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Cook N Home 11 Cook N Home 11

Cook N Home 11" Granton Edge Slicing Knife Roast/Fish Slicer, Green

Cook N Home 11 Cook N Home 11
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In addition to a rounded tip, the sharp edge of the Preston knife prevents food from being stuck to the
The blade is made of durable, flexible, balanced, and lightweight stainless steel, made in Germany
This blade has a long, sharp edge to slice easily it measures To carry out heavy duty tasks, add 5 inches to the total length
The handle has a textured surface for comfort and grip, bright colors to enhance visibility, and non-slip pads to create
It is multipurpose and ideal for meat, bread, vegetables, and fruits. It is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is

Questions & Answers

Has it been certified by NSF?

There are no NSF markings on the blade of the knife, despite being stainless steel.

What is the length of the blade if it is 11 inches or does the 11 inches include the handle?

A. Yes, the blade is 11 inches high

A sheath can be used for covering the knife's blade, right?

I don't think it does. My blades were simply put in a drawer with the knife on top.

Does this knife need to be sharpened if it gets dull?

In short, yes. Almost any good knife sharpener worth his salt will be able to do the job quickly and accurately.

Selected User Reviews For Cook N Home 11" Granton Edge Slicing Knife Roast/Fish Slicer, Green

This is an incredible deal! I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a product that cut better and probably couldn't afford it if it were more expensive

When we had a bbq cookout, I used this to cut my brisket and it was amazing-- A good start led to a good finish.

Dakota Rowe
Dakota Rowe
| Aug 09, 2020
You're so sharp! It's as sharp as a tack! Because it must be hand washed with care, it would be great if it were dishwasher safe! Moreover, it would be nice if a sheath came with it- To avoid accidents, I had to stick it in a foam block

Having said that, it made leftover roast beef paper thin, so when the day comes to dispatch the Thanksgiving turkey, I can't wait.

Kobe Holder
Kobe Holder
| Oct 16, 2020
It is the perfect fillet knife for fish filleting

I have used it for about a year now. The weight is perfect and the feel is superb. The strudiness and solidity of the build seems impressive. To cut the lox that I make at home, I use this knife. It just takes a few practice sessions for me to slice the salmon into ultra thin slices. I still find the knife to be very sharp after a number of The knife should not be used very often except for cutting prime rib from time to time.

Jeffery Stephenson
Jeffery Stephenson
| Apr 26, 2021
The sharpness

It is a good product, I like the feel of it, but the knife is not very sharp.

Giuliana FitzPatrick
Giuliana FitzPatrick
| Jun 23, 2021
Brisket slices are easy to make

This was also picked up at the same time as the set of two - For preparing meats and such for the grill itself and for smoking, you may want to have boning knives from the same company around. Specifically designed for slicing brisket, this knife holds a sharp edge and is easy to use. * The handles are nice and beefy and comfortable to hold.

Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews
| Oct 18, 2020
Would have been better if it had been more defined

This is still a good thing. In spite of its beauty, the knife looks like it is restaurant grade. In fact, even the sharpness is restaurant grade, which is the reason chefs always bring their own knives to work. Given that it is brand new, the sharpness could have been better. It doesn't matter if the knives are cheap at Wal-Mart As of the start of the month, Mart is looking sharp. I don't mean to deceive you this is an excellent product for the price, however, it could have been much sharper.

Hunter Valencia
Hunter Valencia
| Aug 30, 2020
This is the best knife I have ever owned

I can't remember the last time I bought such a knife. In the last three dozen times I have used it, it hasn't I use it both as a turkey carving and as a prime rib carving.

Ibrahim Hines
Ibrahim Hines
| Apr 29, 2021
Probably the best carving knife you can buy for the price

This knife is quite good for its price. I have been able to carve a lot of meat quickly with it and it will remain especially after I upgrade to a higher grade later. $15 is not much, but this is more than I expected for that price. Ideal for people who are new to cutting or who just want some decent knives without breaking the bank.

Fisher Calhoun
Fisher Calhoun
| Aug 23, 2020

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