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Project Patio 3" x 5" Swivel Rocker Patio Chair Spring Plate Universal Fiberglass Replacement Part - 2 Pack

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Project Patio 3" x 5" Swivel Rocker Patio Chair Spring Plate Universal Fiberglass Replacement Part - 2 Pack

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You can prevent your swivel rocker from tipping too far back by fixing it. The rocker needs to be a little stiffer and the spring needs to be a little stronger.
This heavy-duty rocker spring plate is made of high-quality materials that will hold up to the outdoors.
The product is compatible with the majority of outdoor furniture brands. Typically, these are the replacement parts found on furniture sold by premium brands. We can paint the plates to match the finish you desire.
These holes have not been predrilled! You can do this to ensure the holes line up with the brand of furniture you have. You will need to position the old spring plate over the new one so that you can mark the holes and drill them. The software does not come with any hardware.
The kit includes two fiberglass rocker spring plates measuring 3" x 5" each. One complete chair can be repaired with these parts.

Questions & Answers

Can you help me find a 7inch long rug that you have in stock?

We only have a 2. Hi, *br> *br>Hello, *br>*br>We only have a 2. Replace and upgrade your fiberglass rocker spring plates with our 5" x 5" and 3" x 5" replacement plates

What about the screws that go with them?

No screws are included with them. The two plates are all there are.

The original plates I have are four in number. It is 5 1/2" (not 5 1/2 inches). Is there a way for me to trim them What happens if that happens? Does it affect the integrity of the plate in any way?

I did not trim my originals, so the new ones came out just a little shorter than 5". As a template, I drilled the holes in the original chair, and the holes fit perfectly on my new It does not seem to make any difference how much longer it is.

I need to place an order for the spring plate item number 3 The number 281 is 300000281, or the number Could you tell me which of your products corresponds to what we need for Winston replacement parts?

This spring plate is a universal part that fits a wide range of outdoor furniture brands. This does not depend on a particular brand. As long as it is the same size, it should fit. Measuring your current plate will help you determine its dimensions. As an alternative, you can use the old plate as a template to drill new holes in the new plate. Thank you so much for your help. I am a partner in Project

Selected User Reviews For Project Patio 3" x 5" Swivel Rocker Patio Chair Spring Plate Universal Fiberglass Replacement Part - 2 Pack

It can be used with a swivel base rocker patio chair with 2 1/2" x 5" base

Take your time while drilling- Please see below for some hints. It is the perfect replacement I am a 175 lb woman and the 2 1/2" width worked for me. In the event you have larger individuals, you may need to have 3" wide springs installed.
Once the old one is gone, the new one should be fairly easy to replace, but if you rush you will break and chip Unlike the fiberglass spring which has a gelcoat to protect it from shattering, the gelcoat on the fiberglass spring can break or splinter, spreading to the inner side of the spring. My wife experienced this on the first try. It was my task to guide her along, and she thought other people might like to see how I did things. The drill bits and drill that you'll need are sharp and should last for some time. WEAR A MASK - Be careful These days, it shouldn't be difficult to locate one. There is a lot of fiberglass dust in the air, and it probably Please wear eye protection.

Caution- Always put your eye protection on. ASK EVERYONE IN YOUR WORKPLACE TO WEAR GLOVES* * Unbolt the old part ONE AT A TIME It'll be easier to see how to put it back together that way. The old spring should be placed on top of the new one and clamped together, then the two should be secured in a vice or work Purchasing a drill press is a good reason to do so, however, most of us don't You may see the outer layer of gelcoat start to spiral up when you slowly drill with a 5/16 diameter drill bit at a 90 degree angle. There will be a bit of cracking in the old spring. If you haven't hit the powder layer yet, you need to go a little further. To find the center, use the vacuum cleaner to collect the dust. You then want to make a valley in the dust. If you want to protect your eyes, wear gloves and stay out of the dust. A blade can easily cut through fiberglass. Using a 3/16 bit, locate the hole that was made by the larger drill bit and center the cone using the depression the larger drill bit made. Remove the old spring that was a guide and reclamation. Go through each hole slowly until you reach the other side. The 5/16" bit must then be used to drill out the gel coat layer and stop drilling. Flip the spring over and use the bit to drill out the layer. Once the holes are finished, take a 1/4" bit and drill them. Put the spring into the chair and then back to the desk. Put it in the same way as the other one so you get the right result. Do not try to force the bolts, I would guess that 10 foot/lbs of torque will do. For the 1/4 x 20 bolts to be able to go through, I had to use a ratchet. In case you cannot line up, you might want to make the holes a little wider with a round file. Using a file rather than forcibly hammering is the best course of action. Bonus points if you lock the chair with either red Locktite or lock nuts. In our patio chairs, my husband changed out the lock washers and hex nuts with lock nuts. A rectangular bar needs to be attached to the plastic side so that it does not touch The fender washers can be used if it isn't there, or the part can be ordered.

Marceline Clay
Marceline Clay
| Oct 14, 2020
Having to drill is a pain However, the overall quality is good

In order to match the spring plates in my chairs exactly, I needed to find spring plates that matched them. As a result, I had to buy these blanks and drill my own holes in them. Despite being a bit of a pain to drill, they worked well when installed correctly Even so, the chairs were somewhat stiff (but not too stiff) and I did not fall over backward. It was as if they were on the verge of a This passage 1. There is no doubt that these plates are made from fiberglass or similar material. DRILLING AND INSTALLATION SHOULD BE DONE WHILE WEARING GLOVES AND SHOES. During my first two chairs, I didn't use the protective coating, and it felt like my hands were infested with tiny pieces of glass 2.

If you want to drill these plates, put the old plate and these new plates in a strong clamp. You're going to mess it up if you drill it by putting it on top (like By putting one old plate and two new ones in a vice and drilling through, I was able to get it right. It took me a bit of time to get use to it. I tried small bits first, then larger ones. If you align two chairs at the same time, you can ensure they'll be in the same place in the It may result in your chair being slightly crooked if you fail to take this step. 1. *2. *3. While installing the chair, make certain to tighten the bolts as much as possible. As soon as I had it installed, I found the pressure to be too weak, so I tightened the bolts.

Carlos Jefferson
Carlos Jefferson
| Feb 04, 2021
As much as possible, use a wider spring plate

The tension on the 2 1/2 inch plates when replaced last year was disappointing (not as tight as the original), but it did the trick. My chairs feel like new this year since I replaced 2 1/2 inch cracks with 3 inch plates, drilled the holes 1/4 inch closer to each end (they had originally been 4 inches apart), and replaced the 2 1/2 inch crack. Pictures of The left-hand side of the diagram shows A Middle-eastern original About 2 1/2" longer than last year* Right- Just bought a 3" seat on 8/2019
This may not work on your chairs, but if you have the space to go wider, I think you may be pleased with They are not predrilled (they do not arrive with holes drilled).

Kate Fleming
Kate Fleming
| Jan 16, 2021
This is a fantastic replacement

experienced wear and tear on one of the swivel rockers out of four. In the past, I always made sure to sit in that chair when we had visitors because you felt as if you would fall over if you weren't careful. I actually thought the chairs used steel springs and was trying to locate a local machine shop to make up a set or see if the manufacturer had a replacement part. I saw these on Amazon and thought they'd be worth trying even though I was sure I had steel springs. The replacement parts arrived early yesterday so I decided to try taking out at least one side of the broken chair to see how hard it would I was surprised to find that the old springs were fiberglass and looked exactly like the new plates. They even seemed to have been made by the same company! We bolted it back together using the old spring plate as a template and then we drilled a few holes for the new spring plates. Just ordered more sets so that they are on hand in case the first set fails again. A recent update Having spent the previous day at the bottom of the heap As a result of the "seat" testing, we have decided to immediately replace one other chair's spring plates and all in the future. Three sets should be here by tomorrow after the order is placed.

Valeria Donovan
Valeria Donovan
| May 30, 2021
The patio furniture needs to be fixed

My patio furniture broke and I learned it was made of fiberglass. I had to replace the broken part so that the chair could rock. As there was room to fit it, I chose the wider part for heavier people, following recommendations from some other reviews. By securing the old parts with a piece of sacrificial wood on the bottom of the new, the old parts were replaced. Keeping fiber glass dust under control required the use of a new drill bit and a vacuum. My holes turned out great, and the chair was easy to reassemble. The repair will only last for a short time, but it is great to keep using the patio furniture, and I feel confident that I will be able to use these chairs for many years to come. I received the parts on time. They were well packaged and there were no problems with them. The advice I would give is that if you have the time, tools and motivation, go for it.

Selah Conway
Selah Conway
| Jul 04, 2021

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