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Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold

Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold

Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold
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You can just press crumbled baked cake into the cup
Add a stick to a chilled dip and let it chill
The ability to create five perfect cake pops at the same
Children of all ages will find this game entertaining
In no case should it be used in an

Questions & Answers

Can you use it with bath bombs?

You should be able to use it without a problem.

Is it safe to use it to make rum balls?

I have absolutely no complaints about the ease of The amount of powder per ball is a bit over a teaspoon.

Is this supposed to be an ounce or a pound?

The two hold just over an ounce each.

Measurement of the pop What is its size? Does it have a minicomputer Are you talking about a mini cupcake or a regular-size ?

I believe this is intended for cake pops. I wanted cake pops to be about the same size, but they looked larger. A mini cupcake is probably closer to what you are describing. A big cupcake that's for sure is not the usual one.

Selected User Reviews For Sweet Creations Round Cake Pop Press Mold

These are great for the price

I'm in love with them. It is only for making cake mix balls of equal size that I use them. My replacement for the lollipop sticks is not to insert them into the insert since they would stick to the 'chocolate glue'. Based on my experience, these are the steps I followed. This paragraph contains the following two points 1. Make your cake pops according to your cake pops recipe and place them into your cake pop molds*2.
3. Close the mold and remove any left over mix (it will ooze out of the mold)
4. Make each ball smooth by rolling it until it is soft
4. 5. Make sure the balls are placed on wax paper so that they don't stick*. Melted chocolate should be used to "glue" a lollipop stick onto the center of the cake pop. Make sure that the food is chilled. Although I left it for an hour, I think you can leave it for a shorter amount of time. The cake pop was covered in chocolate and I did not want it to fall off the stick when dipped. Place cake pops in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then dip them in chocolate or candy melts. Dip each Cake pop in the chocolate and place the coated Cake pop on wax paper to prevent sticking. Enhance your home with decor.

| May 01, 2021
It's twice as big as a cookie scoop! Cake pops these will make will be big

For my cake pops, I generally use the old fashioned cookie scoop (from Kitchen Aid). It's TWICE that size, so it's perfect for large cake pops. Standard size is fine.

Erick Wilkerson
Erick Wilkerson
| Feb 05, 2021
My children's birthday parties would be complete with this

A cake pop mold like this is extremely basic and will give you perfectly round cakes every time (as long as there is enough cake inside). On each pop, you will, however, see a seam. You can dip them so long as you dip them What matters is not even important. It's also very important not to warp the shape of the circle when you remove the balls. You get 5 balls instead of 1 in this case since it is very manual. However, it is doing it for some time because you get five balls instead of one. This is a perfect idea for myself and my friends who like to make pops for parties and get-togethers at home. For any larger quantity, I think it would be incredibly laborious.

Jaylah Boyd
Jaylah Boyd
| Aug 05, 2020
Streamlining the process of making cake pops

When my kids' birthdays are near (and they ask for them), I make cakepops for them, and I also make them for other people's birthday parties. I have been making cakepops much more quickly and easily since I have this. You have to be careful with them because they can become heavy and pull down the pop stick if you're not careful. The spheres are perfect, though, and it makes a lot! I enjoy it very much!.

Fabian Snyder
Fabian Snyder
| Nov 24, 2020
Despite the love, I had to say

My favorite part of this thing is the design. Despite the fact that the top has a whole for inserting a cake pop stick, they don't come out perfectly round every time. The star was removed because it doesn't work. The chocolate on cake pops has to stick to the stick in order to dry properly, so I use candy melts to keep them attached to the stick like most people do, but when I insert the stick while they are in the mold, the chocolate won't stick. Scrapes are used to remove the substance. This is my attempt at explaining it.

Dayana Clayton
Dayana Clayton
| Dec 06, 2020
Despite my best efforts, I failed to succeed

My previous experience with cake pops was limited. I bought this kit to help me begin. As a result, I followed a recipe on Pinterest for cake pops and formed the balls in a consistent manner. The cakes did not come out easily once they were in the mold. I'm not sure if the proportions in the recipe were off. By rolling the cake balls with my fingers, I was able to remove any visible seams and smooth out the surface of the cake balls.

Hope Mercer
Hope Mercer
| Aug 13, 2020
In the end, what you pay for is what you get

In the end, what you pay for is what you get. In retrospect, I should have read the reviews before trying it out myself, but I like to experiment on my own, so I didn't. There was nothing good about it, as I tried it myself. Completed the cake ball but not the complete form. Because the stick was in the cake pop, I felt it was missing something in the middle because it made the form, but it wasn't making it into The situation was better than it could have been and I went along with it. If you make cake balls with your hand, they'll turn out better than with this device. I expected it to save me some time and help me in the process, but it didn't. It's ok, I just have another contraption in the.

August Frey
August Frey
| Apr 11, 2021
The method works, but it is a little clumsy

The resulting balls are uniform in size when made this way. Extra filling can lead to a little mess when it leaks after squeezing. In the case where there is not enough filling, there may be small craters or cracks on the Despite there being a place to put one, I chose not to add the stick. In my experience, I was able to take out the ball myself by adding it to a plate and dipping the stick in chocolate before inserting it into the When dipping the cake pops, the cake pops were more sturdy.

Brianna ROWLEY
Brianna ROWLEY
| Oct 27, 2020

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