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Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM)

Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM)

Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM) Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM)
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Portable Karaoke PA Speaker Microphone System by Pyle Pro is equipped with 60W subwoofer speaker for Full Range Stereo Sound Reproduction and Impressive Bass Response. It is lightweight, compact, and comes with a strap and handle so it is easy to carry.
STREAMING This professional Wireless Portable Bluetooth PA Loud speaker system is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Audio Streaming, so it works with all of your favorite devices, including iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, and tablets.
USB / SD CARD READER This device also has USB / SD Card Readers and the 35mm in socket to connect electronic devices, as well as the 35mm REC out socket to connect to a recording device or to a power amplifier's input jack.
This product is set up with a Front Panel Rotary switch that allows you to adjust Volum, Bass, Treble, and Echo to your preferred levels, making it perfect not only for personal, but also for commercial, dj parties, clubs, and outdoor events.
The heavy duty box type battery-powered outdoor wireless speaker comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 10 hours of playback per charge The set also includes a power cable, handheld controller, a lavalier mic, and a

Questions & Answers

Can you use it right away or do you need to charge ?

This device can be charged similarly to a cell According to the company, there ought to be enough power for 10 hours of use after fully charging, but I don't have the full ten hours to test.

Do you think this is loud enough to hear a rap performance in your ?

As a matter of opinion, I say The sound was loud enough for a group of 100 people using it out on the street.

What is the operation of the wireless mic?

I'm happy to hear from you! Working with Bluetooth, basically uses electromagnetic waves

Selected User Reviews For Pyle-Pro Pyle (PWMA220BM)

If you don't need battery operation, this is a great unit

My unit has been around for 6 months and I have used it maybe 8 or 10 times so far. This amplifier is the best because of the sound it produces, the simplicity of operation, and the wireless head mic, and yes it does use It didn't work one day because the internal battery had gone dead. Afterwards, I discovered that the unit is no longer compatible with 6 D batteries. The device still works when plugged in, but it's not as convenient to use in the outside world as it once was. The "assistance" I received when I called was extremely unprofessional. As part of the paperwork to return the unit for repairs, they required my credit card information as well as a signature indicating that I approved the (undeclared) charge to return the unit. My feelings about the whole deal made me feel uneasy, so I intend to keep using the unit as long as it contains electricity. In addition to the three units I sold, my original exuberance also led to three more sales. There will also be an internal rechargeable battery, so I'm hoping those will work.

Leona LORD
Leona LORD
| Apr 23, 2021
A small room will benefit from the lamp We had one broken hand held mic, but all the other mics were working fine

There is a lot less space in this unit than I expected. Although it is the size of my large purse, I think it will be perfect for the smaller conference room lectures and discussions- These are the stories for which I got it. A nice feature is that it's so easy to use and the sound is very clear. There is also the possibility of connecting it to more power if you need more amps. It's loaded there as well, including reverb and extra sounds. A headset is a great way to stay connected when you're on the go Enjoy a walk and a talk at your leisure. The music player has a USB port that lets you play your own music and back it It definitely has a lot of versatility. It has a strap if you want to wear it There is a good balance between size and weight here. The batteries need to be loaded or an extension cable for the wall plug needs to be available. My mic windcock and the extra cable that came with this unit were purchased from Amazon, but this mic system does not have an XLR connection. As the cable was an XLR cord, you can discard your extra microphone cord, as it won't work with It was a great experience with Amazon regarding The price is great, and the unit is very compact. We used them at our event A few weeks ago, while we were in the middle of a speaking engagement, I took the unit out of it's box and the mic's cord kept coming It didn't work with the hand-held mic, but the headset mic worked properly. I returned to Amazon to order another microphone, this time with an XLR cable connection from which data can flow more easily. The unit is operating as it should - I was about to send it back, but I decided to keep it. Except that the cord for the mic has to be soldered back into place, and no one will do it Adding another $13 to the price of the new microphone was not cheap. A number between 00 and 01 The new Pyle mic will be updated as soon as it is ready for use.

Avalynn Dyer
Avalynn Dyer
| Jan 04, 2021
Thanks a lot, that works As part of our wedding ceremony, we used this

I was pleased with the results. One of our friends played the music for the pricession and recessional on the headset while the officiant used it. There was a large room where it was located. You should definitely check it out!.

Edwin Hoffman
Edwin Hoffman
| Oct 19, 2020
It has been a great pleasure to work with you

What a pleasant surprise this unit was for me! It was not much to expect for the cost, but I don't need too The only thing I needed was an answer Upon receiving the unit (roof top, as promised) and opening the box, I was pleased with how it looked and all the goodies it contained. Even though you can tell that the accessories are not the top of the line, they are still better quality than I had expected for the price. I decided to put them to the test before our first performance on It is this I found shocking A lot more volume can be achieved with this thing than expected. I was quite pleased with the sound quality, especially when playing music from a USB flash drive. Voice amplification was also appropriate. This item isn't a 5-star item due to a few minor details (in my case, in my use) related to my use. One more user noted that the unit produced a slight but detectable hum when it was powered by AC power or internal batteries. Despite the cable, the microphone jack is rather loose and doesn't seem to stay in place very long. I have found the remote mics to be good, but not the best. Having a mount receptacle on the bottom to accept standard speaker stands would be very useful. I have no doubts this is a good product at the price. However, do not expect it to be equivalent to something that costs 5 to 10 times as much. This purchase has been a very good decision for me. Thank you. I am very satisfied. For an outdoor event at a small church where about 50 people gather and it is relatively quiet, I need this for outdoor events in a small area. We also used it to play some music at our Easter Egg Hunt and it could be easily heard even over the laughs of the kids. There may be differences depending on your circumstances.

Hayden Higgins
Hayden Higgins
| Jun 27, 2021
I believe that the quality of the product is lacking

Seeing as I'm a wedding officiant, I needed to have a small, portable sound system I could carry with me. The Pyle Pro unit I used had a lapel microphone and a headphone, which made it a less expensive purchase. The two of them are what I use. There was a problem with the sending unit for those two microphones. One of my fellow officiants used the same system as me, and both went out. In spite of numerous attempts, he wasn't able to resolve the problem with customer service. Even though it was against my better judgment, I bought the It had the same issue with the head set and the lapel mic as the first one I received. There would be no benefit from them. A replacement was sent to me after it was retuned. Using the head set from the unit I was returning since the one that came with the new unit did not work with the sending unit. As long as you hold the lapel mic in front of your mouth, it will work. If the device is attached to your collar, your voice does not get picked up. In this case, the purpose is defeated. During the few days since I received it, I used it once As I type this, I'm crossing my fingers. I am not happy with my purchase.

Anne Dillon
Anne Dillon
| Feb 03, 2021
That tells me that this would be useful for a small business

The PA system we used last week was our first use of it. A sound system with extremely light weight and decent quality were using a outside, but we had to reduce the sound due to a small crowd. So there's no doubt that this would be useful for a small venue, or maybe even a medium one. This purchase has brought us a great deal of joy.

Gianni Gutierrez
Gianni Gutierrez
| Jun 14, 2021

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