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LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White

LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White

LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White
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With this purchase, you'll receive a LG 10,000 BTU air conditioner with an 8,000 BTU auxiliary heater and a Through-the-Wall Remote Control as well as installation instructions.
Size of the air conditioner - 24" in length by 14" in width. The dimensions of the frame are 41" H x 20". Weight - 65 lbs. Dimensions 9" D by 9" W. A maximum noise rating of 56 dB can be measured inside its chambers, and its voltage is 115V at 6 Hz
It has a performance rating of 8,000 BTU. It has a dehumidification rating of A score of 1 point per hour. It is estimated that the cooling space is 340 square feet. In the U.S. This unit is composed of R32 refrigerant and CEER
Whether you have a house or a business, LG air conditioners will keep you cool, comfortable, and in control with three
Use the full-featured remote control to operate it from your bed, desk, or couch, adjust the temperature, and change the fan speed, without ever leaving your bed or workspace.

Questions & Answers

Could you please give me the dimensions of the ?

He is 14 feet tall. It is 41 inches long. The width of the board is 24 inches. The depth of the water is 20 feet.

Is it possible for the default setting to turn off A new version of Eco- will be installed Can you switch the Cooling Mode to On?

Modifying the program by calling up the "mode" button will set the cooling mode. Hope it works out for you!

Do you have an A or B sleeve that fits this?

Yes, that is correct It is both

In terms of width and height, what are they?

The dimensions and other information about the unit can be found on the internet.

Selected User Reviews For LG LT0816CER 8,000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, White

I think this is a good choice

This solution is very effective and, until a few weeks ago, extremely affordable for a typical apt wall sleeve from the 1960s. The maker of LG products was a private label. Sears has been given the contract. For your information. An exemplar of local dealer's eagerness to clear inventory delivered this unit via FedEx to us with pristine packaging and decent handling. It is a purchase I made in June, however. A digital control system, a dehumidifying setting, and a quiet compressor are included in this model. It uses an advanced refrigerant. It is best to refuse delivery if the item arrives damaged. Then you have to buy it, or clean it and use it Keep your money if you recycle the proper wall sleeve otherwise, recycle it. You can't expect super silent operation for $500, but if you follow the directions, this one is free of cheap vibration. If you install it properly, with the sleeve and foam insulation enclosed, it will save you money. The unit has the same level of quietness as all other $500 units. However, I am not a guy who sleeps in blankets on a 64 F degree night. At 73 F in a 14x16 bedroom with a ceiling fan on a 95 degree day, this unit does a decent job.

Izaiah Henderson
Izaiah Henderson
| Apr 18, 2021
It's cold out there! I found this to be the cheapest air conditioner with a decent rating that was listed as compatible with my existing sleeve from an old There were a couple of changes I had to make to the sleeve, since ACs are smaller than they used to be Despite some minor issues, the unit seems to work fine

It was useless to follow the installation instructions. I placed foam blocks on the inside of the wall sleeve (which didn't do anything if I used my sleeve). The directions then state to "Install the new unit into the wall sleeve. ". You need to "assemble the trim" and "install the window As a result of these instructions, the unit had a *4 inch gap above it. With a 2x4, some extra foam and some caulk, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. I was expecting this to work out of the box, but I was not aware that there was no such provision.

Jayla Mitchell
Jayla Mitchell
| Jan 09, 2021
I am disappointed

It is now February 2021 and the unit has died within the last week since I purchased it in April 2018. There are Kenmore air conditioners in my house that have blown cold without a repair for more than thirty years and I have never purchased an air conditioner that lasted less than ten years, so to be honest, I'm not happy with them. Since I had such a good experience with wall units in the past, I didn't bother with the extended warranty, so now it is up to me to replace it. Purchasing the extended warranty is a good idea if you plan on doing so.

Khaleesi Ritter
Khaleesi Ritter
| Jul 04, 2021
I would not recommend buying this item because the installation instructions are illogical and LG will not provide any support

In order to install the LG a/c unit in a Friedrich wall sleeve, you need to install a baffle, which is included with the product. However, the manual states that the Friedrich wall sleeve is a 16"-high unit. There are five baffles in the tube, which is correct, but the baffles are only 15-inches long There is no room for a piece that is only 1 1/4" long. LG representatives were unavailable for a day by phone and via chat, but no one could get me to understand what to do, or what would happen if I left off the baffle, the only option that seemed to work. The company's customer service is useless, since they claim that they have the same manual supplied with the product as well.

Sage Hall
Sage Hall
| Aug 13, 2020
The LG phone does not work and the customer service is terrible

July 21, 2020 is the date we bought this AC unit. When it arrived at the end of July, it was placed aside (in the unopened box) until the end of August was when we prepared to install it The software was installed in August. When the program was installed, it wasn't working. The first time we contacted LG directly, their response was basically "we will get back to you about what we are going to do," sometime in the future. Despite our attempts to contact LG, we have not heard back from them. In response, I contacted the seller and was told, "You can contact LG directly or we will let you know when we will contact them for a service call. ". ("In fact, the Seller only received stars because the item was shipped from the seller as reported and responded to my original email as soon as I let them know what I wanted. Please forward the email to them as quickly as possible). Seller was informed of the response I received from LG by I replied that I had contacted The last response was yesterday I am waiting to know if they responded today as well. We need to return the item, so either LG or the seller should pay for its return in order to obtain a unit that As a result, I am deeply disappointed not only with LG, but also with the Seller, since both of them should be more interested in resolving the issue. Updates to this review will be provided as events develop. Since the customer service was poor, I won't be buying from LG in the future.

Rogelio Hubbard
Rogelio Hubbard
| May 06, 2021
I am unable to rate this As a consequence, we haven't had a chance to install the A/C in the wall since October 19th

Unfortunately, the weather has been quite bad (raining almost every day) so we haven't had a chance to install it A new A/C will need to be installed and lined with silicone on the outside edge of the apartment on the 5th floor. It needs to be dry to remove old A/C and replace with new one. As soon as it arrives, I'll have a look at it. No damage appears to have been done to the box. on time and in good condition. As for the AC system itself, we hope it is as good as the last time. I will give a better rating if that is the case. The only reason I give it three stars is because it is still unclear whether it works. For that, I can only blame the weather. The seller is not responsible for the sale. You can expect more updates soon.

Palmer Hunter
Palmer Hunter
| May 20, 2021
It was one of the worst purchases I ever made

There was a problem with this air conditioning service that sounds like a jet parked in your bedroom, which is difficult to control, such as the fan speed and Since it was not stated in the description, I had to hire a professional to install it, and buy the sleeve and other parts separately. One of my biggest lessons in life is to never purchase a large appliance online, and it was an expensive lesson at that. This is something I would like to share with a lot of people because I don't want others to go through the same misery that I did.

Kelvin Webster
Kelvin Webster
| Dec 21, 2020
There are some skills that must be possessed in order to perform a worthwhile installation

The installation method in the instructions provided with the unit was not to my taste but being mechanically inclined, I was able to adapt the method In the first instance, I followed the installation instruction provided which I found unsatisfactory. The unit was removed from the sleeve, measurements were taken, and the unit was mounted Five quarter pine was used for the back of the unit to be reinstalled, along with foam insulation tape and wall sleeve The perfect air conditioner installation starts with 2"x2" air conditioner foam insulation. In the spring of last year, that happened. It worked great all summer long, and we had no problems with it It ended up being about half as expensive as a replacement unit made for the wall sleeve by Friedrich.

Jett Khan
Jett Khan
| Jun 18, 2021

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