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R.W.FLAME 32" Electric Fireplace Insert,Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater,Touch Screen,Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

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The dimensions of the box are The size is 0.00" by 8.5" This piece measures 98" by 24". A 60" screen. This fireplace insert is freestanding and can be installed in any room of the house, office, or anywhere heat and atmosphere are needed. Easy Installation, Ideal for Homes, Offices, or any applications where Heat and Ambience are Needed. The 120V power supply is used.
Multi-operation touchscreen control on front panel. Five different flame color and burning logs color modes. Five different flame speed levels. Five flame brightness levels. Automatic design (the flame color and brightness are automatically altered). Four hour timer 8m remote control distance Sleep mode with all lights off.
EFFICIENT HEAT SETTINGS 2 settings including 750W & 1500W for different weather conditions and different rooms which can be adjusted based on the weather and to be warm or energy-saving. A LED light is also included in it, which is energy-saving. Up to 400 square feet can be heated by the supplemental zone heating. It can be operated with or without heating.
Design of interior brick walls on two sides in the style of fashion. It was constructed from 7mm thick tempering glass, which was finished in a black finish. It has a realistic dancing flame and burning log effect, fitting nicely into any setting in your home.
A safety-related ETL certificate has been approved. The power cable is 170 cm (about 70 inches). With LED fire & ice flame, this wall-mounted fireplace heater is perfect for any living room. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with an auto-heat kill safety to protect against overheating. A good infrared heater will maintain the humidity levels within a room without causing it to become Our customer service after the sale is astounding. We guarantee that you are happy with the product for one year after your purchase! Make sure to order a set for yourself or for someone you love. It will make the perfect gift this holiday season!

Questions & Answers

When you use the controls, does it make a beeping sound?

In short, yes. When you press the controls the controls make a beeping sound. There is a beeping sound when pressing both the remote control and the screen together. We’d be happy to assist you further with any questions you might have about this product. Feel free to call our service number at (213) 446-5502. you, I really appreciate it!

If you press the circular buttons on the glass, will they stay illuminated all the time or will it only happen when you change ?

The only time we change the settings is when we upload. I really like that fire place, and with the heater it would be great in these cold weather days.

In which part of the room is the electrical cord?

The device made a loud grinding noise and the cord was nowhere to be found. I returned it.

Selected User Reviews For R.W.FLAME 32" Electric Fireplace Insert,Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater,Touch Screen,Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

Online it doesn't look as good as it does in person

This fireplace was the perfect solution for putting warmth and atmosphere into our bedroom without having to run a gas line. We were looking for a fireplace for a long time, but didn't want to run a gas line. Since the flames look very realistic and the different settings make it easier to find the perfect picture, I think that the company could use a different picture on their website. The flames themselves look even better in person than online. Our solution consisted of cutting some drywall out of the wall and reframing the studs to allow it to sit flush against the wall. so glad it worked out for us!.

King Hogan
King Hogan
| Apr 24, 2021
I love the way it looks and how it functions! A similar piece was installed into our existing gas fireplace (which had failed to The opening on this model is 36x28

It fits perfectly with just enough room on all sides so that it is easily slid out for cleaning, to allow air venting, and not look gaudy. My TV does not pick up any sound from the computer when it runs, and it is so quiet that I cannot hear it. As well as the safety features, I like them! It contains tools for setting a time, automating shut off, and turning the main power switch on and off to operate the functions. cannot express enough how happy we are with this product. It met all of our needs and exceeded.

Marilyn Strong
Marilyn Strong
| Jul 06, 2020
Though not very real, this is a more sensible alternative to a fireplace that drains heat into the air

In addition to the best features and the right size to fit our space and our budget, we selected this insert for its energy-efficient features. This fireplace is not like the real thing only someone who has never seen a fireplace before could think it is. Though it looks more like a gas insert, the lack of depth plays a part in giving it away. Nonetheless, our existing gas fireplace had some heat loss, and this insert has made the room feel more cozy so far, we are pleased. We were previously able to fit our existing fireplace in an opening 33" by 29" wide. Lowe's offered the 36" option, and we bought 4" landscaping bricks to top it off so we wouldn't have a gap between it and the wall. ample clearance - On either side of the bricks we drilled small holes (1 inch or less) so we could run the cord to a nearby outlet with the insert. By adding some decor, I hidden it.

We are really pleased with the appearance of the brick and we were able to cover the top gap for less money and easier than by purchasing or DIYing building trim. In the end, all we had to do was stack the bricks and set the insert on top of them. Considering the height gap, we weren't sure how we would get the fireplace in the proper place, but this setup has worked out great for us. The above should be helpful for someone else who finds themselves.

Reed Schroeder
Reed Schroeder
| Feb 13, 2021
It has a cozy atmosphere

Please join us! I like the way it looks and it works great!.

Ruby Stanley
Ruby Stanley
| Apr 08, 2021
The design is very nice but it has a major flaw

It is really nice to have the fireplace, however, the light display in the upper right hand corner does not turn When it is turned on, the light is always on, rather than dimming when activated by a button. In most cases the fireplace would appear to be real, except for the display, which gives the overall appearance a less realistic appearance. It is also possible for the flame motor to make a small humming noise that grows louder with time. Despite the options this fireplace offers, I can't seem to escape always being surrounded by the display in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Kaiden Ramos
Kaiden Ramos
| Aug 28, 2020
I love this picture so much! Wow! There is no other way to describe it! This is a beautiful fireplace insert, and you just pull it out and sit it on top of bricks to accommodate for height

But I did have to paint bricks to sit it on top of so I could adjust To completely fill the space, I wanted it to go all the way to the end. The book is well worth the price!.

Katelyn Atkinson
Katelyn Atkinson
| Mar 31, 2021
Great Customer Service, but we are not in love with the product

We originally had a question about the product, I contacted them- they were helpful but, we were not in love with the product. It was very quick for them to respond and they were very thorough in answering my questions. I am pleased with the final product - All the color options are nice and I like the way the product is made and constructed. It has a nice mirror effect on the front glass of the unit, and the logs are realistic looking enough, however it was not Considering the size of the screen (on which the flames are projected), I wish the flames were bigger and went Basically, it seems like there are a lot of fireplaces but not enough fire (if you understand me). Even though I liked the product in theory, it was just too difficult for us to use- It is possible that a linear style will be used.

Quinn McGowan
Quinn McGowan
| May 12, 2021

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