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Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer
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Turkey, chicken, and other foods can be fried in this 32-quart fryer.
Seafood, poultry, vegetables, and tamales are steamed, boiled, or fried.
Stainless steel that has been polished for maximum durability and ease of cleaning. (50-750°F) stainless steel thermometer, 12 inch
For even steaming, the strongest perforated basket on the market is used.
Transportable with heavy-duty handles and a vented lid.

Questions & Answers

What's included in the box?

I haven't used mine in a few months, but I remember being very pleased with the quality when I first received it. All of the accessories were excellent and exactly what you'd need to prepare any meal. I purchased a second thermometer because I wasn't sure if it came with one, but it does. In my opinion, this is a well-rounded package. If you're going to buy a burner to go with it, I'd recommend getting one that sits lower to the ground.

How big of a turkey (in pounds) can you safely cook in this (32 quart)?

A deep fryer is simply better for 10 to 12 pound turkeys. Cook two birds (separately) for a total weight of 20 lbs.

Has anyone tried making tamales with this recipe?

Yes, it works great and cooks tamales quickly without leaving pin holes. I've made a lot of them with it.

Is it true that both the pot and the basket are made of stainless steel?

Yes, both the pot and the basket are made of stainless steel.

Selected User Reviews For Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

We were thrilled to receive a beautiful stainless steel pot to go along with our Bayou Classic patio stove

We bought this item, along with the Bayou Classic patio stove, in February 2016 and were thrilled to have a beautiful stainless steel pot for our occasional crawfish boils. Since we bought it, we've used it twice. We took it out for the third time recently to use it and discovered a leak coming from the pot's bottom. Very dissatisfied! (I gave it one star because it is an appealing product, but it is currently a TOTAL WASTE OF OUR MONEY. ) ) Reading in their Owner's Manual that this is POLISHED ALUMINUM was also a disappointment. AS DESCRIBED ON AMAZON, THIS ITEM IS NOT STAINLESS STEEL. br>br>I've written to the company, requesting that they replace the pot (despite the company's 30-day return policy).

June Weaver
June Weaver
| Jun 28, 2021
DANGER: During its third use, the pot leaked oil, posing a serious fire hazard; however, the pot was gleaming and as good as new

I was only cooking my turkey for 12 guests for the third time on Thanksgiving. I poured in the oil around 4 p. m. and noticed oil on the table, despite the fact that I had not spilled any. Upon closer inspection, three tiny holes were discovered, each measuring exactly one inch in diameter. 2 inches from the bottom, roughly the same size as a twisty tie's metal wire. Hmmm, the oil was slowly dripping out one drop at a time. Isn't it about to be engulfed in a massive, raging fire? I was thinking about tossing my 18-pound brined turkey and serving takout because of the major fire hazard. The point is that, despite its gleaming newness, YOU CANNOT RELY ON THIS POT IN A CRITICAL SITUATION LIKE THIS. br>br>To help me get through, a guest who was an engineer explained that they used two types of steel in the manufacturing process: high quality on the bottom and a very cheap metal starting about 1 inch from the bottom. Where the two were joined, holes began to appear. Drilling the holes larger, then plugging them with a self-tapping metal screw, then screwing from the outside in. These were the screws with the tapered heads that helped to close the hole. That worked for two holes, and for the third, I used 3M fireproof duct tape (from the outside of the pot, of course). Then I wrapped duct tape around the bottom to prevent new holes from forming. It worked; the screwed hole didn't leak, and the duct tape stayed in place for 45 minutes, even with flames licking at it. However, the garbage this company sells has made me extremely enraged. If you're going to use this pot, I recommend having a second one on hand.

Drew Newman
Drew Newman
| Jul 02, 2021
Oil was poured in, and a hole in the bottom allowed the oil to escape! I opened the box and set it up without expecting to have to x-ray it

Because this isn't a cheap pot, inspect the wall thickness and look for flaws. I got everything ready, including the bird; unfortunately, I didn't have time to get a second bird and some schickens before the holiday, but I poured the oil in, fired up the burner, and was getting the bird ready on the rod thingy when I noticed the pot emitting smoke signals and thought to myself, "Wow, that's cool, I wonder who that's for. " Oh, wait, that's oil dripping on the fire, causing it to erupt in flames and smoke. After investigating and discovering MULTIPLE flaws, one of which was all the way through, I decided to abandon the plan and bake the bird. I was tempted to take it to the garage and Tig up the holes, but since it's brand new, I shouldn't have to wait until it's ready to use. This one was exchanged for a new one, and when I took it out of the box, I noticed the same flaws all along the bottom edge where it had been stretched too much during the molding process. Put it back in the box and send it on its way. I'm going to try a different brand and see if any are on display in local stores so I can inspect them before I buy them and use them. Due to the issues and disgruntled faces of all the children expecting a deep-fried turkey this year, this endeavor cost me just under $100 out of pocket.

Fatima Potter
Fatima Potter
| Mar 22, 2021
Stainless steel from China at a low price has a lot of holes

It's truly awful. Last year, I only used it once for Thanksgiving. I went to use it again this year (it's only my second time using it) and discovered that it has holes in the bottom. So it's Thanksgiving, I've got $80 worth of turkey and peanut oil, and my "new" stainless steel pot from last year has holes in it.

Yehuda Krueger
Yehuda Krueger
| May 07, 2021
It doesn't last as long as the less expensive rigs

This thing was cooked after two turkey fries. It might work better for crab boils or steaming, but after only two frying sessions (5 or 6 turkeys total), it sprouted holes (1 on the side and 1 on the bottom). With that in mind, I'd go with the less expensive $36 rig - Bayou Classic is the same manufacturer, but don't be fooled into thinking that spending more money on a stainless rig will make it last longer (as I did). At least with the less expensive rigs, you know you'll have to replace them every two or three years. You can also buy a backup rig with the money you save if you do happen to fall into that hole.

London Holden
London Holden
| Mar 25, 2021
The best bang for your buck, but a bust by the end of the second year

My replacement, on the other hand, was not up to the task. Update 11/2212018br>br>I'm pretty pissed off now; I got a replacement sent to me directly from the manufacturer and thought I'd be fine; however, this pot has another pinhole in it and is leaking; however, I'm not frustrated because this doesn't show up until it's heated with oil in it. I'm not going to buy another one because I've only used it a few times and it's already broken. br>br>Update 12/25/2015br>br>So, to be completely transparent, I've used this combination a lot in the last two years for everything from frying to making chili, and I've also taken excellent care of my pot. On Christmas Day, I was preparing my pot and burner to fry a turkey, and much to my dismay, as I was warming my oil, I noticed a puddle forming below my burner. At first, I assumed it was water from the rinse I had done with the wan water I had dumped, but it kept growing larger, and upon closer inspection, I confirmed it was oil. br>br>I turned off the flame and removed the oil from the pot; after inspecting the pot, we discovered a pinhole in the bottom. br>br>I understand that things break down over time, but breaking down in only two years is unacceptable. I believe this failure is due to a manufacturing flaw, but we'll have to wait and see what Bayou Classic has to say. br>br>I'm mostly upset because of how dangerous this situation could have gotten if I hadn't noticed it sooner; I'm only slightly annoyed because it messed up dinner for my family. This is the way to go if you want to get the most bang for your buck. br>br> This item arrived in excellent condition and is very well constructed. I plan on brewing and frying in this bad boy for many years to come.

Irene Chandler
Irene Chandler
| Feb 27, 2021

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