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BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7)

BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7) BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7)

BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7)

$ 34.99

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A dual footswitch that is small in size
Latching/momentary switching when switching between A and B (common between the two)
The chassis is made of steel
Ideal for pedal boards thanks to its battery-free operation
An AC adapter of 9 volts is included (with a power splitter).

Questions & Answers

In order to connect this to my RC 505 loop station, what type of cable should I use?

Using the center jack, you would need to use a TRS cable, also known as stereo cable. You can download the Boss manual to see a detailed guide on how to connect this unit. Good luck!

What is the compatibility of this device with ?

Unless there is a significant change in the amplifier, this is not likely to work. As the Roland Cube uses a 1/4" TRS cable (stereo cable) and this pedal only uses a 1/4" mono cable, the specs do not indicate what type of cable is required. In order to accurately simulate cube behavior, it is recommended that you use a pedal that uses or accepts a stereo (TRS) cable. However, I don't have experience with the Cube since I haven't played it before. From the Roland specifications for the foot switch jacks on a Cube, I can infer the following

The 6 are for my Roland Cube 80. What else should I Thanks a lot?

Transmitting TRS signals to duplex mono cables. If you wish to use the echoplex feature, you can choose to use two FS6 pedals.

What is the effect of this pedal with the DD3 delay?

My DD7 and it work perfectly together. A DD3 would likely have the same problem as a DD2. Also on the unit is a polarity switch, so if it does not seem to work in the default switch position, you can change the polarity to the opposite. Hope it goes well for you!

Selected User Reviews For BOSS Metal Dual Footswitch, AC-powered (FS-7)

This is the key to being versatile and indispensable

In this episode of the Boss series, The Dual Foot Switch from Six is extremely versatile, and can be used for a variety of activities. Multiple skills are part of who I am A musician. I play keyboards and saxophones (among other instruments) in my primary band. I have a block of three FS-700s in this setup (see photo) There are six switches in total, so there are six in total. For the top, middle, and bottom keyboards, sustain is controlled by the left three switches. My fourth switch allows me to toggle the rotary effect on the organ, which is set to the latch setting. Finale The two final switches are used to control effects on my saxophone (via Furthermore, I have two additional units that I use for my Roland amp, additional keyboard sustains, or any other use I need at the time. * * Every reason I love these switches is explained below. On the back of the switch, you can change the polarity of each switch, so it becomes latching instead of momentary. If the pedal is latched "on", it brings to life the LED on that pedal. As with any Boss/Roland gear, they're tough, well-built, and easy to use. Finally, the ability to chain them together is brilliant, as it allows for a nice, tidy While there is a lot to like about the program, it has a couple of cons. First of all, they are quite expensive. In my humble opinion, they are definitely worth every penny invested in them, but I would advise making an investment for something you drop on the floor and step in. It is a requirement each that they be powered by Fresh 9V batteries can last for a long time when properly stored. If unplugged when not in use, your batteries will last even longer. My gig gear is all rechargeable, and I recharge them before every show, and then I can perform without worrying about running out of batteries. I consider these to be solid little tools that can be used in a wide variety One you have in your studio or gig bag won't be sorry for it.

Sebastian Acosta
Sebastian Acosta
| Jun 09, 2021
It is the best passive momentary switch you can find for the price

I have been working on a personal music electronics project for a long time. In order to use it, you must have a non-alcoholic beverage My experience has now been with three brands of footswitches, having looked at and/or tried them. The Philmore 30-year-old Issuing of 17090. 1 A FSC member of Hosa The 502 and the It's the same switch but various versions are available from each manufacturer. If you know you need a momentary switch, you need to find out if the type you need is "normally open/off" or "normally closed/on". It has been explained below that the Boss switch solves that issue. * The Philmore switch is the cheapest pre-amp on the market I found this switch to be the best I could find "out there," and it came with a 1/4 inch cable pre-attached We've installed it. Though it "works," the PCM tuner is like a loud little tin can, and the internal parts are too crude to cooperate with any modern digital music devices effectively or consistently. With my project, I had trouble getting it to work correctly/consistently. It is designed for use with analog equipment such as lights, ham radio mics, etc.
The Hosa switch is "OK," also coming with a base plate The machine has a built-in cable, and it should work, but in all actuality, it's a glorified version of the Philmore device, which was designed for use with digital music devices. That is to say, the circuitry internal to the computer is better suited to that task. Then there's the Boss switch, which does not come with a pre-loaded game Connected the cable to the device. Those will need to be provided by you. Two of these switches have already been in my possession for years, as a controller for an Alesis SR-200 Contains one switch to turn the machine on and off and a second to switch patterns between A and B. I have never had a problem with them for that purpose, and I NEVER had a problem switching to another The average person takes around 10 years to get used to something new (more than weekly). It is easy to use, works on all platforms, and is perfect for the job. This case is made of thick, solid aluminum, with a hard rubber base, so it's pretty bomb-proof. There are grooves on the right and left of the unit that allow you to lock multiple units together You can create as many separate switches as you wish/need by creating a separate switch bank on the left-hand side. We find the pedal to be firm and the switch action to be quiet. Using a pedal design that transfers the heavier input of the pedal to an internal circuit that is more fragile and delicate. An easy way to push the board I think it has the best button I have ever seen, and the internal circuitry is specifically designed to interface with computers with highly sensitive circuitry. In contrast to the other two, the Boss pedal may also function as both an "on/off" switch AND as a "normally on/off" switch, respectively, by means of a toggle switch situated Despite the fact that this switch is simply labelled "polarity," it actually modifies the way the switch operates. This switch can be set to say "normally on/closed," and back again, so whether it is off or on, you know it can be altered well to be used with either type of input. There is no need to try out different models. . . . So it is essential that you spend the extra money and buy the Boss if you know you need a "momentary" footswitch. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches by buying this product. It's the most reliable, durable, and well-designed option on the market at its price.

| Jul 11, 2020
Despite this

I use this pedal with my Boss RC-23 and find it to be a great pedal, well-made and works well There are 3 pedals. Is this a three-star product? There is only one 9V battery used for the device. It is imperative to unplug the output plug from a pedalboard all the time otherwise the battery will run out. The pedalboard becomes a real headache when too many pedals are being used. You can also use a 9V clip connector to power this pedal using a wall wart. This pedal does not have a 9 Volt jack to run on a wall wart. The "uxcell 6 Pcs 2" can be found by searching "uxcell 6 Pcs 2". A mm x 5 piece of 1mm thick paper. I found this product on Amazon "5mm Male DC Plug to 9V Battery Clip Converters for Guitar Effect One Spot Power Supply". In short, nbsp.

Noe Carson
Noe Carson
| Feb 19, 2021
My Boss Katana is now equipped with this! With this foot switch, I can switch between the two channels on my Boss Katana that I use!
Nathaniel ROBSON
Nathaniel ROBSON
| Jun 30, 2021
No complaints, does what it says on the tin

The price is a little out of line with what it does, but it's a good product When you require this specific functionality, you need to deal with only one company. The first time I used it was on my Boss RC30 loop station since that device requires manually operated controls There is some odd reason why the switch is closed. However, since it is a configurable pedal, you can use it with pretty much any other device you like, as Excellent footswitch that can be used in a variety of ways.

Calliope Wise
Calliope Wise
| Jun 15, 2021
GREAT! I love it! When I placed my order, I was skeptical

My initial impression of it was much larger than it actually was. As I understood it, we need the power always plugged in when we don't have a battery. Yes, if you're only going to use this to unlatch systems, you don't need power. In addition to the polarity switch, there is a latching / unlatching switch. Both input A and B can be controlled by TS (tip, ring, sleeve) via input B, with input B also being able to control both foot switches via TRS. As a foot pedal it takes up the same space as a regular effects pedal, it is compact and about half the size of the FS-80 One or two more of these will be on the way to me in the near future. This is what I use with my Boss GT The Boss NextOne amp is a reissue of the Boss 1000. The FS-600 is the only option if there is no nearby power It would be a good idea to use 6. It comes with a 9 volt power split cable and other than that it seems to be a great product.

Keith Singleton
Keith Singleton
| May 20, 2021

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