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Dunlop HE904 Hervex Cello Bow Hair, Full Length

Dunlop HE904 Hervex Cello Bow Hair, Full Length Dunlop HE904 Hervex Cello Bow Hair, Full Length

Dunlop HE904 Hervex Cello Bow Hair, Full Length

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There is a 10" package length for the product. The distance between the two sides is 16 cm
There is an 8 in. width to the package of the Product. The height of 89 cm
Product comes in a package with a height of A 254-centimeter wide hole
The country of origin is The United States of America

Questions & Answers

Why is this made from that material?

There was a package of a kind of hair called "cello bow hair" that I bought. There is no direct and clear confirmation that this is manufactured pseudo-horse hair. However, this is a reasonable guess on my part, given that there is no specific acknowledgment that this is made up of synthetic material. " It is dark. On the Herco website, I could not find any mention of the product. I cannot decide whether this is an attempt to mislead You should be cautious if the hair is not real, natural horse hair.

Selected User Reviews For Dunlop HE904 Hervex Cello Bow Hair, Full Length

I’m making some progress on learning the psaltery, though it feels like there is a lot of effort needed

I have broken the horse hair on my bow, which leaves me with little to play the instrument with and not sounding as In addition to seeking a cheaper alternative to horse hair, I also searched for a material I could use more often, since the psaltery is only an occasional In my search for synthetic bow hair, I came up with Hervex synthetic hair for a reasonable price. Taking advantage of this one, I will probably be able to restring my psaltery bow three times. I had a little trouble threading the new hair through the tiny holes on the wooden As I started, I took about a third of the hair and glued or melted it all together so that I could form a knot near the end. Once the UV cured resin was applied to the knot, I cured it with a little UV light and cut it away from both the knot and the rest of the Usually, you would melt real tree rosin or some other sealing agent Using a very small zip tie, I tried to gather all of the ends together and cut the tips of the hair at an angle to thread them through the first hole and then snipped the zip tie to thread the bow up to the knot on the static end. I did the same thing with a zip tie two more times to thread it through the second bow hole, then the tension dowel hole on this bow. Since Hervex cannot be heated with the same effect as natural horse hair, you have to keep the thread straight and pulled tightly while threading. As soon as I got the hair threaded with even tension (no loose ends on the sides), I made another knot, sprayed UV resin over it, and my project was complete. As soon as the bow was constructed, it had little if any grip on In the instructions, the liquid rosin is said to be used, which I did not have. I tried my rosin block, but not much was transferring onto my hair. It took a few tries for the rosin to work its way into the hair after wetting the hair a little bit and trying rosining again. When the bow has been treated with wet rosin four or five times, it begins to sound.

Gustavo McFarland
Gustavo McFarland
| Jul 04, 2020
The stars are on the way

Using the system is easy. This solution works well, and the new hair adds even more charm to the instrument!.

Kimber Hicks
Kimber Hicks
| Feb 18, 2021
I don't think it's hair at all, instead, While it is advertised as hair, this is not horse hair but synthetic fiber instead

Then it would not be a statement. The item was not used, so it was returned.

Fox Galvan
Fox Galvan
| Jun 29, 2021

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