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Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel

Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel

Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel
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With a height of just 11 inches and a width of just 1 inch, this is the smallest sous vide tool on the market. With a streamlined white body and a stainless steel cap and base, this pen weighs 3 pounds.
Half the size of other sous vide machines, it is small enough to fit into top drawers and save space. ISO 802 is the IEEE standard. Compatible with 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi There is only a 4 GHz band
This unit is built to heat up water quickly it uses 1100 watts. The iOS 8 operating system is required. A device running Android 4.0 or later is required. You may need an internet connection for some features if you use version 4 or later
Results that are perfect The Joule app's Visual Doneness feature shows you in real time when food is done cooking. There's no issue with getting dinner right every time. The vessel requirements are very simple - minimum There are 38 millimeters in a 5 inch (14 centimeter) diameter. 203 millimeters (eight inches) is the maximum depth of the water
Compatible with iOS and Android? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC what are my options? The Bluetooth connection alone can connect the device, or the Wi-Fi connection can be used from anywhere. Apple Bluetooth smart 4 has been launched. The use of wireless technology 0
Warning This product should only be used with 120 volt outlets. As a result of our precise heating technology, voltage transformers and converters may damage your Joule. If used outside of North America, the warranty will be invalidated.
NOTE This is a chefsteps item

Questions & Answers

It's likely that if the company ended up shutting down, the app would no longer be supported and the tool would no longer be useful. Does this sound wrong to you?

Because Joule is compatible with Alexa, if the company ever ceased to update their app, the ability to use Alexa could be a workaround that would not require the Joule application. WiFi and Alexa would be all you need, and that won't go out of style until the device dies. In addition, Joule has the unique characteristic of being able to update its firmware, unlike other sous vide circulators. In fact, ChefSteps did have a separate app with many more recipes for anything you can think of, but it has since been discontinued. The app was once meant to be able to serve both purposes, but now it has just one app and about 100 recipes are limited to sous vide only. I hope they do the right thing It might be helpful to know this.

How will the Bluetooth connection be affected if the phone is taken out of Bluetooth range or turned ?

This device makes use of both wireless and Bluetooth technologies. With Joule, you can use the app for as long as your device is connected to your wifi network at home. Joule has cooked my food while I was away from home, working, and the app connected to the app over cellular network even though I wasn't home. It has not yet been tried to turn my phone off while Joule and the app are In this case, I can only assume Joule will continue to work or will wait for you to finish the current task.

On the same dinner table, how should I arrange things so that I can cook one medium-rare steak for one person, and another medium/medium-well steak for another?

You can begin by starting the medium-length An hour before you begin medium rare, rub the well steak with your hands. Start out by cooking a steak at the higher temperature for one hour. Then reduce the heat (add some ice cubes) to medium rare, add the steak, and cook it for another hour. I am a medium-sized business A well-done steak won't continue to cook, it will simply hold its temperature after it is cooked Your medium-ness until you reach your high-ness The steak is done when it is rare. Furthermore, once both steaks are done, you can leave them in the water until you're ready to serve them. Once they are out of the plastic bags, pat them dry and give them a quick sear to color them. The rest is up to you. Vegetables are the same way to me As I begin my veggies at a higher temperature for an hour, I lower the temperature and add my proteins and cook in accordance with the guidelines. As always, my veggies are excellent, and my proteins as well.

Are you able to use this in Japan (100V)?

Thanks for getting in touch, It's great to hear that you checked At the time of writing, Joule is only available for pre-order and for shipment within the US, and Joule will not be covered by our warranty when used outside While we have a very strong commitment to our international members, we plan to extend some of our services to some international markets in the near Our hope is to expand to international markets as soon as possible, but we cannot set an ETA at this time.

Selected User Reviews For Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide, Stainless Steel

The best food on the planet

It has an awesome app, a great device, and great Joule, thanks for the kind words! As a person who is not easily impressed, I am difficult to impress. The truth is I have actually sent a number of supposedly high quality kitchen tools over to you over the years, even though I admit to a lifelong love for cooking and the associated collection We sent back all the end items because they failed to live up to expectations. This is a reply to the email I sent you less than 3 weeks ago. The day the package arrived, I started rummaging through the freezer and pulled out a sad-looking, probably somewhat frozen fish that I think may have been leftover from the freezer Sadly, a chicken breast with no skin and no bone has been burnt. Because I buy meat fresh from the butcher every day, these items had been sitting there for so long I could no longer recall when they were purchased. Seeing as they were in a ziplock rather than vacuum sealed, I had little hope of them working. heck, I just want to try it out. After filling up the 6 Qt stainless liner with hot tap water, clipping the Joule on the side and plugging it in, I removed the liner from my Instant Pot. Because I already had the app on my phone, I followed the tutorial and successfully renamed Joule and got it working on my WiFi's network. In the app, I had to perform a control test and heat some water from my phone, all of which went very smoothly. I chose to use the Chicken Breast Guide (the app's name for a recipe) and followed the directions. In choosing the "juicy" temp setting of 149°F, looking at the visual doneness videos, I chose the setting of 149°F. My breast was frozen and about 1 inches in circumference when I described it to the app. Joule began heating the water after the app determined the cooking time from the information provided by 5 inches. I’d just added my food to the Joule pot when the temperature reached the set point, so I could put it in to cook a few minutes later. To conduct the experiment, I took one rock-hard frozen breast, placed it into a 1 gal Ziploc freezer bag, and added Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and olive oil to it. As I slid it into the pot, I submerged it under water in order to evacuate any remaining air, and then I sealed the bag Another breast was left to thaw so I could try other things like pounding it into equal thickness, and trimming it into shape before cooking in order to achieve even thickness. Joule was done then, and I could leave it for up to 2 more hours without it overcooking. I left the kitchen and Joule to do something else. My phone provided alerts that the machine was done, and that I could leave it for up to 2 hours. Back in the kitchen, I set my cast iron skillet to preheat so I could sear the meat. Then I opened what was left of the Ziploc just out of the Joule, threw some olive oil in it, and waited for the pan to get hot. As I pressed the breast into the hot skillet, I dried it, seasoned it, dusted it with flour and dusted it again with flour. With a little more than 2 minutes, I got a nice, crisp brown crust. I turned it out onto the cutting board and cut it in half. Bias slices in a dozen. After cutting the chicken, there was almost no juice loss, but I noticed it was soft with a slight squeeze producing glistening juice. When I popped the slice in my mouth, I was hit with a sensation of the best skin and soft chicken I have ever tasted. The food was absolutely amazing. . . I had 3 more family members taste the food and they were all completely amazed at how well it had been He said it best, "I would be blown away if I tasted this at a fine dining restaurant, and I would be even more blown away if I tasted it in our kitchen as you experiment with a new toy. . . it's just crazy good. " My favorite was a dinner party for four where I used Chefstep's Filet Mignon recipe with broccoli puree and radicchio salad. Since then I have prepared probably 20 sous vide meals. The puree is topped with salad, then topped with the meat, and cutting through it all for one great bite is amazing! This purée is velvety smooth, flavorful with English cheddar, while the shredded salad is a balsamic, oil and dijon dressing topped with fresh chives and blue cheese, microplaned and frozen into perfect flakes to enhance its It is IMO superior to the sous vide method for preparing a beautifully seasoned and tender filet, which is then seared in butter and fresh herbs on the stove top. The flavour of the steak was amazing and no need for a spendy steakhouse when I can achieve the same results with sous vide. * Perhaps my most impressive accomplishment thus far was to cook a meat of 3 lbs. 2 inches in diameter. A cheap chunk of [email protected] meat I cooked sous vide for 48 hours had a mouthfeel as tenderloin would have had, and a superior beefy flavor it would never possess. It looked red and juicy, not grey like any
After 40 years of gourmet cooking, a vast knowledge of food chemistry and techniques, literally thousands spent on training, and all manner of accessories, I would like to think that after all this, I have invested in a home for long cooks like these. I have found something I am really excited about when it comes to high-end appliances. If you cook a protein by any other method it is very likely that the result will not be as good, and definitely won't be as As opposed to buying expensive meats that need to be cooked over high heat, letting them rest later, and so on it's easy and cheap to do it this way. It is fine to let Joule go past the done time by a few hours without any adverse consequences. This is simply holding the meat at a constant temperature of 129°F so that you can sear it and serve it. In sous vide steak, there is no need to rest as its juices have not spilled over and migrated into other parts of the dish. They remain intact and preserve every morsel of it to be sweet and juicy to the tooth. There is no better way to see results than by trying it yourself. . . . but I will go so far as to say that if your food isn't cooked sous vide, you aren't getting all of the goodness you paid for. . . and you are constantly putting your food at risk of cooking errors by using traditional high-heat cooking. The sous vide process is also difficult to replicate, as it was initially invented to reduce waste when cooking foie gras in the 70s. The method resulted in a 20% savings in cooking costs and a much higher profit for the restaurant, given how much foie gras costs. Cooking sous vide is the result of a strong obsession with perfection akin to French cuisine. Another concern I have read about plastic cooking is that I have read several comments about people who are concerned about it. first reaction to sous vide is that the results are so good, I consider the risk mitigated for myself and my family. In the absence of a documented hard link, cooking in BPAs does not seem to be a viable option Food safety bags and health risks are in direct opposition to the direct link that charring food, especially meat, results in cancer. As reported by the USDA, food purity and safety are always a matter of personal taste. . . I like my grill marks to be black and my corners to be crisp. . . and I love to eat sous vide meals.

Fiona Sims
Fiona Sims
| Oct 26, 2020
A disappointment for sure

Over the last 4 months, I've used this product about 10 times, but this latest use results in the product not working at all. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I bought this despite its inferior quality and the fact that it was a bit smaller in size. I am sure this is not the case for most people, but I had strange connectivity issues besides the failures. When I contacted Support, they told me I should kick rocks since it was bought from a 3rd party seller instead of Directly from In spite of what they said, I would have expected A Little Bit of Sympathy at the very least if their product failed more than a few weeks early. The only thing they advised was to contact the seller I purchased the item from, but the seller would not honor the I purchased this from Amazon Warehouse, which I find to be quite disappointing. Having read some other reviews, it seems this is not the first time this has happened to this type of device. As for why and how it failed, according to previous reviews it hasn't crashed before. This is just a plastic-cased dead In fact, when I got a closer look at the unit, I saw it had developed a crack when it was overheating, so I'm assuming it destroyed itself, since it was in water and water got to places it wasn't supposed to. Since I wasn't in the room when it happened, it could have been much worse than just a faulty unit.

Maria James
Maria James
| Aug 07, 2020
I was able to use it for a short time, but after a while I had trouble staying connected to Bluetooth and then I had problems After I called Chef Steps directly, due to the fact that I bought the item from Amazon, they couldn't assist me, as the return period had already expired

Otherwise, I guess I'm out of options.

Dion Sloan
Dion Sloan
| Nov 25, 2020
The software is great for starting and cooking, but it always loses connection with the internet

The software is great for starting and cooking, but it always loses connection with the internet. Because of this, it will never turn off at the right time. In other words, the timer has no value. With four different phones and tablets, two different WiFi connections, and even using my mobile device as a mobile hot spot, I have tried this.

Knox Conner
Knox Conner
| Sep 25, 2020
Buying is not a good idea

What a waste of time this is. The phone will stop working if you do not leave it 10 feet away from you. You can get one with a real dial if you stop trying to be high-tech. Meat is supposed to be cooked by it.

Foster Barron
Foster Barron
| Apr 26, 2021
I love this thing! Sous Vide cooking on a Paragon has been in my repertoire for quite a while

I found that it worked the same way as this but that it took a lot of room I've never imagined that this new Joule would be so small and it gets the water to temperature so quickly. The LIPAVI container and custom lid I purchased are both of excellent quality. As if they were made for each other! Compared to regular cooking, Sous Vide is quicker, since it only takes five minutes to set up and five minutes to clean up. The service does not interrupt my work, and I gain weight as a result. This is a win-win situation! Here's a Flat Iron steak I just dropped off. Already getting a taste of saliva in my mouth. A brief update The second one has just been purchased so I will be able to cook steaks at two different temperatures. The things that are mentioned here are awesome!.

Valeria Andrews
Valeria Andrews
| Jan 28, 2021

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