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Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector
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BrilliantColor Technology is part of the DLP technology by Texas Instruments
An image with a brightness of 2500 Lumens is bright and clear
Has a calming effect on the mind A gaming experience like no other! Amazing 3D graphics!
Finish within a timely manner There are 23 languages available for screen menus
The native resolution of this device is 720P widescreen

Questions & Answers

Dead pixel problems with "white dots" do not happen with every Optoma HD66 after the first one How long has it been? Does anyone have a lucky story about this issue not occurring?

A failing DLP chip is the cause of the problem. I bought my HD66 exactly 7 years ago and repaired it after 5 years when the white/black dead pixels were so widespread that it could not be used. I was able to solve the problem completely with the new chip. In a little less than two years since the repair, it will be 20 years old. This problem just started to happen within the past week. Instead of replacing the projector this time I will buy a new one.

Are Netflix 3D movies going to play on this player without the need for a converter? Can I use the normal graphics card that comes with my DELL Studio PC (no fancy graphics cards)?

It is not possible to see Netflix 3D movies in 3-D through a computer, even with a converter AND a 3D graphics card. (I have an Optoma-based 3D computer and a 3D graphics card. The Netflix stream in 3D is not working with my Nvidia Geforce GT640 XL) I am considering upgrading to the Optoma HD25LV at the moment *br>Right now I am considering upgrading to the Optoma HD25V*

I have a problem with my Optoma's HDMI port, and I discussed this with a technician. I believe the main board Can you tell me where I can get a ?

Find a replacement video on ebay, then watch youtube to find a way to replace it

Does anyone have any suggestions for connecting a sound system to There is already a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player in my house How do I get started with the speakers? Don't know how to do it?

How much you wish to spend will all depend on your budget. I bought Polk speakers with a 3D receiver from Onkyo since it can perform 3D processing - I got a pretty good receiver for like 250 bucks There are speakers that can be set up for 250 people or more We will send 300 to each speaker. After doing the individual ones, I discovered it came out to about 650 + 200. The amount of money you're willing to invest will determine the type of house you get.

Selected User Reviews For Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector

This projector survived a fire

My apartment burned down and I lost most of my belongings, except this projector, which was charred and soaked by a fire hose. The device didn't work at first, but I thought I'd save it as a memento. However, a few months later (after it had dried out, I suppose) I turned it on and The picture is bright and clear, even though it is only 720p. Even though the fire was back in 2013, the thing is still running, although I don't use it much.

Megan Atkinson
Megan Atkinson
| May 03, 2021
It's been two years and a half since I bought this projector

After I got it, I was in love with it, so I returned it back to Amazon, and I bought the next best thing, the My thanks go to Amazon for letting me return the product, and now that I've had the HD20 for two years, I can contribute to the review in a bit of detail. There was a great deal more brightness with this projector than the HD20, and the picture was more vivid as well. However, it is not 1080p, as I wanted it to be. As soon as I got my HD20 setup I spent quite a bit of time switching between 1080p and 720p, and felt like I barely noticed any A home projector in comparison to a TV represents the relative quality of the two devices in the fact that the TV is not as good as what A color wheel issue I had with my HD20 began in the first few months of use that continues to this day (I have to leave bright mode on otherwise A few weeks ago, it also died just barely within warranty and I had to ship it at my expense for a week. In the past year, the red has dropped off the planet, so I have had to crank the red way up, and now the red appears over saturated, but is better than no red at all, and I have been trying various ways to fix the problem without any luck. Besides that, the device is far noisier than before, but I am not going to try and solve that problem. It is my point that if I could do it all over again, I would choose the 720p projector for home theater over the HD20. A few things were lacking in sharpness, but the picture was better in color and brighter. I am certain I would not have had the negative experiences I had with my HD20 if I had purchased this one. It is, however, something I would prefer to have with an extended warranty. The only bulb I've had to buy in the past three years was a replacement. The price of TVs has come down so dramatically that now you can buy a TV for the price of a projector, whereas ten years ago the price of a 50-inch TV was about 1500 dollars and the price of a 100-inch projector was 800 dollars. There is more of a niche market in home theaters with 100" or larger screens and you are better off buying a television, which is probably what I will do if my projector ever malfunctions. It is my hope that it will be helpful to someone.

Troy Small
Troy Small
| May 08, 2021
The price is well worth it

It has been great to own this Optoma HD66 projector since I purchased it on January 27, 2012. As this projector has over 5200 hours on it, I recently replaced the lamp. This projector is performing well! Despite the fact that this is a little powerhouse, I am projecting on a 24 foot diagonal screen and this projector does not have a problem. Anyone looking for their first projector should pick this. It is a great projector that comes with a lot of good features. It can be played in 3D via Nvidia's 3D vision software on either a PC with PowerDVD10 or higher or any device that supports blu-ray Playback in 3D is supported by Blu-ray. A 3D-capable model from Optoma is also available You can watch any 3D Blu-ray on the XL box Blue-ray players, Sony PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 will all do 3D gaming and movies without a You are not going to be able to plug it in and start using 3D will. It is necessary to use either the converter box or a PC with this projector to take advantage of its 3D capability. Despite all that, the price of the other stuff to be bought is still less than the price of the "plug and play" The HD33 from Optoma fits the bill. As far as this projector is concerned, I have been nothing but impressed. With this Optoma cinema projector, I replaced an older Christie cinema projector I had originally bought from a movie theatre that was closing down. In that time, I mainly wanted 3D and this was the easiest and cheapest way to do that. Although it is not as sharp as the Christie projector, that makes no difference to me - I can't tell the Having hooked up the HD66 beside the Christie, set up was a breeze, one of the easiest things I have The purpose of blackout cloth was to see if something different would appear on the screen when the lenses are covered. I watched Transformers 1 on Blu-ray and it was the same quality There were some differences in the light at Christie, but they were not significant. There is no question that the Optoma and Christie need space. With a large coffee table print on the floor, the Christie weighs a few hundred pounds and runs on 240 volts of electricity. Compared to the Optoma HD66, which is about a foot wide and a little over a foot long, and can be picked up with your hand and carried. I believe it weighs around 6 to There is 120 volt ac as well. This is done in The HD66 enjoys a high level of user satisfaction with its picture quality. Everyone I know who comes over to watch movies talks about how sharp the picture is. During the launch of this new projector, some even joked that I spent too much money on it, but when I take them to the projector room and show this little white monster, they all said, "No way. There is no doubt that 3D glasses are expensive. It is estimated that the Optoma 3D link glasses in DLP will cost around $95 or under $70, I saw them around the web recently for less than $70. NVidia's 3D glasses are also expensive, but they have a great reputation for being both stable and reliable, as well as being The link glasses offered by Optoma are more attractive than the DLP glasses from pairs of 3D stereo glasses linked to the Nvidia's 3D stereo system with no problems or complaints from anyone. Since last month's wedding of my Nephew's nephew, I have not had such a large gathering at my house. But I would think that 30 glasses would be very near the limit of how many can be attached Considering Optoma's cut off point, I am not sure what it A large viewing audience is something to consider if your event will have a lot of viewers. You will have to buy a lot of glasses to match the price of the projector, so keep that in mind. 3D is as enjoyable with this projector as 2D. This lamp is capable of producing ample light output and it is basically maintenance-free. Just follow the instructions and forget it, power it up with the remote and it's ready to use, All of this techno jive means it can literally be mounted slightly less than straight, yet still be enjoyed, thanks to its vertical and horizontal lenses shift, and vertical and horizontal Keystone adjustments. Projector can be mounted on a table top, shelf, ceiling, can even project in the rear, very versatile product for the money

The only downside to this projector is that it's one size down from the standard projectors that are under An automatic iris does not exist under the 00 mark. In order to keep the screen focused every time the projector is disturbed from its normal position, such as changing the lamp, moving around, etc. , it must be manually adjusted.

Fletcher Cordova
Fletcher Cordova
| Jul 08, 2020
For the 9 years I had it, purchased in 2010, kicked out in 2019, I think the deal was a great one

A glitch on the Optoma HD66 I bought from Amazon in 2010 led to dark pixels disappearing 2 The Optoma fix was free for three more years after that. During the startup process this year there was a noticeable increase in fan noise and the light eventually stopped working. It worked with 2 new lights, but not with those.

Even though the picture resolution wasn't that great and the colors weren't really that spectacular (mostly with a red tint), it lasted a surprisingly long time. When the original bulb is used, it will last 4,800 hours. I am not interested in trying to fix it further since our 4K TVs in the house are already large screen 4K TVs. Instead of trying to fix it further, the wife and I are buying another Optoma, likely the 1080 version. * * * We feel that we got our money's worth (our payment was 650 dollars).

Tanner Nolan
Tanner Nolan
| Oct 07, 2020

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