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Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue

Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue

Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue
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You can put 3/4 c. of your favorite spice in the large hourglass shakers.
There are about six inches between the shakers
Water is effectively kept out by virtual airtight, liquid-tight seals
This classic favorite has been enjoyed

Questions & Answers

There is an indication that the container is Tupperware, but the fine print says Rupperware. What do you think of this Tupperware?

It is a Tupperware container. There is a picture of this on the bottom of the salt and pepper shakers.

Red versions of these are they available? Does the fire engine have red flames?

Prior to the current catalog, they were available in red. This year, the only ones available If you can find a set from a previous catalog, you may be able to borrow it.

Does anyone have the tops of lg hourglass salt and pepper shakers for sale?

It should be possible for you to get a new set for free if your tupperware was guaranteed for life. Try contacting a tupperware sales person, you can give them yours and get a new set

How long does it last in the dishwasher?

Thank you for your inquiry, dear customer. If it can be put in the dishwasher, of course.

Selected User Reviews For Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers, Tokyo Blue

The packaging and assembly of the product were poor

My grandmother used to use these shakers when we were children, so I ordered them as a reminder. It is hard to find the plastic salt and pepper shakers with colored tops, so I was really delighted to find Their arrival was hampered by the fact that they were wrapped in what can basically The top two pieces came in three pieces, and I broke two fingersnails trying to snap together the top two pieces (not the lid and base, but the Considering how difficult it was to attach, and why it wasn't already assembled that way, I am curious as to why it wasn't. The rest of the time, they work great.

Leonel Simon
Leonel Simon
| Apr 21, 2021
I'm not talking about the originals

In the midst of all these years, my old original Tupperware salt and pepper shakers became depleted There are no pepper shakers left. In order to refit my new home, I had to replace them. I liked some of the old ones too, but this one isn't my favorite. Their size has changed a lot since I was a child.

| Jan 08, 2021
I give it one star

There is no way to describe these. This is a knockoff, according to me.

Emerald Larsen
Emerald Larsen
| Jul 09, 2021
It is made of thin, cheap materials

It is necessary to install the caps on these shakers. Because the plastic is so flimsy, I could not press the tiny rod on the end of the cap into the clasp which should hold it in place. It bent and would not snap as it should. This is amazing! Having never heard of Tupperware, I was utterly surprised to find out that it is! I never will! Plus the price is so reasonable! I don't think this is worth $0. Though I will keep it since I need something that will seal, I wouldn't have bought if I had known how poor it was. No, I do not mean that the quality isn't good. I am very disappointed in the quality of the product!.

Donald Greer
Donald Greer
| Apr 20, 2021
There is a problem with the lid caps connecting This could be a bad batch, but the caps for the lids were poorly made and there is excess plastic around the area where the cap is supposed to fit into the lid slot

In order to do that, you would need to- I had to chop it down to get it to the size I wanted. It is curious to note that the plastic of the shaker bodies seems to be very nearly transparent All the way to the end. It was nice to find an unused 70s model on another site that I prefer to those originals, but I wouldn't recommend these new ones at all (and would not give them to a loved one).

Heidi Wells
Heidi Wells
| Jul 21, 2020
These salt and pepper shakers are great for entertaining

This set of shakers were considerably less quality than the ones I had been It was impossible for me to close even the small lids. It does not weigh the same as before. My disappointment led me not to return them, but I was too lazy. This is something I really wish I had done.

Janiyah Webster
Janiyah Webster
| Jul 04, 2021
I'm not happy because the lids won't stay on, and salt and pepper barely spill

The Tupperware of the past is not what we have now. I am very disappointed in this product.

Annabelle Kramer
Annabelle Kramer
| Sep 22, 2020
Shaker made of Tupperware for salt and pepper

It was incredibly difficult to get into the school for the kids. The only thing I do with them is to take them out Nonetheless, it was a very disappointing experience for me.

Rodrigo BYRNE
Rodrigo BYRNE
| Apr 08, 2021

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