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Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

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Featuring two of the best Mic preamps from the Scarlett range ever, both now with switchable Air mode to make recordings sound brighter and more open. A high-school student and a college student You can connect your guitar or bass to the instrument inputs with plenty of headroom. Synthesizers, drum machines, and other line-level sources can be connected to six balanced line inputs. Clean monitoring and sending audio to effects pedals or other outboard gear is possible with four balanced outputs.
Exceptionally high Converters provide you with the ability to record and mix up to 24 bit The sample rate is 192kHz/bit.
Getting up and running has never been easier than with this quick start tool.
This bundle of tools comes with Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, and Focusrite's Red Plug-in A suite with three beds in the third floor With each purchase of Splice, you also receive a free XLN Addictive Keys virtual instrument as well as free downloads of Splice and XLN Addictive Keys, both through download.
OFFER ENDS IN A FEW DAYS You get free distribution of your next single with TuneCore for one year!

Questions & Answers

Compared with the 2nd generation model, what are the differences between the 3rd generation 18i20? Which aspects of the changes have been improved? What were the reasons for these changes?

Thank you for your interest in the 3rd generation range of interfaces. The range has undergone some improvements. A first feature of the 18i20 3rd generation is that all of its inputs are in air mode, emulating the classic sound of the original transformer. The ISA preamps are based on ISA. Second, the 18i20 3rd generation looks a lot better than it did before, and a button on the front panel allows you to switch from Main to Alternative speakers. In addition, we have integrated Talkback functionality (allowing the engineer to talk directly to the performer), Loopback functionality (allowing audio from one application to be detected in another without connecting cables), 16 ADAT channels of recording at 96kHz, optical S/PDIF, the preamps and conversion have been improved even more so that now, the specifications are even better. There has been a significant increase in the dynamic range to 111dB, as well as the gain range has grown from 50dB to 56dB compared to the previous I would like to thank you for your inquiry regarding Focusrite Technical Support.

Why is the 3rd generation of the 18i20 different from the previous Which aspects of the changes have been improved? What were the reasons for these changes?

There has been the greatest change in Preamps and converters on these new PCs are more straightforward and offer higher gains than the previous generation. As well as the "Air" mode, which adds a high-end component to simulate the ISA preamp circuit, these preamps have the "Pipe" mode. In addition to 16 ADAT I/O channels, the 18i20 has more than double the amount of ADAT channels from its predecessor. Engineers who do not wish to keep the interface in a rack can also benefit from the removable ears. We appreciate your consideration in purchasing from us (pixelproaudio on Amazon) if you found this article helpful. As well as providing sales support, we can assist with post-sale support. It is in stock and we can ship it right away. Audio produced by Pixel Pro

Reaper is supported by this package?

Thanks for reaching out. While the Scarlett 18i8 (3rd Gen) can be used with Reaper, there is no native port. Thank you, Jay Lilley // Focusrite Technical Support Engineer *br> *br> *br>Best regards, Jay Lilley

Does the driver allow me to see each XLR pair as a separate device in Windows sound settings when connected to windows via usb? The project will not make use of a DAW. ?

Good morning *br>Yes, that's possible with For more information on how to publish additional channels from your Scarlett interface to your external clients, see Applications using the ASIO protocol (i.e. In order to expose and hide windows channels on Skype, Discord, Zoom, and Audacity), first click the Focusrite Notifier icon in the taskbar I'd like to send my best regards to Anthony and the Focusrite Support team.

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I had a horrible setup experience, the hardware was very demanding, I had to figure it out, and the software was very limited

In a nutshell It may be possible to fix poppy clicky sound caused by latency by adding on a USB add on card. The USB driver was found to have a 5ms latency after I ran latency tests, and the issue was solved by using this method You can visit this website at You may visit our website. It is available on Amazon. If you want to use UTF-8, type it as such IE=UTF8 & PSC equals 1
3. 3. Berringer audio or berringer audio)

4. This is what I've come up with over the past few months. The focusrite support team suggested software solutions for their lack of basic functionality that other similar devices offer. However, they provided no assistance in actually implementing their advice, which I found to be insufficient after hours of playing around. The number of times this box has blue screened my computer is inconceivable. My experience has been that even the simplest use, using the 4 line inputs on the back of the box, is inadequate, since the level on these inputs is too low to connect anything to them, and they do not have an adjustment for level! You're setting levels here, and that's pretty basic. The problem is that Focusrite seems to have missed the memo that the levels of inputs need to be adjusted. This product has no basic features, a very unstable software, and a device that falls short of every purpose for which I bought it, and a software that crashes my computer time and time again. I have to return this product, and I cannot in good conscience recommend it. What I cannot fathom is that this product is getting any good reviews at all. I am a professional and have worked with a lot of devices, but this is by far the worst audio equipment I have ever used. Below is a detailed account of the story If you are reading this, make sure to check back often as I will be updating this review as my experience develops. Since I have used many soundcards to express my hobby of streaming, I have used many different soundcards over the years. There are likely to be some differences between me and other people. In essence, all I need is 6 inputs and 6 outputs, 3 stereo pairs, to connect my computer and mixing board, so that I can use my computer's sound and stereo mix, use Skype for phone calls, and use TeamTalk with the co-workers. In addition, it should include hosts for the submix, but not I have been using an M-type setup up to this point It consists of a stereo delta card 1010LT that is automatically set to multiple stereo pairs in the sound device software. It is extremely convenient since it allows for the selection of inputs and outputs from many different Windows apps rather quickly and conveniently. It is simple and Software and hardware designers should consider when designing new products. There is a single device for this focusrite box in the sound devices section. With the device as it comes, I have 18 inputs and 20 outputs, of which I can only use 2 at a time, which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The setup may be able to be configured. In the past, this task could be done out of the box, but now I have to look for that solution and program it.

But that's just one of my secondary problems. Priligy is on my mind as I bang my head against the brick wall for hours and hours. Before I think about dealing with that, I must fix the first problem. EVERY SOUND FROM MY COMPUTER IS Almost all of the apps I'm using are running under Windows 10 64 bit. For the record, my OS version is the latest. Even if I did succeed in getting it to work, a device that out of the box requires hours and hours of troubleshooting just to get basic functions to function isn't conducive to success). Almost all of the parts of my machine were built to be extremely powerful. The AMD processor has eight cores and 32GB of memory. A spare SSD was fitted with a clean installation of Windows 10, including all updates, and another fresh install of the focusrite software was performed, and the issue persists. I have nothing connected to the box other than a pair of headphones, but any sound from Windows still sounds fuzzy. There may not be many machines with enough power for this box if my machine isn't one of those. In the event that focusrite does indeed have a winner with this product once something is set up correctly (big IF there), then the company needs to spend some serious effort figuring out how to make this device simply and consistently work when it is this, you're just setting yourself up to look like a group of incompetent fools that make a bunch of Updates will be published here after consulting with focusrite support, if I can ever get their attention. I would like to give this a try. In response to my request for support, they didn't reach out to me after 24 hours. I called them and waited on hold for a short time. A simple phone call will do, but waiting 24 hours to respond to a ticket is not Earlier today, I tried to troubleshoot and search for a latency test, which I found to run, and it reported issues suggestive of throttling on my PC prior to calling support. My software never did find anything that was setting any throttling, so I believe the diagnosis was false. Nevertheless, it's fair to assume that software will make educated guesses based on all the data it has at its disposal. As the tech I spoke with first suggested, I am having a problem because I am using the latest version of Windows, that they've been experiencing problems with people who have They were not able to get me an older driver that was compatible with the 3rd generation 18i20, so he tried to get me on an older driver. As I mentioned at one point, the latency test results, however, he was focused on Windows 10, and basically told me he would pass the information on to the development team, and that I would have to wait for them to release a new driver which will fix My attempt to prove or disprove the theory ended after I hung up. I would need to roll back Windows 10, revert to an old backup, or look for an older installer. Nonetheless, the day after I called back, I recognized it wouldn't make sense for everyone who was on the latest Windows 10 update, which had been out for months, to be experiencing noise. I requested additional troubleshooting on the phone. When the technician called back, he said it was only certain types of hardware that had all the issues Among other things, I mentioned that I built the machine myself, and I would be glad to discuss any piece of hardware on it During a conversation last night, he suggested that was the problem, saying things like, we make our devices to work on normal computers. This was all bs from my perspective, so I called it out.

He suggested updating the manufacturer's drivers after I mentioned I had to run a latency test. He had me send him the results of the test, which showed that the usbport drivers had an extremely high latency. Sadly, I bought my motherboard in 2015, and the most recent drivers for it on the internet are from 2014 and for Windows 8. After buying my motherboard in 2015, they must have end of life it the next day. When I installed Windows 10 it appeared to apply whatever microsoft drivers were automatically installed, so I assume they were The USB stick works with all the other usb devices I have (including the infamous Elgato capture stick). It was closing time at this point, and I don't like to keep someone on their shift past their shift end, so we said our good-byes and hung up so we could each work with the information we captured the previous night and resume work tomorrow. I pondered the subject as I thought about it. This is me. There may be a problem with usb drivers, and I am not able to get better drivers for my motherboard. The USB 3 is where it's at. What if you were to borrow the add on card you purchased for a different machine? I tossed it into my tower, plugged the focusrite box into that, and it worked great. The sound is beautiful and free from pop. Please visit https You may visit our website. It is available on Amazon. If you want to use UTF-8, type it as such IE=UTF8 & I was able to resolve the latency problems with this, so I put psc=1*. Despite our efforts, we were not able to resolve the issue of my need to route multiple windows apps to different inputs and outputs. It seems that Focusrite has very narrow expectations for what an interface might It's fine to buy this just for managing multitrack recording in software that uses ASIO drivers, and there's nothing wrong with that. You cannot stream or use it with various apps to route submixes into and out of each. You cannot use it for such features as streaming or to use multiple inputs and outputs with various apps, such as skype and teamtalk. There is a box that Focusrite built, with 18 inputs and 20 outputs, but only two of each (1 stereo pair per input and output) may be used as Windows In other words, it serves no purpose for me. It's nice to see this story come to an end, but it's so disappointing. Now I'm at the beginning of the story, in the middle of a middle With outdated audio drivers for the Delta 1010LT model, it is a time bomb, no suitable replacement is I think Focusrite is a promising company. They have great hardware, a good track record of support, and they continue to develop software for old A severe lack of software capabilities, however.

Richard Strong
Richard Strong
| Nov 22, 2020
Audio interface that has a five hundred price point that is the best

With the updated Scarlett big boy from Focusrite, they have done an excellent job. I love the preamplifiers. They are jam-packed with features, tons of IOs, and the software interface allows you to control a selection of air, pads, and line/mic inputs. The fact that it has two headphone jacks means you don't need a headphone splitter amp unless you're working with multiple musicians at the same time. Most of the time, I do just myself or somebody It is amazing how good the talkback feature is. As a result, it is necessary in the software to assign the talkback function to an output (typically a headset), otherwise you will push the talkback button and no sound will be heard. It is also a great feature that there is one little button on the monitor. It's that MUTE button again! The dim button is not really something I use, so I'll just ignore it. The monitor mute button was actually one of the features I must have for an interface with which I record with monitors in the same room. As much as I hate reaching around and clicking the monitor's power switch every time I want to record, I also love that you can see the levels on the little display much more clearly than you would on a smaller unit where you would only see a green or red halo. Original plan was to go with the model that was right below/smaller than this one, but the extra features, dual headphones, talkback, and more IOs were well worth it for just about a hundred bucks more. My opinion is that this is the best of the best and I will probably use it for a long-long.

Richard Jacobson
Richard Jacobson
| Nov 01, 2020
The product is really great, but there are a few I still think it's a good get into its problems, I want to say it was one of the best purchases I ever made

With the output ports you can not only hook up multiple monitors and speakers, but you can also send mixes through each of them and use the device as a semi-pro studio for creating custom mixes This system provides public address. In addition to providing audio capabilities, it can also work as a central audio hub for other systems, such as home theater systems. My purchase went smoothly and I am very happy with the result. * However, there are some problems with this product. You need to remember to turn off the playback device before you switch off this product when you are using it with your laptop. In the absence of a shutdown, there is a high chance your computer may You don't have to worry about it being a big deal you just need to remember to do the switch every time. The second problem is that the device does not come with a manual, and it takes a considerable amount of digging to find one online, so having a physical manual, or just a link to an online PDF, would make this product much more beneficial. It is an all-around great product, but it suffers from some learning curves which a manual could help to smooth out.
On the whole, this is a good product. I have noted some problems with it, but I think it is simply a pessimistic view of a fantastic program that is almost worth the price of admission. You can use your laptop directly with the USB connection which is extremely convenient and I recommend it The next model of this would benefit from improvements in the USB port and CPU, but as of right now, I am happy with what I have.

Kallie Clay
Kallie Clay
| Oct 19, 2020

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