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HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral

HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral

HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral
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If you're a busy mom carpooling with the kids, a truck driver, a delivery person, or a business traveler in the middle of nowhere, this is the perfect solution to cook healthy meals, reheat frozen foods, and warm comfort food while driving.
PERFECTLY COOKED FOOD Evenly heats fresh or frozen foods - even leftovers - in about an hour without burning the food or making it dry.
The device is compatible with a wide range of flat-bottom, sealable containers, including plastic, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. It accepts containers of up to eight ounces. The dimensions of this frame are 75" wide by 6" tall. A 75" wide by a 2" high box. It's either 1 or 5 H " The following amount of food is five quarts
Put your food inside, plug it in, and relax and enjoy your meal when it's time for it. Requires no monitoring - just plug it in, place your meal inside, and you are ready to eat when you are.
HOTLOGIC is changing the way you prepare your meals by eliminating the old microwave. No more overcooked meals, splattered food, frozen centers, or waiting in a line you can enjoy your food in all its glory!
The TRIPLE GUARANTEE Designed as a result of our make it right guarantee, a one-year warranty and our customer service team's ultimate goal to leave you utterly and completely satisfied

Questions & Answers

Can it draw as many amps as it needs to?

According to the manual, it is 45 watts / 12 volts for the cigarette lighter model. There are 5 amps in this circuit. In this case the device is just the usual one, and not the one that requires a separate device to operate

What is the maximum temperature of this device? Can plastic containers be cleaned with it? There are a lot of Tupperware products available. ?

Heat does not melt plastic, but it does get hot. With cold leftovers, the thin plastic containers do better when it comes to heating up, about an hour for a 4x8x2 container. As for mine, they're sitting on ice packs until it's time for me to heat them A glass container takes longer to heat up than a plastic one. I know one of my coworkers It used to be used to heat up frozen TV dinners for workers.

Can you tell me how many amps it draws at 12v? Is it going to drain my battery if I let it run while I turn off my engine?

Using 12 volts, it draws a little less than 4 amps. You should be just fine if you don't have any concerns about your battery dying.

Does it make sense to heat my food first and then put it in the microwave? I do that now with my current microwave (also has a cooler function). ?

It is probably not necessary in most cases unless you need to heat something up from frozen or will not have your electric device plugged in long before eating. If I plug mine in by 9am leftovers can be eaten by 12 noon even if I haven't put them in it by 9. In the event of frozen vegetables, I will have to drive for some time during those three hours, but as long as I have been driving for thirty minutes, frozen foods have been ready to eat by lunchtime.

Selected User Reviews For HOTLOGIC Portable Personal 12V Mini Oven, Aqua Floral

The experience of becoming a truck driver is life-changing

It's hard to find a parking space for me at the few restaurants that are close to where I park. I'm a truck driver. Buying this thing has been the best thing I have ever done for my career. There is no issue if you forget about it for a long time. I don't have a problem using glass or plastic containers. The food has to be heated up for approximately one to two hours. The device is crucial for drivers or anyone who cannot access a microwave. Several guys at work have asked me about it. Today, if the one I have broke, I would buy an entirely new one. The tip- You can watch the price fluctuate from 30 to 40 dollars from time to time. At 30, you should buy it. I have not been able to use it for the last 8 months despite daily use. Having already stated in my original review that I bought another one, I immediately did the same. In this case though, I purchased it directly from Hotlogic so I could get the one year warranty.

Update Another one broke after two months, so I bought another. All the others I bought lasted for a year or more. It has been just over a month since your return. It is my own fault for not buying directly from the hotlogic website. I am deducting one.

Nyla Kent
Nyla Kent
| Nov 23, 2020
As a single male working in an office where there is no microwave, I take lunch around 1pm each day and head to my car to plug it in and microwave my lunch

By the time I get back, the food is steaming hot like it just came out of the oven. When it comes to warming up my meal prep on the go, there is no better bag. You'll save a lot of money if you buy this bag.

Kathryn Valenzuela
Kathryn Valenzuela
| Feb 21, 2021
A food warmer that I like is this one

A food warmer that I like is this one. Buying the 12 volt version was preferable to me because I am a truck driver. Having it invert power would mean not having to use a separate power supply. One thing I do not like is that it does not have a led indicator to show it was plugged into a lighter socket properly. Apart from that, the program works well.

Ryann Thornton
Ryann Thornton
| Aug 07, 2020
If you are a truck driver, then you have to get this

Being a truck driver, I spend a lot of time on the road and the food at truck stops was making me fat and tired. My food is being brought from home now, and the system is very user-friendly. In addition, it has a nice warming effect on your food.

Paula Shah
Paula Shah
| Mar 23, 2021
Miracles at Home How to Improve Your Health

As a patient I spend most of my time in my car and I used to drive around trying to get into the 7-Eleven for free There are 11 microwaves in my home to heat it up It is possible to cook meals without anyone noticing. As I was sitting in there, I would decide I need a snack or something sweet. While I was doing my Whole 30 round, I had to begin researching how to heat meals in my car since convenience stores are a risk to me because of I used glass lunch containers from Amazon. I place my soup in the pouch in the morning, and then plug it in 30 minutes before I eat. When I have to leave to see my doctor, I use the battery of my car to keep it warm (this is a Prius). Only feedback I could give is that an on off button would be great. I'm not fond of the angle of my car plug, so pulling it in and out makes me a little cranky. It won't matter to me because I'll get Besides that, this thing is perfect! If you spend a lot of time on the road, it's perfect!.

Zendaya Tucker
Zendaya Tucker
| Aug 02, 2020
With the new mobile catering system, you can now enjoy hot food on the road! For the last decade, I have been working as a delivery driver, and have been craving hot meals

It is wonderful to drink hot soup on a rainy day, but it has not been possible for a long time. My eyes fell on the HOT logic that had 5 stars and over 2000 reviews and I knew it was my best choice, but I didn't want to have to purchase an inverter so I could plug it into my car's I found this little model with a review from the same great brand. It consumes about 24 watts an hour, while your car battery can handle about 480 watts, so unless you leave it plugged in over night, it shouldn't drain your Try thinking one at a time Then you can plug it in 3 hours before you wish to eat, and it will produce a delicious container of whatever you like.

Braelyn Mayo
Braelyn Mayo
| Dec 30, 2020
I'd like to have hot tea

There is no need to use a power converter to make tea hot enough. It's a little hard to zip up the shirt.

Kara Finley
Kara Finley
| Mar 15, 2021
With the easy-to-heat french fries, you can enjoy them on the go

Everything works great with this item. This is the kind of appliance that I can use to put leftover food in, and about halfway through my day, I can plug it in, and when I get to where I'm going, my food is steaming hot. There are several ways to use tupperware and glass. You can even use a frozen Banquet meal in a Besides the fact that there's no indicator light to show that it's working or plugged in, the only negative is that it's unplugged.

| Oct 02, 2020

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