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Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In)

Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In) Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In) Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In) Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In) Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In) Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In)

Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In)

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The Heavy Duty Clipboard will serve you for many years Our heavy-duty landscape clip board is a great choice for professionals working in industries such as transportation, medical, teaching, public safety, and offices
Clipboards are important components of any office. The top clip in particular serves as a writing surface, holding documents or forms securely for filling The design of this product not only keeps items safe from wind-driven debris, but also makes it very convenient for clients or customers.
A high level of quality Made of quality wood, with metal clip and smooth surface, this clipboard is sturdy and durable
The following dimensions are given Clipboards of this size measure 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches. With a retractable hook, it is 5 x 17 inches
Included in the package 1 horizontal clipboard is included in the set

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how much shipping costs without Prime?

Whether or not you are a Premier Member is irrelevant. I am and I think you should be, too! The idea has crossed my mind.

What is the water resistance of the clipboard. ?

Although I don't know if it would be a good idea to expose this to water, it certainly seems like it wouldn't be a good idea to do so. A friend of mine gave me this to give it to my son, who is in elementary school and needs a desk for homework, etc. It's the perfect fit for the job

This clipboard has an integrated hole and hook to allow it to be hung on a wall hook. Is this an option?

There is mention of a retractable hook in the description.

What is a low profile clip, and are coloring books held by low profile clips?

The answer is yes! I STORED MY 113 PAGE WRITING BOOK IN HER.

Selected User Reviews For Wooden Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip (11.5 x 17 In)

An 11x17-inch sheet of paper cannot be placed on a clipboard

11 x 17 inches is the exact size of the clip board. A quarter-inch of paper hangs over the edge of the clipboard when a clip is used to hold paper on the clipboard. The purchase was not a smart move.

Adalee Bender
Adalee Bender
| Dec 15, 2020
This product will not hold 11 x 17 The 11x17 paper size is not for this

The two stars are for the quality of the product. In this item, be sure to note that it is not compatible with The format will be better for 8x14 papers.

Karson Gillespie
Karson Gillespie
| Jan 04, 2021
The size is too small for tabloid paper (11 x 17")

Reviewing the reviews would have been a wise move. There are fewer pages on this clipboard than on an 11 x 17 inch piece of The paper I use for my tabloid overhangs all around by 1/2 inch. I do not find this to be.

Edwin Tucker
Edwin Tucker
| Dec 27, 2020
It isn't worth the money

There is a general lack of quality everywhere. It is a clipboard that looks like wood but in fact is made of wood grain contact paper, a version of fiberboard. Only one side of the clip was attached, and the rubber tip on the clamp was only attached to one side. Keep searching for a better option.

Kathryn Luna
Kathryn Luna
| Oct 20, 2020
The only issue is I love it

Though I like the quality of this clipboard, I am disappointed that it is exactly 11" x 17". I prefer a clipboard that is 11" x 14". A 5" by 17" photograph. There is room for 11" x 17" sheets in the first 5". There is no usable space in the clip area. It is impossible to write on the sheet at the bottom (and on the sides) because a little bit of paper sticks out at the bottom.

Lexie Terrell
Lexie Terrell
| Oct 25, 2020
This is the perfect size for a toddler

When my son uses the desk for school, it has a glass top, so I have mouse pads on it that are long. I needed something sturdy for him since he cannot write on those pads. This would be a 5-star product, except the one I got had a slight warp to it, but it still works. While there are some who complain that the side is smaller than listed (I have never verified that either way), I see it as great. A portrait or landscape page of 8 1/2 x 11 can be held in this holder. I like the clip part because it's easy for my kid to use and slides paper in and out. As an alternative to traditional clip boards, this appeals to me a lot more. As well as the color, it was very nice.

Mccoy Mercado
Mccoy Mercado
| Jun 02, 2021
This product is nice, but it uses too much ink on legal-sized paper for most users

A compressed/tempored wood fiber product is used for the cutting board portion of this clipboard. The laminated top layers are printed with the wood grain pattern. A wood board cannot be used to make it. Aside from that, it seems to be a pretty standard low-level interface Clip from a profile.

On the other hand, the clip is mounted on the long side of the document, in portrait mode. It is designed to be used with legal-sized It's important not to end up with the wrong product since Amazon pushes "featured" products at you. In this case, we weren't careful enough. Amazon makes its money from pushing "featured" products at you. We would like to see Amazon have better search capabilities to prevent this from happening. Their returns would be cheaper because of it. Although it is quite a bit larger than we would like for that purpose, we don't mind. Thus, it was a mistake on our part. Documents that it is intended for are ledger sized, and the size is You should be able to use it with Yet at 11, we reached It's a bit small for that application - 5 x 17 ". It is normal for the board on a clipboard to be bigger in both dimensions than the paper it was designed to hold. When it is 11, it is 12. Approximately 75 wide by 17 high. You might prefer 5, which is a bit better.

Diana Nolan
Diana Nolan
| Apr 05, 2021
There are no wooden boards

I like this, but the wood doesn't seem like it will last. There is an air of delicateness about it. This appears to be a laminate image with a wood grain. In the event that it gets really wet, I believe it could break. If it is dropped, there is a good chance that it would fall apart. I am confident I could snap it in half with my hands if I tried. In my opinion, it does work as an oversized clip board. I bought it in order to use it while Taping down paper and creating borders with painter's tape keeps it still and keeps it in place. Whenever the tape is removed from this piece of compressed cardboard or paper, the finish can come loose since cardboard and paper are compressed. The wood Ledger Size Landscape Clipboard for Office, Hardboard with Low Profile Clip, is 11 in. wide, 5 in. high, and 3 in. deep. The following dimensions are in wood 5x17
This is not wood. The landscape ledger board is likely made of hardwood with a low profile clip. *br >Yes, for Office[ Office Yea, Art No. 11, please. A review of five episodes, part 17. It has not been measured by me. The clip and the edges make it impossible for you to use 11x17 paper on it because of where they are.

Kataleya Goodman
Kataleya Goodman
| Oct 16, 2020

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