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Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size

Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size

Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size
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The size of the frame is 10 x 7 inches. Size of the print 75 x 6 I am 25" tall. The size of the image is 5cm by 19cm. The size is 5 cm by 16 cm. The capacity of the container is 1 gallon
Ceramic compost keeper makes a beautiful addition to a counter. It is strong and durable.
Vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, table scraps and clippings should be stored in these containers. After that, you can compost them in your garden.
Transport is made easier by a sturdy stainless steel handle.
It takes 5 filters to achieve each level of filtering. It has a diameter of 625". Item #93F from Norpro is used to replace these filters.

Questions & Answers

Do you have a source for replacement lids?

You can replace your lids with us! We are available at 1-888-777-4747 for any questions or concerns Please call 800 It is 876. You can order it by calling 5520.

Can you tell me the diameter and height of the container with the ?

The age of 6 or so. 95 mm in diameter at the widest point x 75 mm in diameter. From the bottom to the top of the knob, it measures 5 inches high

At its base and at the sides of its handle, how tall and wide is it?

For the crock, its height is 8 1/4 inches and its width is 6 inches. The height of the knob is 10" when it is added to the lid. With the handle attached, the total width is just slightly less than 8 inches due to the slight addition on each side. As a result, I am 8" wide and 10" tall overall.

What suggestions do you have for finding bags to use in the ?

In our facility we use 3-inch BioBags Food scrap bags of one gallon capacity -- A compostable material. You can get a small box for $25.

Selected User Reviews For Norpro, Black Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size

The design of this device is not suitable for its intended use

It is attractive in the kitchen, but is very inappropriate for the room it is intended for. There are nooks and crannies on both the lid and the container to allow food to hide. However, instead of the sides going straight down to the base, the base protrudes and dips down to meet the sides - this is where food can get trapped. A nice ridge is under there, which is a challenge For the handle, the two nodes stick out They are indented on the inside, so mold can grow. An additional big crannie can be seen around the rim. Repetition is needed in the lid as well. Further, the handle is easy to take off. It's not a big deal to put it back on a few times, but all the time? Perhaps a better design would have a handle that had a handle that could easily be removed on purpose, but not fall off if it wasn't wanted.

Kasen Jimenez
Kasen Jimenez
| Jan 27, 2021
The design is nice, the operation is smooth, and there are As of yet, there have been no unpleasant smells (unpleasant? what I put in It sits on the counter for several days until "she" fills it with coffee grounds, eggshells, and other kitchen scraps, then "he" empties it on the compost pile and the process begins all over This is a very attractive product, and we are glad to have replaced its filters, as it is always in plain sight (and smells very good at all times)

Despite using the filter for several weeks, and having it filled over the following weeks, so far instead of having to replace it, we have been able to keep it replenished. It's either we're going nose to nose with this filter, or it's seriously powerful! However you choose to proceed with this compost, we wholeheartedly recommend it The compost odor in the kitchen poses a sensitization threat for anyone who is hypersensitive to it.

Eddie Jennings
Eddie Jennings
| Jan 03, 2021
The product is both useful and beautiful, and it is also The compost jar in the picture is exactly as it appears in person

This top filter is working well, and I have already washed it a lot of As soon as I tightened it with pliers, the handle stopped slipping. As long as I continue to feed food waste into the jar for 2 weeks using the filter, even without an air conditioner, I can continue to do so. My counter is often adorned with this piece, which gets lots of compliments. Below is a picture of it before I pushed it down. Add even more space to the facility!.

Teagan Armstrong
Teagan Armstrong
| Nov 09, 2020
During the summer, fruit flies are common

Okay, I can handle this. It was actually my second choice, after an order in stainless steel twice the price. My first choice almost doubled before I could make the purchase before the price had been reached. Having completely forgotten that people mentioned that the top of the container was not flush with the container, I went ahead with this. Thus, I now have a problem with fruit flies. On my way out this morning, I put my container by the door of my house. Though the top has the filter, I am still seeing flies getting in through the holes. I lined the top with insulation hoping that would help, but it is still allowing flies in and out through the breathing holes. There will be no fruit fly problem if you do not live in an area where there are fruit flies. In that case, you might want to consider getting an alternative to.

Araceli Kaufman
Araceli Kaufman
| Jul 30, 2020
A two-star rating was earned for ease of washing it out, and the way it looked on my hands

On June 11th, the document was received. **The type of cheese looks great on my kitchen counter - It was easy to rinse out and it was easy to wash It took a month to break. Here are the contents of the It is not easy to use as the container is heavy and can be difficult to handle full of compost, and the handle tends to come Last week, I carried the compost out to the back door to wash that container before bringing it inside. I grabbed the handle, but it slipped off as I lifted the container, resulting in the container hitting the concrete a few inches below. There were about a half dozen pieces left after the glass shattered. There was a metal one I should have ordered. There are three filters to choose from The filter on the underside of the Compost Keeper collects mold so I changed it twice in two months after I bought extra filters with the Compost Keeper order. However, please. This does not stink at all! This is great news!.

Kole Hobbs
Kole Hobbs
| May 29, 2021
An attractive canister holds several days' worth of scraps of paper in a good size

An attractive canister holds several days' worth of scraps of paper in a good size. There are two disadvantages of this product Because it's ceramic, it is a bit on the heavy side, and because of the way it was molded, there are crevices that require extra care when dumping into the compost bin. When I put food in the paper lunch bag, I fold it over at the top to make it easy to pull out the lunch bag and put it all in the compost. That way, I clean out the compost does not work well if the compost is too wet (like cantaloupe seeds, for example. I'm very satisfied with this purchase as a whole.

Junior BULL
Junior BULL
| Jan 26, 2021
It is thought that there was a defect in the glaze on the inside, and years of wet materials like coffee grounds probably took their toll on it, causing cracks and

A few years ago, one of my old models broke after 5 years of use. I had to replace it with this identical model. I suspect the original was flawed by a chip in the glaze on the inside, and wet materials like coffee grounds probably took their toll over time, and cracked after years of use. The last time I lifted it, it was broken into If it lasts like the last one did, then this one will give me my money's worth. However, it shipped from the factory bent and with no apparent quality control, so I'm not very happy. A ceramic compost pail appealed to me because I have no confidence that a stainless steel compost pail could withstand constant moisture over the years. It has a simple design that is easy on the eyes in the kitchen, and it has a good concept. We would give it 5 stars if it were of excellent quality.

Mia Carey
Mia Carey
| Mar 30, 2021
It is attractive, but the lid and handle are poorly made

The piece is beautiful and looks great on my kitchen counter, as has been said by other reviewers. This container has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to fill with kitchen scraps and empty it. A tight fit is not yet achieved when the lid is lifted. It will take time for me to see whether I have a gnat problem or fly problem. Though the handle is not sturdy, and the construction is rather strange, it should work fine if I keep my hand under the bottom to stabilize it. A simple clean-up is all that is necessary. I will keep this for now, but I will do something that is a little more well-constructed in the future.

Winston Gonzales
Winston Gonzales
| Oct 27, 2020

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