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Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum

Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum

Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum
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Our company offers a cleaning service that is backed by the highest certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute - Gold level. An extremely efficient and cost-saving building that has achieved LEED certification.
For superior air purification, this model features a sealed HEPA system and a washable HEPA filter on the exhaust pipe.
Keeping your equipment running strong makes good business sense, and our extended life motors are able to run up to 10,000 hours.
A crevice tool, upholstery brush and onboard extension wand allow you to conveniently clean every crevice and corner of your furniture.

Questions & Answers

The weight of this object is how heavy? Why does it say one pound, when I know it should be two?

I believe it states that the weight is 12 or 13 pounds in the description. It helps pull it forward when you run, but not when you walk.

This is a correct description, but the product photo on the product page shows a Sanitaire EON QuietClean SC5500A, which is not a commercial grade vacuum. ?

This is not my opinion. There is no doubt that the eon is of commercial quality. The company we work for uses 12 of them on a daily basis for housekeeping and janitorial services.

Can you tell me where the sanitaire eon quietpro s5000a sanitaire professional vacuum cleaner is made?

Eureka owns and manufactures the devices in the US, but they belong to a European company.

What kind of noise does this vacuum make when it is operating?

In all my years owning sanitaires, this is the quietest.

Selected User Reviews For Sanitaire EON Upright SC5500A Commercial Vacuum

Buying carpet is the only option if you don't have any other flooring

I liked how powerful the suction was and the length of the cord so that I didn't have to unplug it every time I moved rooms. What do you consider the biggest disadvantage? There is no option for tile. Half of my house has carpet (bedrooms) and half has tile (everywhere else), therefore it does not have the option to stop the roller rush from spinning, so all the particles will shoot out after the rollers. With each brush setting and suction setting, I have tried all settings for the brush. There's no way I can part with it without returning it. Immediately I had to change the vacuum bag after using it the first time since the suction was so strong for carpet. Anything else is just a waste of time. I also dislike the fact that the detachable handle isn't quite as long, so it is also a drawback.

Iyla Aguilar
Iyla Aguilar
| Aug 29, 2020
You can count on this vacuum to do the job

It is wonderful to have a Sanitaire Eon vacuum. In the past, I purchased vacuums that would not last a whole year, whether they were $50 or not. You can buy a vacuum for $100 or for $00 . Not to mention that the suction was not great on those vacuums, that led me to get one of those industrial vacuums. It seems like it would be a lot of noise and heavy at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it is not that loud and does appear to be a little heavier than the average vacuum. In terms of weight, it is light compared to other industrial vacuums. It is an expensive vacuum, but it is definitely worth the cost. In a nutshell, it is everything I could have ever wished for. Now that I vacuum more, I enjoy it more. It has been a month since I bought it, and I am pleased with it.

Ivanna Walter
Ivanna Walter
| Mar 25, 2021
I am good at this

This is a good thing.

Lilyana Small
Lilyana Small
| Apr 08, 2021
Cleaning equipment, such as a vacuum

A product of outstanding quality.

Cecilia Avery
Cecilia Avery
| Oct 24, 2020
Vacuum that is both strong and good

Several of these were purchased by me through Jon-Anthony about a year ago, when they first came onto the market. The Don Supply Company. Their use is commercially available in both residential and commercial settings. My recommendation for these vacuums would be to buy them. They are very good and sturdy vacuums. All of our units have had one fault - the on/off switches malfunctioned on three of them, and it cost less than $3 each to fix. It costs $00 in parts per vacuum from Sanitiaire to fix it. The price can vary depending on where you look, but I paid $320 for mine. Because I bought 6 of them, I probably paid $00 each. It's great that we can attach the attachments on board, and the bags can get very full before they need changing. It costs about $4 to get 5 bags in a package. There are 50 packages in a box. These will continue to be used by us and more will be purchased as necessary. Replaceable belts (there are two belts per machine) and brush rolls are also in stock, along with replacement tools for the onboard unit.

| Jan 03, 2021
I like the sealed filter system of this quiet, efficient air purifier

It was in 1985 when we bought the first Sanitaire. The phone was a SC888, and I believe we paid $199 for it. It still works after 36 years, even if I find it a little rickety and noisy in the meantime. As a result, it burns through belts relatively frequently. As you can see in the photo, that old vacuum and the new Sanitaire EON were side by side when I posted it.

My wife and I held the same impression when we opened the box and assembled it together. There is nothing but plastic in this. There's no metal part on it that I can see. A majority of the SC888 is made of metal, which means it endured over the years. Although it's unfair to compare this new Sanitaire EON with the EON, I am not expecting the same from this new model. The vacuum is a hit with both of us, though. The most important thing. I love how quiet it is here! Based on the specs, the SC888 has a dBA rating of 79, while the SC888 is rated at 68. Compared with that one, ours has become a lot noisier with age. With a 30% decrease in CFM, it's not as powerful as the SC888 by any means. Nevertheless, it appears to work better this way. Design wise, it is very efficient saving energy without wasting it is one of its biggest advantages. Besides being lighter and easier to maneuver, it is also easier to use. The sealed HEPA filter system is also a favorite of ours. The program runs very cleanly. Whenever we run the old SC888, we can smell a certain stale "smell. ". The dust is ejected back into the room by the leaky old bag system. A huge improvement in this regard is the new EON. The disposable bags are fairly large and easy to replace. In my opinion, the brushroll is a much better option than the standard brush There are a lot of other useful features on the vacuum such as the full bag and brush roll indicators.

It has a revolutionary design that seems to propel the vacuum forward. It is a great disappointment that it lacks a headlight, however. Even though we'll probably never use the hand held attachments they are pretty nice. The type of work we do here requires a heavy duty backback vacuum. That would not be a problem for me. This is great for getting under things because it lays on a flat surface almost flat. The rear end cannot be temporarily lowered so you cannot lift it up temporarily. Whenever you vacuum a small rug, you can't just back up when you get to the edge, since this will pull the rug's edge As for the old SC888, it was as simple as lifting the frontend up to back up, and then traveling on. It is not possible to do that with this unit. Unlike other vacuums, the vacuum is equipped with one of the thickest power cords I've ever seen. Because it is removable, it is convenient for us. A surprise was discovered underneath when I only found three I was scared at first because of how unstable it seemed. However, it seems to work just fine. This vacuum is very reliable on our hardwood It can be set to a very low height and it will pull dirt right out of the cracks in SC888's old rickety design was not suitable for such a purpose. Due to an imbalance in the brushroll, if we set it too low for use on a wood floor, it may even damage the finish. Our other favorite feature is the rubber on the wheels, which roll very smooth across Our overall impression of this vacuum is quite positive. HEPA filtering makes it extremely clean and quiet, and the unit is efficient, effective, and efficient. It would have been nice if there was more metal construction for long-term use The durability of the product. A headlight is also included. The old SC888 will be missed as well as a few other things. I don't know how it does it, but it runs so smoothly, so quietly, that it's like a dream to work with.

Xander Escobar
Xander Escobar
| Nov 02, 2020
I really like it

It's simple and straightforward. It is the perfect vacuum for me. This unit is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Choosing an on button hidden under a desk is no longer a hassle. Although my apartment has mostly wooden floors, there is carpeting in the rooms with red furniture. The carpet I'm looking at right now is really My problem with carpeting is there is no easy or reasonable way to clean it (steam cleaning is equally unclean), so since I rent I find my only option is just to deal with the inconvenience of having to clean something that can never be truly

However, this vacuum makes me feel like it's at least near the clean end of the spectrum. In comparison to other vacuums I have tried, this vacuum has a lot more power and doesn't leak dust out of the bag (there's no dust flying out like in my previous vacuums).
** This vacuum is heavier than my other vacuum, however it has the added benefit of a self propelled feature so you won't end up feeling like you worked out your upper body I like how easy it is to move around once it is turned on. My time spent vacuuming is spent with my crevice tool, which helps me remove cobwebs from corners and get into all the tight spots that are difficult to reach with Compared to my other vacuum cleaner, this one was a lot easier to use. Actually, I'd skip vacuuming because my previous vacuum was so difficult and required so much hand strength to assemble that I'd either skip it or ask my son or husband to do it. It would be easy for me to handle this one As it does not have top weight, this vacuum does not fall over as it does not take up a lot of space. You can find it tucked away.

Chandler Li
Chandler Li
| Jul 03, 2020

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