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Godinger Beaded Mint Julep Cup, 3.25

Godinger Beaded Mint Julep Cup, 3.25"

Godinger Beaded Mint Julep Cup, 3.25
$ 24.99

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So many mint julep cups are available, how can you choose which is the best?

Hello, I have bought a lot of Mint Julep cups on Amazon over the last few years, and I would have to say that the Reed and Barton cups are the best I have bought. If you do a search for them, you will find a few. If I were you, I would go with the ones that are a bit more expensive if you're looking to keep them looking nice. The others haven't been bad, and you got the right size.

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Corrosion was present on mine

A couple of bugs somehow managed to get inside mine The silver finish corroded as their guts served as fuel. It takes a lot of fun out of tilting one back to see the corroded shadows of some beast.

Kylie Duke
Kylie Duke
| Mar 25, 2021
Even though this product had a beautiful design, it was too small to be used as a
Molly Clayton
Molly Clayton
| Sep 23, 2020
This star is for you

There is no room for it here, and it's too.

| Oct 31, 2020
Thank you

I'm very satisfied with your service. The cups will be used for my wedding as Bride and Groom cups. They are beautiful and have a beautiful finish.

Lucille Cook
Lucille Cook
| Jul 19, 2020
Our bartenders used these little whiskey glasses as julep glasses at our derby party even though they were small

I should have realized that they were small, but I think they were reluctant to use them. In order for them to be perfect, they need to be a little bit larger. Overall, they are cute, and they are as advertised.

Selah Ball
Selah Ball
| Aug 04, 2020

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