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Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart

Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart

Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart

$ 7.00

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There is a one-inch height restriction on the package. The dimensions of this work are 392 cm by 18 cm. The height of this item is 110 cm
The following products are available in this category MARKING
The origin of the work is China
1 pound is the package weight. Weight 15 lbs
It has a low odor and is

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if the dry erase markers have fine point (like in the picture) or medium point (as described ?

In one to one instruction, it is on a dry erase board sized for a table, so it is perfect for fine writing.

Does the rare earth magnet (powerful enough to stick to glass) have sufficient hold on ?

Using my refrigerator and magnetic whiteboard, I have no problem applying them to either. I am not sure how they would adhere to glass unless it is

Can you tell me how tall a marker is?

In addition to the eraser, it measures 7/8".

What kind of plastic does it write on?

Though the quality and colors aren't great, it will do the job.

Selected User Reviews For Mattel Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors (DDM77), standart

This is false- I definitely would not describe it as non-alcoholic A toxic substance

Since I am not the type to be hyperactive in the evening, I cannot return The media has been all over the news lately in regards to three carcinogens that have been labeled as carcinogens, but these markers are being touted right now. A toxic substance. I found the colors to be pale, but mine weren't overly dry, as some have reported.

| Apr 30, 2021
I love this product and the value is fantastic! I am 85 years old and I am worried about my mother Mother moved to our area to be closer to us, and discovered she had a new fridge that came with the house that had a curved front rather than a flat front like the one she had previously had

A flat marker board she had on her old fridge did not seem to work on the new one. She was very frustrated. Amazon was my source for a flexible style dry erase board as well as a nice collection of colored dry erase markers, which arrived in 2 days I have been out of commission for three Adding to that, she loved the markers, since she only had one old and quite faint black marker (probably used it for years and thought that she was due for some replacements It is a great price, so it makes sense), and that they have a magnetic backing and can be attached to a dry-erase board. She was thrilled, because she has various reminders on her refrigerator board. It is now even possible for her to color code items according to their type!.

Grace Moon
Grace Moon
| Aug 14, 2020
We were frustrated with the weather in the Midwest, so I bought these to coordinate with my magnetic dry erase refrigerator calendar

The first time I saw them, I was pleased. Colors were vibrant and events were displayed in a variety of colors on the calendar. As the end of the month approached, I became frustrated that I could not erase my In case something was wrong with the first calendar, I contacted the company where I purchased it from, and they sent me a new After I filled out the 2nd calendar with these dry erase markers, the same thing happened at the end of the second month.

Andi Park
Andi Park
| Feb 24, 2021
The last 3 months have been good to you

This set of markers is much more pigmented than the markers that were included with my magnetic calendar. There are three lines on the right side of the photo, which represent the markers that came with the calendar, and six on the left, which When I first got them, I thought they were amazing. They were bright and vibrant.

Keily Acosta
Keily Acosta
| Aug 22, 2020
It is very cheap

There is a falling off of magnets. However, I suppose I shouldn't expect too much for only $7, should I? The "Board Dudes mangnetic 2" was damaged, and I was looking for replacements The following products are for an "1 Dry Erase Marker Medium Point" I searched for the exact same ones, but could not find them. Instead of buying the bigger, more expensive set, I found these smaller, cheaper sets. The magnets are not as strong as they should be, nor are they very efficient sources of power Marker to which the photo is attached. The adhesive has not held on half of the markers in the set, and they do not appear to have a great deal of magnetic strength to stick to the white board.

Definitely not buying the same markers.

Amelie Heath
Amelie Heath
| Mar 25, 2021
It's a pretty decent set of I have used these markers for quite a while and have not had any problems with them drying out

My only complaint is that the lighter colors tend to fade quickly. However, they are very translucent and do not show up on the board. work well for kids (or adults) who are drawing on the board, but not for writing notes the darker colors, like purple, blue, and black, are nice, and I like that they have the magnets since my white board only has one spot for a marker. In addition to that, the lids have decent erasers. There is one problem with them, if you don't clean them well, the erasing will cause the ink to smudge. While it's nice to not have a white board, markers, and a separate eraser all on the fridge, it also presents some challenges.

Tessa Barber
Tessa Barber
| Jan 09, 2021
The quality of the service was awful

There is such poor quality ink on all of these (except the black one) that the ink is barely visible on the board. If one of these falls on the floor one time, the magnet falls out of the back and causes a choking hazard for pets and children. The glue is barely holding it in place.

Mercy Oliver
Mercy Oliver
| Nov 20, 2020
The last 3 years have passed

The last set I bought three years ago is still in my possession, so I'm buying another set right now. The three batteries are finally running out of juice. Not terrible, especially for the price. I use it on my white board calendar, so I use it multiple times a day. The magnets on a few of the clips have fallen Even so, I still have 4 of them that are working and have magnets attached. This is a highly recommended product.

Ryder Aguilar
Ryder Aguilar
| Sep 01, 2020

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