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On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand
$ 115.95

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For mixing equipment, large keyboards, and DJ equipment, this is a great choice
The platform can be adjusted from 29 inches to 43 inches. I am 5" tall and 5" wide
The height can be adjusted via a friction locking knob, making it easy to line-up
Its support bars and hinges add extra support and allow the legs to roll underneath the table its compact design makes it easier to transport and store
Caps made of rubber that do not slip

Questions & Answers

Is Turkey included in your shipment?

Thank you very much for contacting us, Erman. Our turkeys arrive around Thanksgiving, but only during this time of year. I hope you are having a good

What is the width of the legs at the bottom of the table at the shortest setting?

There are 5 inches by 47 inches on the sheet. The leg will look like that from the outside.

Are you able to play it if it shakes?

That's not at all the case The same thing doesn't happen when I play keyboard, but I'm not a 'rock' keyboard player. According to my observations, it seems pretty solid.

If fully collapsed and folded (for travel) what are the dimensions? Thank you. ?

A typical manufacturer's box looks like this A little less than 29 inches. There are 14 x 5. The height is 5 inches. The third x. The height is 5 inches. It is not necessary to include any extra padding or room inside the

Selected User Reviews For On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

My second gig left me with a broken weld! The second gig was a disappointment! A weld failed

My keys were trapped in the triton studio when it broke, but I was lucky enough to be at the keyboard to catch it as it sank to the floor. No way could be found to make the stand still usable. Our luck ran out at the venue when we couldn't find a table. I broke the stand about a week after the time frame for returns on Amazon expired. I would have preferred to have the keyboard sitting about an inch lower than it did with the stand. I wasn't prepared for the stand to break! As other reviewers have reported, it does some noticeable side to side sway when the keyboard is on it. It is especially notable since it was used so infrequently. There was a damaged weld on the horizontal bar that connects the locking bar to the lowest connecting bar at the bottom of the legs. Upon closer inspection, the joints on the legs look thin and weak and all metal used appears to be very thin and thin. A little dip occurs in the center rails when the stand is extended to full width. In my opinion, this stand is too weak to support a full-size keyboard. Even if this stand did function with a keyboard, it wouldn't have lasted very long. As a result, I am terribly disappointed and really do not like the idea of needing to purchase another stand so soon after this one.

Yaretzi Ingram
Yaretzi Ingram
| Oct 15, 2020
In contrast, the stand is a pile of junk

Several problems are present in the design and implementation. Besides its stand bag, you can buy an optional stand bag with this stand. Despite my hopes for the bag, I have yet to receive it. In contrast, the stand is a pile of junk. It has a number of problems in its design and locking mechanism. In the first place, the locking screws are plastic and seem to be loosening over time. While checking the rigidity of the legs, I had a number of them fall off. Furthermore, the stand width adjustment rail is very sloppy. The round rail slides into the square rod. As a result, you can imagine how sloppy it is and how it causes the plastic screws to fall out. I did not like the fact that there is no locking system on the legs. While playing, a slight bump from the side or a wobble from side to side will cause the legs to fold under your keyboard, which will result in your keyboard hitting As for my $1700 Korg Krome 88, I am not comfortable using this stand. The bag on this stand makes me really want to use it, and I am not someone who returns stuff often. Each piece of equipment in my collection has a bag, case, and crate. Investing in a safe investment is of great importance to me. My gear is safely transported in cases, and I invested half of my money in them. will try to modify this stand so that it has a better locking system and is stronger. The final decision will be up to me if I'm not satisfied. Rather than keep it, I will just toss It is not something I would recommend to anyone.

| Feb 04, 2021
If you elevate the KS7150 to play standing up, it wobbles greatly

I've updated it
I am still using this stand. I have found that the following 3 practices help with reducing The tape coverage was as thick as it could be and I was still able to install Three) I narrowed the adjustable width of the stand. Previously I was using it at pretty much the maximum width but it wasn't necessary for my In combination, these four factors contribute to an improvement of stability that is modest, but noticeable. There will always be wobbling with this stand since its construction is flimsy, which really shows up when it is extended to its maximum height or I reviewed the original version of the book Since I bought this stand six months ago, it has been in my possession. A lightweight keyboard and a very lightweight mouse are stacked on top of it. This weight is a "5S" VR-) and VR (9 lbs. 4 oz. The top part of the page). At first, it wasn't bad, or maybe I just didn't notice, but recently, I've been finding it difficult to play due to the shaking. A forward motion is followed by a backward motion It goes both backwards and side to side This problem is mostly due to the forward/backward movement. I've tightened all of the knobs and screws I could, but it has no effect. As I mention in the previous post, I am going to purchase a more sturdy stand, something like the K&N A similar source of stability would be M Omega. If you play while seated, you won't notice it so much and may be okay with it even though it seems solid at first. The stand may seem mostly sturdy at first, but it will become wobbly over time.

Addyson Edwards
Addyson Edwards
| Apr 30, 2021
All seasons will find a place for this stand

The most durable, portable, multipurpose tool you could ever want Table on the platform! Although it comes with sticky pads, I have chosen to cover the metal tops with a double sticky taped carpet mat with a rubber bottom. With the tape adhered securely to the metal top, there is no risk that the carpet will fall off during transport. On Stage also sells an optional second keyboard riser that fits into the mounts on the table, should it I should also point out that this table could also be used for any other kind of stage equipment as well, like mixer boards, drum machines, or other outboard gear, and provided that they are affixed to a board of some kind or if A hole and slot are drilled into the table top so that equipment boards may be securely attached if an attachment is required.

I am thoroughly pleased with this table and would not hesitate to buy another one in the future if need be.

Violet Phelps
Violet Phelps
| Sep 08, 2020
The standard folding of this is very flimsy and does not look as clean or professional as this fold

The pen is very sturdy and looks way more professional/cool compared to the usual fold up. The only downside is it is a bit heavy, and if you need to adjust the height frequently, it takes a while because each of the four legs needs to be adjusted individually. Still, it is well worth it for its stability, and I have not seen anything as solid as it is. I live in an apartment, so this stand is perfect! It's super sleek and fits perfectly in my small space As the key support, it does not spread to a larger surface than the keyboard. Whether you use pedals, a lot of pedals, or just walk around when you play, the spacious leg space that you now possess will surely be a nice feeling when you do so.

Egypt Houston
Egypt Houston
| May 13, 2021
A very stable stand was used to replace the tippy one when a second keyboard was installed

This was used in conjunction with KS7500 2nd Tier to place a pair of Axiom 61 1st Gen keyboard controllers an inch above each other, similar to the Dual Manual setup on a B3 system. In order to use my second keyboard and laptop, I had to replace an unstable X stand. The expression pedal and sustain are really useful for me, since they can be put wherever I want beneath.

Addyson Hinton
Addyson Hinton
| Sep 01, 2020

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