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Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white

Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white

Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white

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This is a traditional African instrument.
Sounds like a high-quality sound Crisp tone and a pitched tone.
This is a product from Japan. It is widely used in the Asalto player in Japan.
The length of the sentence is The size is 8 inches, the material is It is made of plastic
A strap that you can adjust according to your preference

Questions & Answers

Where can I find information about what these are ?

Please accept my thanks for This is a product

Can you tell me how big the shakers are? Doesn't it look like they are bigger than average asalatuas?

Hello and thanks for your A little more than 5 cm square

Are there two types of people one who is dark and one who is They are both the same shade, or are they different shades? Every order has a different arrangement, or is it a constant?

I have one black, one white. A big thanks to you.

Selected User Reviews For Aslatua(2 in 1set) African Shaker (Kashaka) Black-white

A brittle feeling arises in the hands

The material seems brittle to me, I expected it to be stiffer.

Valentin Conway
Valentin Conway
| Sep 24, 2020
I find this disappointing

Spending money on a waste. I don't like how the shakers don't have a good grip, the chords are short and hard, and the balls are large. They are impossible for me to work with. It's been a while since I ordered it, so I could not pass from point zero when I started my practice, where I griped the second ball and built a The answer is no.

Tinsley Norman
Tinsley Norman
| Feb 22, 2021
If "XL" is not available, it should be marked as "Large"

It was too short out of the box. I unknotted it, and I was able to make it longer by doing this. This plastic gourd is much too large to hold in my hand. The seller should size the product.
I wear unisex gloves that are sized M and the Aslatual fits my hands far too well.

Jaxx Reed
Jaxx Reed
| Apr 13, 2021
A good clack sound, a rope for small hands, and a quality control process that could be improved

Despite their small size, these paticas make a really good clacking noise. This is quite similar to the ones made from gourds. You can hear the loud shaking sound coming from it since it is filled with small rocks. As a result of the rope used being of very poor quality and being too short, I had to swap it out for another rope (which was a bit of a challenge). Last but not least, it looks like there were some machining difficulties when it came to the manufacture of this piece, as there were a couple of small dents that looked like claw marks. Maybe it was just luck that there was a manufacturing defect.

Overall, I like the sound, but am not thrilled with the quality and manufacturing.

Salvatore Jennings
Salvatore Jennings
| Nov 23, 2020
The purchase was well worth it

There is a nice sense of unity between them both being of There was a problem with similar purchases I made in the past.

Jakari Rojas
Jakari Rojas
| Jan 12, 2021
The best substitute for hemp tincture

I like it better than hemp patica, because it is thicker and is durable for high levels of training. The shaking sound is louder than the clack, but it is still It is suitable for both beginners and pros.

Wesson Stark
Wesson Stark
| Sep 27, 2020
You did pretty well

I purchased some cork atlatua previously, the string is almost identical to that. For my hands, it is a medium size and they are very small. I would describe the sound as bright in tone, if that's what you're trying to achieve. This is a comfortable fit for me when I'm.

Charlotte DOHERTY
Charlotte DOHERTY
| Jul 15, 2020

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