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DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686)

DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686)

DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686)

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You can scan business cards directly into your Windows or Mac computers, or into Palm or Palm devices. You can add the information directly into Outlook (only for Windows).
A color card can be scanned with the executive scanner with great accuracy.
The cards come from 14 different countries and are translated into 7 languages. Ensures addresses in the United States and ZIP + 4 codes are correct.
By dragging and dropping address information from emails and web pages, you can use our software.

Questions & Answers

The card scanner is compatible with Windows ?

While I don't know how it works with Windows, I already have it running on

Cardscan 600c is the scanner I have. All my contacts be able to be exported to the CardScanv9 ?

Thank you for answering, I don't have any experience with the 600c, I have the 800c and it is fine with The 4.660 contacts that I have in my computer base have all loaded without error. It has been with me for about half a year now and I sync it regularly with

The Dymo CardScan v9 software is compatible with Windows Has Windows 10 been released?

You can use Dymo cardscan V9 with Windows8 depending on the operating system version. The numbers 1 and 10 together

Selected User Reviews For DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686)

I really like the product, and it saves me a great deal of time

I am an executive assistant, and the executives give me lots of business cards that I need to turn into contacts in Outlook. After scanning over 100 cards in about 30 minutes I was able to edit, export to Outlook, and import with this reader (with some occasional editing). Different owners of contacts can make their own lists, and the lists can then be emailed to each owner so that they can be imported into their personal contact lists. Thanks to it, I have been able to live a normal life again!.

Christina Allen
Christina Allen
| Jun 15, 2021
It is a nice scanner IF you do not have El Capitan installed! If you do, stay away! The card scanner I had been wanting for years finally came to fruition after years of considering My response time was pretty good about 85% of the time (in terms of getting the information scanned correctly and in the right fields), so I was fairly satisfied

When it works, it can save you quite a bit of time. In the rare situation that it did not, it was often just one field or another which failed to copy correctly, and in these cases, it was simple enough to fix the problem and then to save APPLE, however, has now switched over to EL CAPITAN as our operating system. It's what you think it is. There are no longer any working DYMOs. Even after weeks and weeks of trying to reach out to them, they still haven't gotten back to me Hopefully it will still be around. In this situation, I am sitting here. There are too many cards for me to keep track of. You won't be able to enter them. . . . and it has been 45 days since the return policy ended!.

Kara Fuller
Kara Fuller
| Oct 02, 2020
It was a very disappointing experience

A card scanner that is the worst I have ever used. It was a very disappointing experience. This is the worst card scanner I've ever used, and I use it all the time for my job. My Outlook is slowed down by this and I had to turn off this feature in Add-ins Every time I finish scanning, I get an email. takes very long for a card to be processed. Each time I open Outlook, the scanner does not seem to be connected, so I have to restart Outlook every 10th card. I DO NOT recommend wasting your money. You might find a better brand if you look at a different one.

Shiloh Moses
Shiloh Moses
| Jan 07, 2021
Compatible with older versions of OSX but not with recent versions

There is junk in there. Simple and straight to the point. In a time consuming process of locating other users, we have come to find out that this only works on OS X 10. The product is advertised as being compatible with Apple OS X, but other users have confirmed that this only works with OS X 10. The Windows 7 and earlier versions. You are using It was either El Capitan (10), or 10. There is no help for you in option 11). It will install, but it won't recognize the scanner, and there are no updated drivers for this unit on the Internet. The business model of Dymo is hard to understand to me. You could buy a product from another company instead. I am disappointed.

Davis Ryan
Davis Ryan
| Jul 09, 2020
The Open Directory Support is one of the most appealing features of the scanner

There is some nice OCR going on, so it's reasonably fast. As I don't use its software for contact management, just to export into a few other things, I have no idea about that, but I can comment on the lack of Open Directory support - I'm talking about the domain directory for now. No matter what you do, it simply does not That was explained to me after a dismal 45 minute phone call, during which they tried to troubleshoot (by means of an uninstall and reinstall) the problem, and eventually concluded that "It just won't work, it's not supported. ". It is totally their choice to provide support for some platforms and not others, but I would have been grateful if they had mentioned that anywhere in their documentation or online, or if their tech support had that listed (it would have saved me some time from holding If, however, you are assuming that things will work just fine on a client computer when utilizing the Open Directory architecture of OSX, think again. The problem is that it won't fix itself. So, I'm happy with the scanner. Don't hesitate to get it and put it to good use. The way the program picks up so much information is really neat. Just a little. . Please reconsider using Office 365 (maybe Active Directory, too) if you are an Office 365 client.

Yaretzi LEES
Yaretzi LEES
| Jan 19, 2021
We are awaiting DYMO's help to rate this product

Carscan has been a consistent part of my life for a very long time. If you work in sales or marketing and collect a lot of business cards, the device will come in handy. In deciding to avoid making my ancient PC version work under a virtual machine on my mid-2010 Mac (I have used apple computers for over 30 YEARS now), I gave up trying to make a copy of my ancient PC version work A friend of mine recently graduated from the 2011 MBA and bought the 800c version for his This link is to Rodya's review Here is a link to the file You can visit the website. It is available on Amazon. Reviews in http//goo. gl/Reviews/ R13QH0ZJVRQTVU/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R13QH0ZJVRQTVU are perfect and completely accurate. waiting to hear back from DYMO support in order to get links for downloading the "correct" software. It would be great if that could happen in 24 hours It is possible for me to upgrade this review to 5 in 48 hours The stars are out. The following steps are required to set up your computer I am 31 years old MBA midsize monitor, inch In 2011, January 1 was Dual-core CPU with 8GHz The Core I7, 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3, and OS X 10. 1. 2 respectively. There are two pros to this The following terminology should be used *br I was so pleased with the way the 800c was packaged and it started right up. . . br> With a remote disk device (Apple doesn't have an optical drive), DVD installation of software on the MBA was a snap. It scans at a VERY fast speed There is less than one. Each card should take about 5 seconds Thanks for the nice words! The following terminology should be used *br It has also been designed for batch processing - this is also very fast. It is probably closer to 2 It takes about 0 seconds per card to complete a full color OCR* In my previous experience, accuracy is absolutely in line with what I've seen The product may not be perfect, but it is better than anything else on the market - I am so happy to know that the device uses only USB power! that I have it stored away in a drawer, I can get to it whenever I need! The desktop will remain clutter-free, and I will not have to keep track of any more DC adapters. In my book, this is a huge plus. If that's the case, then I might even take it with me on my next international trip so I can throw all the physical cards away before getting home. The following terminology should be used *br Software appears to have a very low learning curve, and there is no learning curve whatsoever - The familiar editing mode of Cardscan, in which you can highlight scanned areas on the cards as you edit, is still available. I love how quickly and well this app launches Slowness or crashes are not an issue - The best I have ever seen. The VCF export, including batches of cards (to do this, I plan to command click the cards I want to put in Outlook, then batch export. After you download the VCF files, drag and drop them to your computer Dropping these files into Outlook would be more convenient)

Cons The following terminology should be used *br A warning from Rodya informed me that the software would fail to register. A spinny ball that never stops when waiting for registration - Rodya had also warned me that the software download for Dymo was unavailable, so I tried to find it on the company's website. Let's be real, this is a documented issue from over two months ago, please have the web staff address it for better links and support. My goal is to avoid contacting your customer support team. I think your goal is to avoid my contacting your customer support team. Let's take care of The following terminology should be used *br It would be great if we could directly export to Outlook for Mac 2011, but this may be a Microsoft issue and not one that DYMO can correct. How can we help you with that? The following terminology should be used *br While the ability to export to Address Book is great, there are problems with Microsoft/Apple integrating with Outlook, so it can't be used for syncing cards with Although definitely not the fault of DYMO, it is nonetheless a usability issue. As a whole, I am very satisfied to report that the 800c is working almost as well as I had In order to utilize the fantastic (and very affordable) Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M as a card scanner, I dropped $85 on Neat Receipts' "NeatWorks" software. Cardscan's OCR is superior to Neat's, which is a complete letdown It's the iPhone itself that scans and OCRs cards into my contact database. With WorldCard Mobile, CamCard, and half a dozen other iOS apps, I've tried it all. There are a few of these that are quite good for the odd one out - Off card. However, if you have a stack of them, you might have a problem If you're sitting at your desk with 50 cards, and you need to recognize all of them quickly and accurately, Cardscan is the only way to go. DYMO seems like an excellent company. Here's hoping they come through for us. It would be great if you upgraded this review to 5 stars This company will earn three stars (and will) if they can solve the software registration problem as soon as possible.

Finley Downs
Finley Downs
| Aug 13, 2020

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