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HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A)

HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A) HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A) HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A) HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A) HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A) HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A)

HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A)

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With this color printer, your business can print in color on anything, from screens to documents, and the printer will do the task automatically. It also offers exceptional wireless printing, fast print speeds-up to 22 ppm, automatic two-sided printing, and an intuitive driver. Screen with a color display of 7"
With the HP Smart app, you can print and scan remotely, set up a LaserJet printer, manage print jobs, and receive notifications. The app is HP's best mobile printing app, for printing and scanning on the go.
The HP Smart app lets you create shortcuts that automate repetitive tasks and organize documents 50% faster. You can do this directly from your mobile device utilizing features found only in the HP Smart app.
With dual-band Wi-Fi, you can rely on steady performance when it comes to your wireless connection
The JetIntelligence value of Original HP Toner cartridges Enjoy professional-quality text, fast printing and protection against counterfeiting with the innovative anti-fraud technology that comes with JetIntelligence.
Color laser printer works with letter, legal, executive, Oficio, 4x6 inches, 5x8 inches, The following are 10 of them B5,
Enjoy a one-year limited hardware warranty, along with online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Questions & Answers

What kind of toner does this come with?

With this printer, you will get HP LaserJet Black Introductory toner cartridge (*800 pages) Toner cartridge for HP LaserJet Cyan LaserJet introductory model Magenta LaserJet introductory toner cartridge for HP LaserJet Cartridge for HP LaserJet Yellow color laser printers (700 color composite C/Y/M pages).

Are photo papers able to be printed on the printer?

On HP laser paper, which is made to print on laser printers, you can print pictures. Different printing technologies are used by laser printers and inkjet printers To print on the right paper type, you must choose the right paper type.

The printer is capable of determining if the toner is empty by inspecting the cartridge. What does this mean? How many pages does it count? The only cartridges I wish to replace are those that are truly empty. ?

An actual amount of toner that remains in a cartridge can be determined by the printer. As the toner runs low, the printer will issue numerous warnings, then it will conclude that the toner is It is possible, however, to continue printing until one of the toners runs out.

Do you have the capability to handle 120lb cardstock?

With the HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw printer, you can handle the weights listed below The driver can accommodate up to 16 to 43 pounds (coated or glossy), but 59 pounds of HP glossy is allowed for the Postcard and HP glossy.

Selected User Reviews For HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer, Remote Mobile Print, Duplex Printing, Works with Alexa (7KW64A)

For users of Apple products, this printer is not recommended

Due to the fact that HP does not include drivers for this unit, you can only print in low or average quality, and the "best" print option is greyed out in Apple's print dialog box. My hope is that this article will help others avoid going through the same experience I did and ending up with just an average print quality that is comparable to the 1980s in 2020. I have been an Amazon customer for a long time as well as an.

Mario Underwood
Mario Underwood
| Apr 02, 2021
It is easy for even novices to install, even if they have no prior experience

It was simple even to set up WiFi. Here are the first three points HEAVY is the right word to describe this. My mind immediately goes back to printers of There are more than 30 pounds in it! My printers are twice as big, but weigh only a fraction as much as yours. When it's positioned in its permanent home, the hand grips can be seen offset from the mat's center. The solution is clever because you don't have to worry about the balance. In addition, the small screen can tilt up so that it can be adjusted from flat to As well as the touch screen, it has an LED display. I would like to mention just one complaint It is SMALL when the keyboard is in use. The first time I entered my WiFi password, it took me several attempts You can also use WPS but I have our router mounted 8 feet up on the wall and did not feel like getting a ladder to reach it. All WiFi setup was to let it scan my network and enter my password. In the case of WiFi, we use My connection is 4 GHz, but I can still access the Internet surprisingly fast. I could have done a wired connection, but since WiFi is faster and I don't have to run cables across the floor, it is a better option. Once the printer has been sent up with WiFi, it's time for the printer's drivers to be installed. The Win 10 machine I used had everything set up automatically. We had to manually download the driver for the Win 7 computer In the quick start guide is an address where you can find a driver! At first, we tried searching for a driver I was able to use the one from the URL in the book. I was able to print flawlessly from my tablet, phone, as well as my local network with WiFi printing. In addition, you receive an email address from HP to print with I can email a print job to the printer, and it prints it out. This includes attached files as well. The files attached and the text I printed were not attached. As you can see, attached pictures are About 30 seconds elapsed from the time the email was sent to the time it was printed. It's replacing a much larger printer, which is actually replacing a much larger printer. No matter how tricky the gradients are, the quality is superb. The automatic feed tray can be used to feed letter-sized and smaller documents. In the bypass, it is smaller and legal. There is a bypass in the front of the printer and one sheet can be taken at a time. The printer supports envelope printing as well. There is a cost associated with toner. The larger capacity colors cost around $100 each, so a set of colors is around $100 more than the printer itself costs. An initial set of approximately 500 copies is included with the printer. As far as coverage goes, that depends. It is possible that you will get 200 prints from printing photos, charts, etc. In our example, we'd assume 3000 prints cost $400, so you'd be paying $13. The cost of toner for each print is 33 cents. You are right in the middle of the average cost of color toner, which is 12 - A warm up takes as little time as it does to print. When we wake up our older printer from standby, it takes three minutes for the first page to be spit out. It took about 10 seconds for this printer to print.

| Mar 11, 2021
I would not recommend that you purchase

As a result, I am shocked at this printer's poor quality. It was almost impossible to install it because the instructions are so vague It is real. The HP customer service representative told me that my printer may be broker. I spent over an hour on the phone with them. HP asked me to send a replacement back, and the same thing happened with the replacement as well. You feel like you're using a dial-up modem as the interface is so slow. There is no chance that I'll ever buy a HP product It's time for me to come up with.

Maleah Hunter
Maleah Hunter
| Nov 03, 2020
There is an annoying, flashing light that indicates everything is okay

The only negative aspect of this printer is that the status light blinks. How does HP differ from other companies? What's the reason? It would be nice if we could put a bright led that flashes when the printer is in power-saving The power button on this printer will need to be covered with tape or painted with nail polish if you keep it in a room you use at night.

Evan Cabrera
Evan Cabrera
| Aug 31, 2020
Wireless printer that perfectly fits your needs

Based on a recommendation by Wirecutter, I bought this unit in early 2020 to earn additional income while working from home during the COVID crisis. My colleague as well as I were super happy with this product. I was able to add it to our work computer hassle-free and we were able to email documents to a single email address to print them instantly. I am really pleased with the product for price, quality, and features so far. My only complaint so far is that the machine is a bit on the big side.

Maxton Snyder
Maxton Snyder
| Mar 12, 2021
Broken when it arrived It was necessary to return Replacement of the Wi-Fi has caused problems

As a result, part of the image appeared smeared down the page when the unit arrived. A representative from HP support told me that it was defective and that I should return it after about an hour of trying to reach them. Please note (FYI There is a beautiful B&W in the replacement unit After hours of work, I got it done. Getting in touch with a human is extremely difficult! I might return it as well. )* * NOTE It is my honest opinion based on the fact that I paid full retail price and received no remuneration.

Justice Bradley
Justice Bradley
| Nov 23, 2020
An arrival that is dead on arrival The number 59

An error code of C0 was returned. I tried turning the device on the moment I took it out of the box, but it did not work. Error code "59-" immediately appeared on the screen It resulted in an "C0 Error" for which there was no resolution. So far, there has been no help from HP Support. Amazon returns have been great. The printer I ordered hasn't arrived yet. Once I receive a new one, I would like to update this post.

Alexis Crosby
Alexis Crosby
| Sep 16, 2020
It's frustrating to use the printer If possible, try to stay away from them

It is inaccurate to say I am blasting this printer based on the fact that I am unable to clean it, I've already spent two hours trying, and I just bought it I set it up and out of the gates, I see a black wheel line running There is no indication of this in the troubleshooter. There was a problem finding a process to clean it, then tray 1 kept jamming when I put the single page I was suppose to put into it. Just before I was ready toss this piece of junk into the junk bin, I unplugged it and plugged it back in again. While there is no longer a paper jam on my page, the black ink crease still runs up, down, and around the left side of the It won't be fixed by cleaning, so it may be a bent or broken wheel that is catching the ink before it has a chance to bake My knowledge of the situation is limited. All I can say is that I bought it as an idiot. It would be great to increase the number of Even so, I fear it is unlikely to happen as I am sufficiently annoyed.

Judson Noble
Judson Noble
| Jul 30, 2020

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