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SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface

SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface

SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface

$ 299.99

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The USB-C audio interface has two inputs and four outputs
There are two SSL-designed microphone preamplifiers
Embrace the classic look of SSL consoles with Legacy 4K analogue colour enhancement
Headphone outputs with 2 x high-current, professional grade create a second headphone mix independent from the original

Questions & Answers

The DVD comes with a cable for PC, a USB to USB converter ?

There is a black USB to USB cable included in the box There is about a 3 foot difference between c and d. My Mac has been acting funny since the moment I plugged it into the power outlet It shows up and lets me switch my sound preferences without any problems.

When will the product be available? How much will it cost? There is no mention of it in the description. ?

When there is no price, that is because they are currently out of stock, they probably sold out, you will need to wait or ask when they will be back in stock.

Anyone have insight into how a new M1 Mac ok pro will handle this?

In terms of the M1 MacBook Air, this device is no longer supported as of 2/21/2021.

Selected User Reviews For SSL SSL2+ 2-In/4-Out USB-C Audio Interface

The SSL2 and the SSL2+ desktop audio interfaces were introduced by Solid State Logic (SSL) in January of 2020

In addition, if you work as an audio engineer, you are no doubt familiar with SSL technology. The SSL 4000 series is one of the most coveted recording consoles, and SSL's mixing consoles are found in the majority of major recording studios. More number one hits have been recorded with SSL equipment than any other brand. With SSL's new product, the brand has managed to be both compact and affordable, combining everything SSL is known for. It has a solid build quality, pristine analogue microphone preamps, and a 24/192 kHz conversion that is very clean and stable. Let me give you an example of low-cost housing Monitors with a low latency With the Legacy 4K button, you get high-performance headphone preamps. A 5-ohm preamp has a 5-ohm input and a 3-ohm output A segment LED meter allows the user to visually refer to the level. Plug in microphones that need 48V phantom power, but also ribbon and dynamic microphones like the Shure SM7B without a Cloudlifter ($150 or more in savings! Due to their ultra-high gain, these preamps provide crystal-clear audio An extremely low noise floor is Having a gain range of 62 dB, they provide a level of 5 dBu EIN. In the back, there are two studios that let you do things your way Featuring two 1/4′′ outputs for studio monitors, as well as a pair of Neutrik combo jacks. Furthermore, the SSL2+ provides two 1/4" headphone outputs as well as MIDI I/O over a 5-pin cable A DIN jack has four pins. My choice of the 2+ is because I have always wanted a USB interface that would allow me to plug in two headphones. These are my Beyerdynamic DT880’s that I use for recreational listening, as well as my Austrian Audio Hi-Fi It is my X55s that I use for editing. I also like the fact that both units use USB for connectivity The first one). A power brick no longer needs to be ugly. As long as you have an Apple computer, this unit will work right away. The ASIO/WDM Driver is the only download you need if you're running Windows. Stylishly, these interfaces have the familiar SSL color scheme and look with a logical setup for the knobs that is simple and easy to understand. It's the big blue knob that goes to the monitor level that strikes my fancy the most. . . The eleventh! Speaking of the exterior, could you tell me what the 4K Legacy button is It is explained in the following way by SSL With this switch engaged, you can add a little extra analogue 'magic' to your input when needed. Combining a high-quality chemical base with high-quality polymer A low-level boost is added to certain sounds, along with some harmonic distortion to enhance them. Analogue enhancement effect mimics the character of the legendary SSL 4000 and is similar to the enhancement effect created by the legendary SSL 4001. "Of course, that's simply the company expressing its opinion. So what do I think of this 4K effect? First off, it does not repair As it turns out, this is actually quite a pleasing effect that has a subtle colorizer. Your mix will sound much more powerful with this, especially if you use a dark I've recorded a short recording, first one without 4K and then one with that switched on to hear what the difference is. In the final part of my speech, I will speak line by line without, and then in Having used the new and "darkiest" sounding microphone, the one that accentuates the lows in my voice, I can report that it worked right out of the box. What I like about the SSL2 and 2+ is that they are pretty much self-contained. This is self-explanatory. There is no need to go into a virtual mixer (as there was with the iD22) and play around with It just works the way it's supposed to. A user guide is available online that is easy to follow. You can even learn if you are a beginner We have great support from SSL and they are continually ready

As a side note, SSL desktop interfaces also come with free audio workstations such as Pro Tools First and Ableton Live Lite (as well as some other cool stuff for those who want to make music). Here are the pros and cons to this review.

I'll end this review with a list of both what I liked and did not like. My least favorite thing about SSL2+ will be my less favorite thing. There are parts of it made of plastic and parts of it made of A vast majority of their sales are derived from Audient (their main competitor) Despite the higher cost (the iD14 model is about $300 and has less features), metal units are more durable. A switch for turning it on or off does not exist. Exactly what is going on there? Both of my Audient iD22s lacked a headset jack. Since the SSL2+ is a bus-driven device, there is a lesser chance of it failing Power is provided by your computer, so it turns off when the computer is turned off.

Picking up the preamp from my computer is too difficult because the cord is too short. Also, my preamp sits to the right of my iMac, so I needed a longer cord. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to use a brand new piece of gear, but being unable to do so due to a short stupid cord. The LED's don't show enough dynamic range, either. An LED meter based on a five-step ladder going from 0 to 1 I would like to see a few more intermediate steps before going from 40 to 0. However, it is not a deal breaker since most of us will set the gain from computer software. You will find the headphone sockets on the backside of the device. The cords don't get tangled in a tangle of wires this way. In addition, the phantom power buttons on the 48V wall socket are black and small, and they do not light up when in use. If the buttons are not pressed down, it is sometimes difficult to see if they are pressed in poorly lit areas. I discovered that my SSL2 and 2+ units lack the same kind of battery life as the iD22 You can find a Shure A15HP - In-Ear Recording I attached Please post line hi-res *I've been using Pass Filter with my unit and it does the job, but you can also filter your audio in post.

I read reviews where they recommend not using low-pass filters. The headphones that come with these units are impedance headphones. This is absurd! I own an Austrian Audio High-End A pair of X55 headphones with a low impedance of 25 ohms makes for an incredibly detailed sound experience when connected to SSL headphone amplifiers.

And then there's the Legacy 4K effect. Some reviewers love it, which is why they won't record anything else. It seems like a mere gimmick to others. We'll get to the pros now. In order to generate a competitive price, SSL built these interfaces in China, and so were able to offer them at an insanely low price. The SSL2 is a little over two hundred dollars, and the SSL2+ is under three hundred dollars. Software included in this package is the production pack. They may be entry level units, but they provide superb Solid State Logic sound quality for Despite its simplicity, the design is intuitive and makes perfect This control panel is easy to operate, thanks to the sloped shape and the smooth and sturdy controls. Simple to use, this audio interface plugs into any computer without any additional drivers. There is no need for an external power supply, but it has enough oomph to run at 11, as well as A short and simple conclusion for the SSL2 and SSL2+ is that they deliver You don't have to gamble on expensive boutique preamplifiers because of the audio snobs. The quality of your sound will not automatically improve if you spend more money. As a matter of fact, the more you spend, the less improvement you will hear. Is it you? Can you tell me who you're You can message your Facebook friends or follow your Instagram account Are you friends? Take a break, I need to relax! With a little less than two hundred dollars you can have all you need to power your voice over studio! Also, you'll feel fantastic knowing that you've saved some of your hard-earned cash. In other words, that's a logical, good place to be!.

River Rubio
River Rubio
| May 09, 2021
Please don't follow the same path as I am here to tell you that SSL 2+ is better than any higher end microphone preamp or audio interface

own the popular Audient ID22 which is famous for its quiet preamps, along with the Focusrite ISA One which is legendary as a dedicated microphone preamp. I've used each directly through it's own microphone preamps, as well as using inserts to route to the Audient converters directly into There are some differences, but both are not as good as the SSL 2+ microphone preamps. My head is spinning right now because I spent excessive amounts of money thinking that more expensive was always Comparing the Audient ID22 to the SSL 2+ and even the ISA One, it is utter garbage. If SSL does this, it is beyond remarkable, so I don't know how it does it. I would think it should be at least $500. It has been a game changer for them! Also, don't even get me started on the magic 4K button, it is pure gold! An acoustically treated room, Adam A7 monitors purchased at high prices, and a REC sound card are used in my setup The SM7B dynamic microphone and the SM20 dynamic microphone. Additionally, I tried the Motu M4 audio interface and although I liked the visual metering, the microphone preamps caused me so much grief that I sent it back right away. As a result, my recommendation is as follows Get the SSL2 or SSL2+ (the preamplifiers are the same), some good monitors, and a dynamic microphone that you can rely on. (In my opinion, condenser microphones should be used for professional work including Audiobook narration and Voice-Overs, or if you have a professional recording studio with proper treatment, which brings me Acoustic panels are the MOST IMPORTANT and BIGGEST expense you can make for treating your room appropriately. In terms of a bad room, dynamic microphones are more forgiving than condensers, but still, nothing takes the place of a properly treated room when it comes to achieving the best results. A microphone and a preamp can cost 3000 dollars and 2000 dollars respectively, but if your room is not treated properly, your recording will sound no better than $100 because it will have a lot of echo and reverb that will sound awful. If you want to have as quiet a sound as possible, only room treatment can get you that.

Spencer Morales
Spencer Morales
| Feb 25, 2021
It's finally here! I have now been able to solve my interface issues! (My interface is far right in the picture)

* This interface gives your instrument the sound of being in some Los Angeles studio that you have paid for session time at. Neither the physical quality nor the tone of this product is worthy of the price. I highly recommend you buy this!.

Jakob HOPE
Jakob HOPE
| Feb 08, 2021
Interaction with the interface must be excellent

It is an excellent interface for audio. I feel like it adds a lot to my desk with the two headphone gain knobs, the 4K button (I don't know what it does but it sounds great), and the massive blue monitor knob. The 48 volt button was a little sticky at first (I had to press it repeatedly to activate the spring, now it works perfectly, but it kept me from liking it at first). This is a worthwhile purchase. I haven't yet gotten around to using all the plugins and bonuses that come with it. Their performance will be great, I am certain.

Parker Hill
Parker Hill
| Jul 24, 2020
It shows a few important limitations, and I can't always use it with my computer hooked up

I have been using an HX stomp as my interface, which I like. Since I haven't used anything other than the Stomp in quite some time, I checked around a bit and decided to give it a shot. After setting it up a few minutes, it worked quite well Find out what the buttons and knobs do and what the driver can do. This isn't going to be a long explanation My needs will be more than met with this. I don't know how far you are on the learning curve but I think it will be more than enough. This thickens the signal in some way or another. My only grumble is that I've never seen a method for monitoring data without latency This is something I have to do with the DAW. As a result, I am not really able to complain because I can perform my duties as they arise.

Kyler Goodman
Kyler Goodman
| May 13, 2021

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