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Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360

Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360

Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360 Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360
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The carpets should be vacuumed regularly, even if there is no visible soiling on the surface. You have to brush and vacuum carpets simultaneously so you can get rid of even the deepest embedded dust and fluff. By using the suction system of the Miele turbobrush, you can easily remove dirt from your carpet with the roller brush.
A vacuum with an air valve makes this product not stick to carpets
An air current is used for power, no separate connection is required
Pet owners will appreciate this product
Carpets with short piles can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with this pet shampoo

Questions & Answers

Can I use this with a Meile C1 vacuum cleaner?

As long as the C1 has a USB port, this will work.

When I open the brush I cannot see anything clogging it so how do I clean it? It sounds awful and I cannot open it to see if anything is clogging it?

Do I have to clean the brush after every use?

This canister vacuum cleaner is compatible with the Miele complete C2 hard floor canister vacuum cleaner with SBD285 ?

The Miele STB 305 is a stainless steel appliance. With TurboTeq, all Miele canister vacuums will become more effective at picking up dirt. This product will provide brushing action that A second disadvantage of this carpet is that it does not stick to the carpet as well as Combination nozzles are smaller, easier to use, and more effective. Ristenbatt Vacuum President David Ristenbatt answers the question

How does this work with the Miele model number S4210?

You can use this on a Miele model, yes.

Selected User Reviews For Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Plastic, Black, 10455360

It is not possible to use a head Miele is my favorite brand, but I hate this turbo head

It dies as soon as it starts working, and if any pet hair ends up in it, the turbo stops working. Almost all screw heads are hidden in the unit, so you can't open it. The keyboard died immediately after I started using it, thinking it was defective. I ordered a second and it died the minute I tried to use In order to replace my old carpet and floor, I had to purchase it. It's sad that such a good machine can be tainted by such a poorly made You should not waste your time with this turbo head if you have dust balls they will get stuck in the roll and will stop working 100%.

Lexi Sanford
Lexi Sanford
| May 24, 2021
I have a Miele Aquarius (with powerhead) I bought a decade ago, and it still cleans as well as it did when I first bought it

My Turbo Tec machine works great on hardwoods and tiles but is horrible on rugs. In addition to the Miele Aquarius, I purchased the Miele C1 Classic a year or so ago. After I had experienced the quality of the Miele Aquarius, I assumed all Miele products would be of the same level. Since we have an older home with three floors, I hoped the C1 Classic would be easier to use to transport our Aquarius up and down three flights. The C1 Classic is also lighter and intended for hardwoods and low pile Two of the three floors of our home are occupied by this. In spite of the price difference between the C1 Classic and Aquarius, I expected the head (SBD 285 Classic Combination) to be a lower quality piece of equipment, given the different features, etc. I was unaware that the head on the C1 Classic was so substandard. The quality of Miele vacuums had changed so drastically in ten years since I purchased my beloved Aquarius that for awhile I regarded them as brand new. I had been searching for a Miele Turbo Teq head for some time until I found this one. As opposed to the SBD combo head that comes with the C1 Classic, the Turbo Teq head actually picks up dirt, dust, fine particles, and even particles larger than a grain of rice on tile and hardwood surfaces. C1 Classic comes with a head that is the exact opposite of the standard head. It was useless on low pile area rugs or hardwood, and worse it's self-cleaning capability is so poor that I almost threw it into the landfill. Thank goodness, this Turbo Teq works on hardwood, and it has saved the classic combo head from being thrown out. For cleaning hard surfaces, I can give the Turbo Tec an A+. It does not scratch either my hardwood floors or my tile. Therefore, I cannot recommend it for use on low pile area rugs - say no more than a 1/4 inch at that - if they are not of high quality. However, no matter how the air flow is adjusted on the handle or the air flow adjuster on the Turbo Teq head itself, it hasn't worked well on area rugs, especially thin ones. I can at least get it to roll over the area rugs, but I can also feel the brush skipping or even not rolling due to the thin carpet that is inhibiting it from rolling over the carpet, especially when I pull back. It feels like it has stopped rolling when I feel resistance. Slowly - that is the only way to go. Getting it to work the way it should has been far too slow. The performance is better if I set the air flow to the lowest setting, but I believe it does not pick up correctly. If you choose the lower setting, you need to go over the same spot more than once to ensure even the smallest debris is removed from the rug. Although we do not have cats or dogs, there is still one problem we have with parrots, their feathers cling to the carpet unless I pass their heads over the carpet several times. This is also true for several other items, a hole in the carpet, for instance. The punch-sized piece of paper tossed across the room by a spoiled parrot throwing a temper tantrum or throwing a piece of bird seed or pellet at the vacuum, which has hastened into his or her space, which unfortunately, is anywhere within It looks and feels cheap in my opinion, and seems as if it won't last the test of time, it's lightweight, but not in a good way, and it does not have the same quality of materials as my Miele powerhead that came with As I pondered the matter, I wondered if I am expecting too much from a vacuum head that costs $120? Nope, I'm not one of them. It is priced at $120, so it should perform well on all the things it claims to be able to do. The truth is, Is it because my first Miele was an Aquarius that had a powerhead that I'm spoiled by this? It's not a scientific test, but after spending $425 dollars on a vacuum and this Turbo-Tec head combined, it ought to give very satisfying It would have been better if I had gone with the updated version of the Aquarius or a different Miele with a powerhead after experiencing the lack of performance even when combined with this "upgraded Turbo Teq".

Gerardo Ashley
Gerardo Ashley
| Oct 19, 2020
However, here are a few things to be aware of

Due to damage done to the brush on my Miele, I wanted the old one replaced. As someone who owns pets, I thought how convenient it would be to have a brush that picks up all the hair shedding from them. When it comes to doing so, this brush is very good at it. Without a doubt. I give that a five-star rating. Still, I must draw the line somewhere. The description does not make clear that there is no choice-you have to use either the brush or switch out the brush head completely to use it. There is no stepping on a knob when switching to hard floors no touching a knob at all. As I have both hard floors and rugs in my house, I think it would be ridiculous to change out the brush head every time I leave the rug and want to vacuum the hard floor. A star and a half.
(Obviously, you'd be able to vacuum the hard floors, but I would still need to replace my old broken brush. During this time, the brush is spinning without touching the ground, which makes it quite loud. My first-hand experience indicates this is not the case. In order to clean the brush, I had to manually pull the hair over and past the fluff. If you live with any other long-term renters in your household, make sure to address their concerns There are a lot of people with hair. Argh, I hate it. The stars are one. So, I guess not much I can say right now? This brush works well, but it isn't filled with features that are very useful. I would give it three to four stars. The decision to return it is still unclear to me.

Annika McGee
Annika McGee
| Sep 29, 2020
Reconfigures the Pure Suction Miele C1 as an all-in-one device The vacuum is great all around

In the end, I decided to buy the C1 Pure Suction model vacuum which includes the AllTeQ head (a combination head for hard surface and The carpets I used were very low pile loop carpets and hard floors but medium pile twist carpets in bedrooms were not acceptable. It is challenging for the AllTeQ head to maneuver on higher pile piles and, because there is no beater brush on the head, the cleaning performance is also affected. These problems are resolved by an accessory attachment from TurboTeq. Despite its easy maneuverability, it delivers one of the best results when cleaning carpets. The beater brush is powered by the vacuum's suction by way of a turbine in the head (and not by the vacuum's There is a high brush speed and power, and the vacuum performs very well (better than the cordless Dyson I have). I highly recommend this book.

Marlon Parsons
Marlon Parsons
| Sep 06, 2020
You'll no longer have pet hair to pick up! Thank you for attaching this! I was looking for something like this! I love the suction power &amp the power of this machine Brushes that roll up all the cat hair pick it up

This attachment helped me discover how dirty my carpets really were, since it sucked up dirt from the deep down and had me feeling cleaner afterward The carpets on my light colored room now actually look brighter due to the pollen. It would have been great if this came with my Miele. But I think it is worth the money.

Zakai Harvey
Zakai Harvey
| Aug 21, 2020
To use your Miele Classic, you will need this

Easy to use attachment for your vacuum that is great for low tech tasks It is necessary for the set of attachments for the Miele Classic Vac to be completed.

Paloma Heath
Paloma Heath
| Jan 12, 2021
Improved performance - There is no doubt about it Compared to older models, this model may be more difficult to open

My yellow C3 will definitely benefit from this upgrade Despite this, it seems that opening the housing to clean may be somewhat more difficult due to the recessed Phillips head screws that replace the former large plastic screws. Such screws were released after a single rotation using anything handy, such as a butter knife. The suction has been improved and the attachment build appears more robust. I would recommend it. I haven't tried opening it yet, so it may actually be an improvement.

Kailani Zhang
Kailani Zhang
| Jul 12, 2020

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