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Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533) Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)
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This container is ideal for storing things on your desktop, your countertop, or for longer periods of time. It allows you to keep an eye on your important documents
Featuring a larger lid and steel reinforced top edges, the lid can be used to hold hanging file folders (file folders are not included).
The set ships flat, but can be popped together in seconds
It has reinforced corners, a laminate top, and sides with an animal print also, it has chrome steel handles and sturdy connections that offer durability for long-term use
9.2" high x 9.2" wide x 2.5" deep The dimensions of the artwork are 875mm (H) x 10mm. The size of this piece is 75" (W) by 13". Size (D) 25"

Questions & Answers

No folders in the file system Is there a hanging separator that holds and supports the folders in the box?

Having an empty box like this is a good thing. The hanging separators need to have hooks on them so you can hang A hook on each side of the box hangs. Put the manila folders inside of them once that is done. Here is the link to the help page.

This file box is assembled, what are the exterior dimensions?

Box 15 has a weight of 15 pounds. The width is 5 inches and the length is 12 inches. The deepest part is 5 inches and the widest part is 9 inches. The dimensions of our model are 5 inches long. It is suggested that the lid be slightly larger than the box in order to cover it. The lid did not fit on the shelf because it would have taken up too much room. It is my pleasure to help.

Are you able to put a standard size file folder in this box?

File folders with label tabs cannot be placed in this box because it does not fit standard size sliding file folders. It is normal for the lid tab to bend over when you close it. It is better not to buy the sliding file type recommended by Amazon if you don't wish your labels to bend with the lid

Can you tell me if the files are ?

They must be purchased separately, as this does not come with the files inside. After that, the hanging files are dragged into the box and hung from the sides. A lid sits on top of a hooked on file, but that file does not have a secure fit.

Selected User Reviews For Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

An example of a book binder clip that will strengthen this box a thousandfold is shown in the You can vote for the most helpful review by looking at the Each corner of this file box should be held securely with a 3/4" or 1" book binder clip

So your snaps won't come off when your file box is torn open, you can reinforce it this way. A heavy cardboard box with a black leather look laminate is used as the box. I particularly like the lid because it's extra large It sits on top of the tabs of hanging file folders. As a result, the lids of these boxes should not be stacked because they will crush the tops of the file tabs. I love how classy they look and how they fit on a shelf There are two metal handles on each side. A hanging file folder or a file does not come with this product.

Madeline Thornton
Madeline Thornton
| Sep 03, 2020
The thing I hate the most is this

The thing I hate the most is this. Furthermore, the whole thing is held together by weak snapping buttons, and as soon as you fill it up with enough documents for it to be useful, it breaks apart when you move or attempt to use The whole thing was a waste of time and Never ever be tempted to do so.

| Jul 07, 2021
I wouldn't recommend it to those who are very particular about their organization

I am impressed with the ease of assembly and good looks of the I will mention the following issues if you are ok with them You can now add this filer to your collection. Its imperfections are enough to cause me to have my blood pressure rise, especially if you're like me and are picky about your organization standards. First, and biggest issue is that your tabs stick out over the box if your file sleeves have tabs. As it rests on the file tabs, it will look as follows. To demonstrate what will happen when you put the lid on correctly, I took a picture of the lid upside down. Tabs would be unnecessary if I just sorted by date. This is a crazy idea. The second problem is that the brackets on the file sleeves will interfere with the corners of the boxes. The explanation for this is harder to understand. It is my hope that the picture will help you to understand what I did not try to convey. the corners together on the upper corners so that the struggle ends. Although I am keeping mine, I plan on making use of it to store old files this way. Unless I can figure out another file label system (that I like) that allows the lid to close, I will keep this one for keeping old files flat. It is understandable that this review may be a bit overwhelming, but for others it may not be. Because I'm picky, I'm picky about what I eat. My choice of words is picky because Amazon will not let me use the other word everyone knows means the same thing. In addition, I know I'm not the only picky person out there, and I am sure they will find this information useful. I am writing to.

Leif Michael
Leif Michael
| Jun 08, 2021
Quite a hassle, but it gets the job done

When placed on a shelf, it does look nice. As I searched through many listings, I became frustrated about the (ridiculously) high prices. I wanted proper file folders to replace my ghetto version made from an old cardboard box. A few days later, I came across this listing with mixed reviews and decided to give it a shot. My goal was to use it to store hanging files and manila folders, and I wanted something with a lid and something that would look semi-classy An expert. In my opinion, the boxes are well-packaged and when you break them down, they don't take up much space. My snaps closed perfectly fine, unlike some. I read that others had difficulties getting the snaps to close, but I did not. There were 3 of them and they were all easy to assemble. Metal handles are so nice on these boxes, I love them! It's not a secret that I hate the hole in the wall This file box is capable of handling many file boxes. It is so easy to carry these bags thanks to their metallic handles. In addition, I like that there is a lid so that I won't have to stare at files and folders all the time. ***The tops of the box don't align tightly with the snaps. Exactly what are we talking about? That's all right. you use hanging folders, then when you try to move your files back and forth, the hanging part will get caught at each corner. A nice thing about the box is that it has a label attached. You can't get the card or paper out of the label. After giving up and writing directly on the paper, I just gave up. To remove that, you might be better off using a tweezer or something similar. There is a lid on the pot. This lid has no practical function other than decoration, which is frustrating to me. Lids are intended to secure something so that it can be closed. The lid does not do such a Since it is very loose and wobbly, it is purely decorative. Look no further if you're looking for stackable boxes There is no use for you in purchasing this item. It's an adequate product that is good enough and looks good just sitting on a shelf (compared to similar products) if you're seeking a product that will do the job at an affordable price.

Alexa Kirby
Alexa Kirby
| Dec 27, 2020
As far as materials and ease of use go, it is a good product

It is good in terms of materials it is made of and how easy it is to use, as well as how easy it is to store when not in use. Also, I appreciate the place to label and list any uses the product may have so that I can better organize it. It's also pretty, so I'll give it that as well. However, it is important to note that A box stacked on top of it does not stand up to it having another bend in In addition, the files inside are vulnerable to damage because any files placed inside of hanging file folders are hit by the lid. Regardless of what the lid is made out of, it seems absolutely out of place on top of the box. Furthermore, the material has a very poor resistance to heat, making it a very bad design. This might be a good option for you if you want to store something else in it, but it isn't the best product for hanging files or storing files.

Ares Cheng
Ares Cheng
| Jan 26, 2021
There is some assembly required and the lids are wonky

The pros? It's beautiful and inexpensive, and it hides clutter. Is there a downside? This set of file boxes has some quirks. They are not sturdy, not very stable

They look nice, but they are not very stable. Because the lids are designed to be larger, there isn't usually enough room for the hanging folders, and therefore they don't rest or fit correctly. Despite the fact that they don't close tightly, they can wobble and tilt. I thought this was an important detail to be aware of, and you can adjust them to your liking. Another downside is that the box has to be assembled, and it is constructed from button snaps, so it is not the strongest option out there.

Paige Edwards
Paige Edwards
| Jun 20, 2021
This box was awesome when I bought it, and I have bought another one

The desk drawers at my old job took up too much space since they had side rails that were too low for hanging files to hang on the back. So far, I have bought 2 of these boxes and have been very happy with them! Even though the handles are sturdy and the box itself is sturdy, I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to move, lift or transport it frequently due to the weak snap buttons. There is only one disadvantage for me when I'm using these the metal part of my hanging files get caught in the small space between the box and the button flap when I'm looking through my files. All in all, it seems that this product is working great.

Cody Cox
Cody Cox
| Jun 18, 2021

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