and dirty deck on the front of our house that had been neglected for years. Quite simply, I don't know what else to say. I did it. I've done it. It didn't pose any problems at all. The only reason I did not give it five stars was because I am unsure that I can use some of my gasoline power washer accessories with this product. It appears the compressor has a small size, which is concerning for its longevity. When I use this unit during my next spring house washing, I'll update this post. For now, I am more than satisfied with this small, quiet, and inexpensive solution to my usual pressure washing cleaning needs.

Vincent Huff
Vincent Huff
| Mar 21, 2021
We should get the small stuff out of the way first

Price is great. We ship to Moreover, it's better than that. It also arrived in a very small box, that is to say, I was shocked to see it arrive so fast. There is a bit of a deception in the listing image, since the pressure washer appears to be an average size. In all honesty, I was expecting to be disappointed by its size, but it turns out, as I mentioned in my review, that size does not In size, this is about the same as an elementary school backpack for kids. Only requires a few minutes of assembly. Among other things, I figured that as long as you know how to use a screwdriver, it can be put together in less than 5 minutes (as I did) without ever reading the instructions. You will need about 3 more minutes if you follow the instruction. Once you have the garden hose hooked up and plugged in to a 110V outlet, you are ready to start. There is no other way to use it than by turning it on and pulling the trigger. As soon as you release the trigger, the machine This little powerhouse has looked great for nearly a year now. A backyard patio, fence, dock, driveway and sidewalk later, and I am very pleased with it. No matter what you give it, it has what it takes to clean Thank you so much for your efforts. This makes it a great piece of equipment to have around the house and as an outdoor tool. It comes with four different angles of nozzle, as well as other accessories I have not used yet. I do not dislike the fact that it does not emit gasoline or loud engine noise. But what is it I do not like? First of all, I don't care too much about the wheels. The wheels are about 5" inches, and they are made of cheap plastic. They would fall over just as easily as they would roll towards you. Because it is so lightweight, it makes it easier to pick it up and carry it as I work. In addition, you need to drag the garden hose around with you, so if there is a lot of yard to clean, be sure you have a hose that reaches. That is probably the worst thing I could say about this pressure cleaner, and I managed to finish everything I needed to in the time I had. Even if the cradle you use to store the pressure washer hose is not top notch, it shouldn't matter because cleaning it doesn't require it. Considering all that, I would say that this is very good value for the price, if you can live with a few shortcomings I mentioned. In fact, this should pay for itself within a week if you are willing to put up with them. I highly recommend this unit to all my friends and family as long as it continues to work the way it is currently doing. The power to handle real men is easy to handle by kids in high school too. Approximately one-third of households are headed by woman The convenience and easy storage of this device would be very much appreciated by particular. It might be a great backup for the price, to have when on the job equipment breaks down or gas runs out, but I don't know how it would perform commercially.

Thatcher Carter
Thatcher Carter
| Jul 03, 2021
Suitable for use in the home

Despite muck being spread over the past five years, my house is filthy. My system came together in 20 minutes and I was able to use it immediately. As I confess, I was hoping for a tool that would A big, bold font. However, this is much easier to use, much more convenient, and As far as I can tell, it works fine.

Dylan McIntyre
Dylan McIntyre
| Apr 26, 2021
It's easy to use and gives the ground a nice glimmer! I allowed my dog to assist (for comparison's sake) because he is the size of a lab, but with an extra layer of There is nothing better than a pressure washer like this one! In fact, I bought this as a gift for my parents who just acquired a new home, and I'm very happy I did because there is constantly dust and dirt coating their driveway, house, and cars due to all of the construction close by

It looks really nice in our garage because of the color of the pressure washer. As it's not too large or too small, and it's not very heavy, you can find many places to store it when not in use. Because it's so easy to use and the wheels are so useful, one job can be completed in a flash, and it rolls so smoothly and silently. There is a decent length between the hose and the ceiling, so you don't need to tip-toe or get up to those high Hey, it works as both a car wash and a vacuum cleaner! Your cost is very reasonable for what you receive and I am confident that you will be very happy with your purchase!.

Frank Clements
Frank Clements
| Apr 02, 2021

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