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Technics Slipmat 60657 Duplex 2

Technics Slipmat 60657 Duplex 2

Technics Slipmat 60657 Duplex 2
$ 26.99

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This is a pair of legendary slipmats, with designs in black and white
The felt used in the slipmats of Techniques is the finest and strongest available
The slipmats manufactured by Techniques are resistant to dust and other particles, so they do not scuff, scratch, or damage vinyl floors.
Slipmats from Technics are the number one choice of DJs and vinyl lovers across the globe because they're reliable and long-lasting
Model compatible with both PCs and Macs

Selected User Reviews For Technics Slipmat 60657 Duplex 2

This is a five star review

Have a great time looking and feeling.

Edith Good
Edith Good
| May 10, 2021
We are fast and the quality is good

My review was that they were superior to those that came with my turntable!.

Amani Sexton
Amani Sexton
| May 31, 2021

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