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Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39

Leo Jaymz 39" Full Size ST Style Electric Guitar for Beginner - Maple Neck and Maple Fingerboard with Three Single-coil Alnico Pickups with Wilkinson tremolo Bridge (Turquoise)…

Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39 Leo Jaymz 39
$ 139.00

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It has a Maple Neck and a Maple Fingerboard. The shape of the neck
There are three singles Guitar picks with coil-coil Alnicos
A tremolo bridge over the Wilkinson River
Tones 1, 2, & 5 of the Volume, Tone 2 of the Tone 2, & 5 of the Volume Switch in two directions
The maple neck on this instrument is 5" in scale.

Questions & Answers

Do you think it would be safe for my ten year old to use this? Too big or too small. Could you please offer ?

You need to get him a Youth size guitar because it is an adult size guitar. Although these guitars are very well-made, he won't be able to play them. The lockers are very well built and the pick-ups are good, no sharps on the neck - I am satisfied with the guitar I built myself

it possible to get a guitar that has "red and blue star stripes"? The item was removed from Amazon's website due to complaints, I believe. The Confederate guitar belonged to Gen. Robert E. Lee. ?

The guitar looked like the Union Jack one, were you sure? It is very common for people to get those two

What is the best way to learn heavy metal with this?

In relation to this guitar with the hornburker for the bridge pickup, you can set the selector to the bottom position, and for the amp you can set the Bass and Treble on the highest level, but the Midrange on the lowest level, then you'll get real heavy metal.

Can you tell me how heavy the guitar is?

There's no reason for it to be heavy to me. My favorite purchase was about a year ago, and it still is. In addition to the great price, the quality is decent, it's always tuned up, and it looks very good! It seems like a great purchase to me. I wish you the best of

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I enjoy playing and listening to it as if it were my expensive guitars! The HSS Pick is just as good as my traditional strategy, I like it as much as my real strategy Configuration Up, Action is Low, Neck is Fast and Smooth, no sharp corners or frets, Whammy works without going out of tune

I put an Ernie Ball pickup in it. This is number 008 In Episode 040, I have utilized very light string weights for many hours, even though there are more patterns in the set. I ordered the UK flag model. It is perfect in every way. With this Leo Jaymz Strat Guitar I got Value for My Money, I would highly recommend it.

Dream Roberson
Dream Roberson
| Mar 16, 2021
The only real issue with this guitar is the gigbag

It's a good guitar for the price. There were double boxes inside the gig bag with cable picks and tremolo bar in the pocket and it was foam-bagged inside with foam. The guitar looks very nice, the strings are light, and the bag inside the gig bag has cable picks and tremolo bar. There is some protection in the bag, but it can be transported easily and is light. There was an obvious difference in height and width between the number 1 fret and the rest. My problem can be resolved myself instead of going through the return process. I have gritted erasers and files for the issue. To make room for the fret work, strings were sacrificed. All nuts and screws should be tightened a second time. I was pleased with how nicely the fretboard and other frets were done. Virtually all of the ends and tops were smooth and buffed. In the end, a little fine tuning was needed until I was able to get everything tightened up, restrung,and in tune, but it played well for the most part, despite being quiet until I raised the pickups. I am playing almost as easily as I did with A compound radius of 14" is applied at the headstock and 12" is applied all the way from the 13th to the 12th fret where the transition is complete. When the tall fret was evened out, the bridge is intonated for the 14" radius and allows clearance of the 12th and up frets. A satin finish on the neck makes transitions from one side of the neck to the other a breeze. It is a good value both in terms of its price point and most of its details. As a result of the tonal variations of the ssh pickups, a wider range of music can be played.

Avianna Hatfield
Avianna Hatfield
| Jan 27, 2021
It is not intonating on the high E string A review has been conducted

The Leo Jaymz album had left a good impression with me, so I was a little disappointed with this one. was unable to get the high E string to intonate due to the fact that it was played right up the neck. My note kept going flat, and I couldn't adjust the saddle because it The reason I am returning is for this reason. It was also apparent that something was wrong with the electronics -- the single coil pickups played smoothly, but when I switched to the humbucker on its own, the volume was decent so adjusting PU heights did not improve the balance. If it was turned up too quickly, the sound would cut out. It had to be wound up very slowly if it was When the tone pot is maxed out in either direction from bass to treble, there is not much difference in tone. I also noticed that the output connector wasn't exactly reliable (connection issues) and that the chrome on the output connector housing had orange peel on it. Taking too much I have no idea how to make this sound better. Strat copy SSH guitar that costs $49, and I compared its specs to that of my original There is a much better sound on the right side of this guitar than on A tuning machine is not a good tool. Earlier in the album, Leo Jaymz said that he would use the better tuners on his A minor issue, but the strings on the guitar are subpar (to be expected on such a low price guitar) Now the good stuff Besides the guitar, they included a padded gig bag, an electronic tuner, strings, pick, and a cool starter guitar lesson book (nice bonus). The fretwire ends were smooth . Nothing noticeable is wrong with the graphics, no defects to be found. Although I can make the Fender Squire sound better by upgrading it, I would have preferred to work on the intonation of this guitar. Otherwise, buying a Fender Squire would be less expensive and less effort.

Peyton Floyd
Peyton Floyd
| Jan 28, 2021
As a new fan I am thrilled

What is the reason? It will take a while to add photos since there are many to view. These guitars are absolutely It was a low cost guitar (I paid $135 with a coupon of $20). Can you figure out what to expect that you, like me, expect from a really nice guitar that costs, at least, the least amount? In order to play with a strat style again, I wanted to review what I had learned. Due to my horse trading, television loving ways, I had traded the two I had (an old Mitchell and an old Squire), leaving me without them. I was given a nice budget by my wife, but you may already know that I have yet to find a Squire that does not have fret issues, tuning issues, and other difficulties that need to be resolved before you can enjoy it. It is much more expensive to purchase these. During my time with the entry Fender, I have not found it to be any It was a Harley Benton (I still own one as my go to tele style), a Xaviere (USA made in FL by GuitarFetish) and a strat version I loved, but I was able to trade it for a better one. I am posting a Leo Jaymz. It is $135. Well. . . I wonder. . . Please sign in to your account to see the quote. It is the most beautiful packaging I have I still rank Thomann Music as second best behind Leo Jaymsz, despite the excellent packaging they use for shipping me many Harley Bentons. There was a triple square box in the package. was a good gig bag branded with the band's logo. It had been well wrapped and protected, and it had been opened in excellent Please sign in to your account to see the quote. My original Fender tuners mounted on my Thinline (since traded, it was a very disappointing one compared to the version Daryl Hall plays) were much less reliable here. My first new guitar that I did not want to change the strings right away was easily tuned and the strings were of the highest quality I've seen. (I have since learned they wind their own and, in my opinion, do a great job, however I cannot locate this product for sale as a stand-alone Please sign in to your account to see the quote. I was right on the money with my intonation! In what way? Yepper, you know it! It is the first time that I have had a new guitar and not had to take a few minutes to fine tune it. I only know when I receive my Green Ghost later this week whether I was lucky or not. Please sign in to your account to see the quote. There is simply no comparison to the quality of our construction. I own several build I consider to be the best the PRS SE Standard, the Epiphone ES-100, and the Fender B-45 There are two types of Yamaha Simple the 335 Pro and the Harley Benton Tele style. Having just discovered this Leo Jaymz **, who would've thought? Please sign in to your account to see the quote. A notable physical characteristic is the smoothness and solidity of the switches and pots (in the opposite direction to the Monoprice, Glarry, Ivy, or Squire models I've used). It is typical for this price point that the pots are somewhat cheap and that the pups are not quite top quality vintage Fender pickups, but they are still I will eventually upgrade to a set of GFS Kwik-Fit I'm not in a hurry to connect vintage, but these are good enough for me. Please sign in to your account to see the quote. I enjoy the feel of my fingers on the neck. Having the right neck shape helps me play faster and more smoothly. I found it to be an equally smooth and enjoyable neck as I had on my Fender Thinline and and the very enjoyable neck I had on my PRS SE Standard. - In either case, I'm not paid or affiliated and I am simply a real surprised player who was trying to help the GAS attack without breaking the bank. The project has been successful! It is a constant rotation on the wall since my sweet wife allows 11 hooks. The fact that 3 of those hooks are now reserved for Leo Jaymz guitars is amazing to me because, well, a guitar can't just have one green Jaymz, can it?.

Jocelyn GOUGH
Jocelyn GOUGH
| May 27, 2021
Definitely a great guitar of high quality

The other day I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy my son a guitar for his birthday by asking a friend of mine who owns guitars worth thousands of dollars. told me that he loved his and played it often. The last time I gave my son his video games, he did not play them for several days!.

Lyla Hill
Lyla Hill
| Dec 18, 2020

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