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Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H

Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H

Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H Jib Crane, 2000 lb, 7 ft. H
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The hauling, lifting, lowering, and conveying of material handling equipment
The country of manufacture was The Chinese mainland
This product is manufactured by The devil poses.
The dimensions of the package are This is 18 inches long, 65 inches wide and 13 inches high

Questions & Answers

If the crane is removed, what is the height of the mounting bracket?

I am 12 years old Approximately 1/2 inch In order to keep it clean, if you remove crane and leave it without it, you'll need to make a cap.

Are you having any problems mounting it to the bed of your pickup?

steel plate with dimensions of 4 x 10 x 1/2 inch under the pickup bed and bolted it to the truck. I have used it for weights up to 250 pounds. We're not sure if the metal bed sheet can withstand more pressure without bending.

Is it possible for you to tell me the size and weight of the packages?

There are a few boxes in which the unit is enclosed, and all the parts are carefully separated. A key mast (the main one) measures about 4 feet long and 7 inches wide at its widest point. The item comes on a small pallet, and all of the parts can be handled once the pallet has been Although a pallet is heavy, it can be moved with a dolly when it is fully loaded.

The winch is more useful than having the chain alone, in your opinion?

With the winch, the bottle jack can be pumped a lot faster than when using the winch. It's a bit of a mess since the entire setup is faulty. Despite its heavy duty screw handle, the crane is prone to swaying around if it is handled too loosely. The downside (and I only tried 250lbs) is that this gets very dangerous if you're not on perfectly level ground. It may or may not be the case with all Jib cranes. A second purchase would not be worth it to me.

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My flatbed has been enriched by this fantastic addition! Here are some positive aspects In terms of packing, the crane came fairly well protected A narrow pallet of some sort holds the pallet in place

There are two models). A preamble to the preamble In case of a need for removal of the crane, the bolt pattern at the base enables this to happen. It is very convenient to make sure the bearing is properly lubricated because the base has a grease fitting. I describe the mediocre as follows There were no assembly instructions provided, so putting this thing together was a bit tricky. br>In order to guide the cable correctly, you must wind the wench completely unwind. There is just enough space between the hook at the end of the cable and the square tubing inside the boom for it to pass through. Due to (the appearance of) being sand casted, the mounting base of the hydraulic cylinder had to be ground out a bit in order to fit onto the crane where the bolt would align. Neither the top or the bottom of the base has a weep hole. A weatherproof design of the base might have solved this issue, but the base is not made of waterproof material. To allow water to drain from the machine, I will probably drill a small hole. As with oil, grease can waste out as well, but it's better to add more grease than to let it rust.
The bolt that holds the boom in place is a nylon locking bolt. Only if you don't ever plan on adjusting the boom length will this be an issue. For mine, I drilled out to 5/8" and used a clevis pin instead of a nut and bolt. The cotter pin slides on a tapered edge). However, it is much easier to extend the boom using this instead of getting wrenches each time. It concerns me a little that the locking bolt on the base is not recessed. The repeated tightening may lead to deformation of the inner pipe, which makes it difficult for the crane to rotate easily. I plan on removing the crane from the base and drilling a few holes in the inner pipe in select points to guarantee that this bolt will hold the crane more securely in place once tightened. (Those of you considering doing the same, do not drill the holes the same size as the locking bolt. Only drill large enough to accommodate the tapered end of the bolt. Since the only actual problems that occurred were during assembly and were easily remedied, I chose not to include a "Bad" section. Otherwise, when the crane is locked into place, the inner pipe will rest directly on the threads and eventually ruin this locking bolt. This list of problems and improvements in the mediocre section is just my opinion, and most are not necessary, but hopefully it will be of help to others. I hope I was helpful in that if you have any changes or ideas, please let me know. It's possible that there are really great ideas out there that would be beneficial for all.

Callum Collier
Callum Collier
| Mar 24, 2021
The assembly instructions and the picture are not clear

I think this is a good start, but it needs to be tweaked. Not bad in the end. If you decide to assemble it, don't expect instructions that match any of the parts (there are some small parts that are already assembled, but instructions in this case indicate how to assemble pieces that don't need to be assembled) or be very clear. A picture of a part is provided, which is very poorly organized for assembling the item, and is of no real use. As far as I can tell, they weren't properly translated from German to English. I had to stop at the hardware store to get a couple of parts that were either missing or wrong (my lock washers and flat washers would not In addition to $15 worth of added hardware, I spent about an hour assembling and installing this. As for the hydraulic jack, it is rated only for 3 tons (as per the instructions and information I was given before I bought it), which is almost 90% (chain hook) or 80% (cable hook) of what is needed to lift the weights the winch can handle. Therefore, there will be a great deal of work on my part! My preferred solution would be to have an 8 ton jack that I could buy aftermarket and replace if necessary. When there is no load on my winch (front and back), or if the load is not perfectly centered with the horizontal arm, the cable will pop off the pulleys. There are going to be a lot of modifications to this winch, but it's a good start. The installation of an electric winch will be very easy, and I will do it. As well as changing the jack to 8 tons and modifying the cable so they will no longer slide off the pulleys, I will also install a halogen light. Probably the most important improvement will be to the instructions for assembly.

Callum Pena
Callum Pena
| Aug 14, 2020
We are built to last

This crane is well built, and it is strong compared to other cranes of the same type. It is possible to replace the long jack within a short time with different The problem with short bottlejacks is that they are very hard to replace. Vestil quickly sent the missing parts after sending one email with a request for them. Delivery with missing parts arrived. The crane I just purchased is my third purchase, and after buying those other brands I can safely say that this is the last one I will purchase. I fix welding equipment and use this crane every week to move welding machines.

Kendall Kim
Kendall Kim
| Jan 27, 2021
The crane is well worth the price, but the shipping box is terrible

In my rating, I gave it three stars for packaging because the crane itself is nice, but since the box it came in was so ragged, half of the hardware was missing, mostly nuts and bolts. I had to make a few bushings myself, too.

Quinn Harmon
Quinn Harmon
| Sep 13, 2020
This heavy lifter is built well and very sturdy, so you can trust me to do all your heavy lifting with it
Deandre Juarez
Deandre Juarez
| Jul 06, 2020
The product was exactly as described

My purpose for purchasing this crane was I loaded my trailer with 5') Douglas fir rounds. On the whole, the crane has been a good purchase. It does have a few flaws, however. It shows that the packaging is not up to standard, as it splits and allows parts to fall out during shipping. As a result of my first complaint, the crane showed up without a handle on the winch, which I am sure was the result of the first one. That being said, vestil was very helpful, and sent me a new handle for the winch right away. Though the job for which I purchased the crane has not yet taken place, I am confident that it will accomplish what I need it to do.

Lucca Blanchard
Lucca Blanchard
| Aug 18, 2020
Received part of the order but not the entire The rest of the order didn't arrive

I got the base part, but not the rest.

Zoya Webb
Zoya Webb
| Nov 13, 2020

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