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Jifram A1900290 2-Way Plastic Pallet, 36

Jifram A1900290 2-Way Plastic Pallet, 36" x 32"

Jifram A1900290 2-Way Plastic Pallet, 36
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The production process. We're proud to be made in the U.S. The plastic comes from recycled materials.
It contains elements. Flame retardant, slip-resistant, water-repellent and capable of handling harsh climates, the pallet is one of the best items for
Boards need to be replaced.
I have lived a long life. A wood pallet can last about three times as long as a replacement board, so you don't have to replace the pallet every few years.
Load the data. Up to 2,000 pounds can be supported.

Questions & Answers

Do you think you can use 4 of these for shed foundations?

A little ingenuity may do the trick.

Can you tell me if the supports are I was wondering if I could pull a rope through the hole?

In short, yes.

In how many slats does each one come? Each slat is separated by how much space?

There are five slats each measuring 5 1/2" wide, and the spaces between them are two inches

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I Have Found The Perfect Couple! In order to protect my Exaco Aerobin 400, I used the pallet to provide height

It would be impossible for me to harvest compost tea without it! It occurred to me that I could make a pallet using 2x4s, but this item will not rot or.

Mathias Peters
Mathias Peters
| Nov 20, 2020

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