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Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White

Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White

Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White
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Cushions made of delicate china embroidered with quilts
A smooth glide can be felt on the zippers
A place setting for 12 people can be accommodated
Featuring six 12" dinner plate cases, a 10" salad plate case, and eight 8" salad plate cases. Dessert plate case and saucer plate case of 5" and 7" plus a cup chest with divider of chipboard
Up to 12 place settings can be stored
Zipped closures with a smooth glide
The color of this picture is white
You can keep most dust and animal dander off of your fine china and seasonal dishes with this trap

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to get the exact dimensions of the exterior item?

It measures eight by eight inches on the outside. The size of the piece is 5" x 13". The dimensions of the image are 875 x 18 inches. long x 75" wide

Can anyone tell me if this is where they store their dress police hats?

There are several fedora hats in this that my husband keeps.

Is it large enough to hold a woman's hat?

The answer is yes as long as you don't put the dividers in only one hat

Please tell me what the height of this box is. I can't see 625 listed. I think you should combine the ?

Due to the 5 inch height of the rectangle, that could be centimeters. Due to the fact that I am not the seller, I have no knowledge of

Selected User Reviews For Honey-Can-Do SFT-01630 Dinnerware Storage Set, 5-Piece,White

It is not accurate to describe what is going on

It states that it is QUILTED CLOTH fabric in this description. This is a quilted vinyl, not a cloth quilt. I'm very disappointed and the description needs to be changed to quilted vinyl. In the past, I had several of these sets made from silk, but it was really cloth! Description of honey- It is possible- SFT is a good idea The 01630 5-digit code describes the following A complete dinnerware storage set, white. Store fine china and special occasion dishes safely with this complete There is zippered protection for saucer Plates, dessert Plates, salad Plates, dinner Plates, and cups in the quilted cloth fabric storage case. The cup storage case also has dividers made with chipboard as an extra layer of It can be used as a housewarming gift or a.

Hadleigh Savage
Hadleigh Savage
| Sep 08, 2020
Fabric is NOT used in the fabric dinnerware set

Despite the fact that the description and pictures for the 5pc Dinnerware Set are inaccurate, I still purchased it! There is a label on the fabric that says it is quilted CLOTH. That is not the case! A very thin (very thin) vinyl (plastic) with no padding at all is the material! Plastic (or vinyl) of this type will degrade quickly and last for a short time. This is NOT the type of material I would like for my It might be useful for me to The plate can hold a number of plastic plates that won't break (like camping plates), In addition, I found the zippers to be some of the cheapest available. Their performance wasn't smooth when they came out of the package, and one of them was separated right out of the package, which I fixed. Additionally, the plate dividers were made of thin (very thin) packing foam and not felt. They were so thin that nothing would be protected! They can just be thrown There's no such thing as a thin foam divider when you can use a paper doily! Buy a $10 gift card. You can also buy fabric from us for just 00 more! I would not recommend spending $17 on this. There was a 50-dollar charge!.

Erin Willis
Erin Willis
| Dec 09, 2020
A great value for the money surprised by what I saw

There may be some logic behind some of these negative reviews, but I have no idea. My bridal shower china finally arrived, and I wanted to find something to collect it and protect it from dust or accidentally breaking individual pieces. Instead of just placing it on my buffet table, I thought I would group it together and store it. After searching Amazon and looking at the reviews, I decided not to spend $30++ on this set. I had the set in my cart, but after reading the reviews I removed it and tried another one. This is the one I kept coming back to since it is so affordable. For $12, you can get all the covers for a china set. This is ridiculously cheap, guys! My thinking was that I could always return it if it was really that bad. My new book arrived yesterday, and it was even better than I expected. It appears to be made of vinyl and is quilted thickly. They even provide protectors over the plates that you place on top of them to stack them. My china fits perfectly inside of each one. This is an amazing price for a product that is exactly what I was searching When storing your china, this is a great way to protect it. It will save you some money and make sure it keeps its shape. I recommend not looking at the more expensive sets on Amazon, their quality will be the same as this set, but they will be more expensive. Excellent product. I am very pleased.

Teagan Baird
Teagan Baird
| Sep 16, 2020
Your china will remain clean in this plastic storage, but it will never be protected from It is not quilted fabric, as described in the product description There is quilted plastic in it

The second problem is that the bottom has no base, so if you drop these, it will destroy your system You can say goodbye to the Your dishes will not be protected if you move them. In order to protect the bottom of the plate, I traced it onto foamcore. The reason I gave it two stars is that I found it the least expensive option to store family china that I rarely Please note *Edit Upon looking at the container after the return window closed, I found that one of the seams were not on line, and I have not been able to locate A very frustrating experience.

Robert George
Robert George
| May 08, 2021
The price is great for what you get

After buying more expensive fabrics and then these, I realized a better option does not mean a more expensive one When you have such simple utilitarian items that can be bought for a reasonable price, it's not necessary to spend lots of money. The ones I have work well and I am sure they will last as long as I need All the usual pieces are included in the set During a kitchen remodel, I had to pack four sets of china, and these will be used again and again in the.

Selene Griffith
Selene Griffith
| Apr 27, 2021
The quality of service you receive is dictated by your budget
Jericho Berg
Jericho Berg
| May 26, 2021
We had a much better experience than expected

Although I was reticent to order this due to some of the reviews, I think it's the perfect solution for my needs. I needed a place to store my occasionally used documents safely. I recently reorganized my china cabinet so I could store my 50-year-old wedding china (8-piece setting) in a better spot than in the bottom. It is easy to fit all my china cups, sugar bowl, and cream pitcher into the cup storage box as they are old and worn out. The pluses are This plastic stacking container is made of soft and pliable padded plastic it can hold in two or three containers at once I will have to zip and unzip the bag carefully to make sure it is sturdy enough to last. In terms of packing for a move, it is not very protective. It was necessary to cut a second piece of cardboard to place on top of the cup container (they include one for the bottom) to make it more sturdy during Obviously I will be ordering something different for my holiday china, simply because I have more extra pieces and want a set which includes the containers. However, I will be ordering this item for the storage of my summer china.

Alvaro Nichols
Alvaro Nichols
| Feb 19, 2021
The system is ideal for organizing closets

It is great to have these boxes for storage. In my coat closet, I use them for hats, gloves, and scarves. As far as the foam dividers go, I can see how it would be helpful with plates, but I won't need I can use them for my items because they're sturdy The labels do not need to be created. My order included two of each plate size (I wish they were sold in a set, instead of individually), large and small. The scarves and gloves will be separate this time, and the kids' summer/winter hats will be apart.

Harry McKenzie
Harry McKenzie
| Aug 14, 2020

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