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Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe

Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe

Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe
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Boxes to store items on a deck With a 129-gallon capacity, this deck box can be used as a storage unit for patios, decks, yards, porches, garages, and sheds
A DURABLE product In general, water- Your box will look brand new for years to come thanks to the poly resin construction that resists fading and corrosion
A VERSATILE tool Pool toys, grill supplies, patio cushions, gardening tools, sports equipment, yard gloves and more can be stored in this storage container indoors or outdoors
The functional design of a product is the following It's easy to access the contents when the lid flips open on hinges
A LARGE sized version is available Measures 27 inches high by 17 inches wide by 14 inches deep. A sheet measuring 5" by 53". You'll have ample storage wherever you need it with this 5" x 24" shelf

Questions & Answers

The shelf within the cabinet can it be removed?

Yes, I agree. I was able to remove it without trouble.

To what weight is the limit set?

When I first reviewed it, I said I liked it, and I still use it today. It wouldn't be a comfortable place for me to sit. The majority of reviewers claim that they can sit on the chair (one tried it at 260 pounds), but personally, I would not. My weight is not even close to that and I could tell right away it would not support This box serves well as a storage container, but the squirrels have begun to chew (However, they can chew any material!

What is the fastest way for me to get it?

Delivery is dependent on the shipping method

Is it possible to find out what the indentation means in the upper right hand corner of the front panel? A padlock, please? What do you suggest as a prop for the Any other thoughts?

A padlock or other latching mechanism may be used.

Selected User Reviews For Suncast DB9750 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat, Taupe

Although it's large and has some flaws, it's still good to look at

We used this to replace a big Rubbermaid poolside deck box whose lid finally broke off. very easy to assemble, but I recommend having a soft mallet handy so that the sides can be locked in place on I like the size of the box and the use of the shelf. There is a nice light tan color to the piece, not as gray as it appears in these photos. Despite it's size, though, I gave the thing 3 stars because of how flimsy it is, even with the lid latching down unless you push the top panel all the way in until the latch pieces line up I wonder how long the latch pieces will last. The other complaint is there are a lot more places where insects can enter compared to the Rubbermaid. Finally, the locking provision is off to one side and it appears that the part under the lid was Rubbermaid only had two extra-long areas on the body and lid to use as lockdown areas, along with a metal hole right in the middle to lockdown the lid. In fact, I don't care about security, but the lid must be secure in the off season since the wind can blow. it does hold plenty of stuff and looks nice, but it loses points for its overall flimsiness and the issue with the lid and lock.

Aleah Sosa
Aleah Sosa
| Dec 12, 2020
This thing is so simple to assemble that you wouldn't believe it

As I attempted to assemble this item, I could not open the large packaging without damaging it, so I had to return the item shortly after receiving it. To assemble the panels, the first two steps of the assembly process are to snap two of them Any normal force will not cause them to snap A mistake has been made during the production process. Over two hours of trying different alignment methods and using a soapy water lubricant, I had to resort to a sledge hammer and a piece of wood to spread the force evenly and prevent the plastic from being damaged. Eventually, after carefully modulating increasingly vigorous blows (3 hours in total), I got it. Other parts of the kit were molded or designed better, and the rest was easy to put together. However, as noted in other reviews, there is no way for the lid to be locked, since there is no place opposite of the lock attachment where a lock connection can be made. Drilling would probably be a good idea. It was MUCH easier to assemble than the Keter advertising would have you believe, but it was still not as simple as it had been prepared to appear. I bought a 120 gallon Keter on Amazon a few months ago.

Kendall Carlson
Kendall Carlson
| May 26, 2021
Exactly what I needed for storage

It was not intended to be used for what I bought it Due to the severe storms we've had this winter and the frequent power outages, I decided it was time to buy a generator, but I needed a dry place outside to keep After trying a couple different ways of venting the deck box, I installed 12V automotive radiator fans to pump fresh air through it, as well as ventilation louvers on both ends. A heat shield was made of steel, and I extended the exhaust pipe so that the generator can also be run with the lid closed during bad weather, and it can maintain good ventilation and remain All the items are kept dry since it works so well.

Violet Vargas
Violet Vargas
| Oct 29, 2020
The box holds a lot of stuff

There is no mechanism to lock the lid. The cushions of a patio set are made from this material. There is plenty of room in the garden and it has survived the heaviest rains. There are two ledges in the plastic front of the unit that hold the lid in place when it is closed. I predicted there might be a windy day, so I opened this up. If there was a locking mechanism thee would be no problem locking the bag or at least putting a carabiner through the holes to keep it in place. As of now, the lid is tight, but you need to lean against the front of the cabinet with one knee and lift it. As well, it is a seat, but one that is a bit It weighted more than 300 pounds when my wife and I were both sitting on it. My friend should know about the closure and can comment on it.

Ellen Hoffman
Ellen Hoffman
| Jun 11, 2021
Putting it together if you think it's too flimsy is not a good idea

You will never be able to disassemble it. It is exactly It was the warranty that convinced me to purchase this. My only disappointment is that the product is not as sturdy as I intended it to be, but I cannot The pieces snap together, but do not Many times I've tried removing it without breaking it, but I've been unsuccessful. We were going to break it trying to take it apart, but my husband (a superintendent who has also tried) suggested we keep it if we cannot get it apart. Frustrated, I tried that. It rained heavily, and there was a bit of water in the indents where the box "clicks" together, but other than that, everything looked According to what can be seen, the hinge is exact. It is a band of plastic or rubber that slides into a hole on top of Essentially, the lid is just a hinge that fits into and can fall out of. The deck was initially going to be a place to store pool supplies, folding chairs, and extra floats, but I do not want to put anything heavy or metal in there for fear of breaking I can see how it can be used as a bench. Despite spending $115, this item didn't seem to be made of the heavy duty outdoor plastic I was expecting. A different brand (keter) was ordered for my pool deck, and I absolutely adore it. A bench I found had spring-loaded hinges, and metal reinforcements on the bench. It was significantly cheaper than this one.

Victor McKnight
Victor McKnight
| Feb 03, 2021
It's just fine

That's all I need to know. As much as I wanted to like this product, I didn't. It sounded good to have no tool assembly , as it snaps together, and there are no metal parts to rust.
Unfortunately, there is a need for tools. To make these parts 'snap', you need to use a hammer and a block of wood. You can push or bang your hand around on them as hard as you want, but without the tools they just flop loose and won't get together. When it "snaps" into the bottom piece, it feels crooked and flimsy, and there is a hope that it will be square once you snap it in. My lid was almost but not quite closed, and I was really wondering if it would ever close because it was hanging over two inches more on the left than the right. So, here we are back at the hammer and wood block. Also there are the "locks" , which are basically holes through which a lock can be put. As you might expect , these do not line up for such a purpose , the only way to secure a loose fitting top like this is to tie a rope through the way-misaligned lock holes. The thing looks to be ok now that it is all together. Because it slides around when you touch it, I just screw it down to the deck without having to use any tools. I bet the plastic "hinge" straps will not last till next summer ( lol ). The feeling of sitting very carefully on the front edge is what it gives you. Is it possible that a well-established manufacturer makes tons of these, but they don't match? I hope it keeps the rain out, but we'll have to wait and.

Waylon Maynard
Waylon Maynard
| Jul 14, 2020

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