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Toro 53824 Mini-8 Rotor/Sprinkler

Toro 53824 Mini-8 Rotor/Sprinkler

Toro 53824 Mini-8 Rotor/Sprinkler
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Large garden - 45'. 20' for small and medium lawns. The water is up to 35 feet deep. Amount of space
An arc indicator at the top makes adjusting the arc easy
A sprinkler that can be used for both circles and squares
The riser seals are pressure activated to prevent debris from getting inside
A pressure range of 30-60 psi is recommended for this pump.

Questions & Answers

In approximately what number of sprinklers can you run on a 1 inch pipe at 40 pounds per square inch (3 bar)?

There's no doubt that 40 psi is 80 psi and 11 gpm is the limit for me. You can get a certain number when you have covered a certain amount of degrees. I think you can do 5 gpm at 40 PSI if you are able to do a quarter circle at 1 GPM and a half circle at 2 GPM, etc. Due to the 1" diameter, I have one full circle, one quarter circle, etc. per zone) is accurate.

What is the size of the ?

A mini-project With an inlet of 1/2", the 8 has a great deal of capability.

Mini 8, which I am replacing, has a three-inch display Connection of a quarter inch. Do you know if there is a three-way From a quarter inch to a half inch Is there an adapter from male to female with an inch diameter?

Although this type of adapter is available, it is not manufactured by us.

Do rotor keys and additional nozzles come with the kit?

There is no need for a key to operate It comes with a nozzle already installed. It is not included in the price of nozzle trees.

Selected User Reviews For Toro 53824 Mini-8 Rotor/Sprinkler

The quality of the product is average

The Toro sprinkler once held the record for best pop-up There's plenty of products that are as good as the Toro systems for half the price. I replaced all of my Toro machines with another product
The gear driven products from Toro wear out after one and a half years and For the price you pay for Toro, this is unacceptable.

Journee Gutierrez
Journee Gutierrez
| Dec 07, 2020
There are not enough components in the My only set of sprinkler heads was this one

It would have been useful to include a tool and interchangeable nozzles if Toro had included instructions. Due to this, I think this head was part of a large set of mini 8's. If the nozzles and tool are not connected to the head, it is virtually useless.

| Jul 01, 2021
The sprinkler head needs to be replaced

In my case, the Mini 8 sprinkler head was leaking, and I needed to replace it. I found it to be an exact replica and it A flat head screwdriver should be used for setting the radius. We are very satisfied with the service.

Alvaro McGrath
Alvaro McGrath
| Jan 08, 2021
This is an excellent fill-in app

The new pop-up is nice for replacing a previous one that was not getting through.

Paulina Glass
Paulina Glass
| Jul 31, 2020
Not supplied with a key to adjust

There are instructions on how to adjust the head and use the A key is not included in the.

Mack Benton
Mack Benton
| May 05, 2021
It's a good sprinkler, but the nozzels are missing

Several years have passed since I first used these sprinkler heads. In the spray pattern, there are no peaks or valleys. It is nice to have mini heads like these. A simple to install and maintain system. It would be nice to have sprinkler tools and nozzles included with these sprinklers, but they do not. The tool is available for purchase. It is not the nozzles that are defective.

Delaney Lloyd
Delaney Lloyd
| Mar 22, 2021
I give it five stars

Nothing to worry about.

Jessie Pierce
Jessie Pierce
| Sep 28, 2020

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