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NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW))

NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW))

NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW)) NICE PURCHASE New Portable Folding Mosquito Net Tent Freestand Bed 1 or 2 Openings (1.0m(75 by 38 inches LxW))
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FULL mesh bottom
About size: Please read the size chart on the Third Picture.
Package content: 1 x Mosquito Netting, 1 x slide in storage bag

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I am wondering if I can This net tent can be conveniently carried in a standard carry-on bag with a height of 0 meters (for king beds). Is it on my ?

Despite the fact that it won't fit in a roller bag, I got it into a Patagonia carry-on.

The bottom of the cabinet is removable, right? Is the floor hard so you'll need to lay your mattress on it if it's not?

It doesn't have a removable bottom, and the top is not hard. If you use it as a bed, you can cover it with a blanket and add pillows to the corners. In any case, a blanket would work fine since it is made of the same netting as the bottom.

Is it possible to hang a lantern inside? Will a fan weighing more than a lantern be able to support it?

A lantern would not fit in this space, according to my opinion. My yard uses the fence to deter birds from destroying seedlings. Sometimes I place a sheet over it on a hot day in order to prevent the plants from burning, and the window bows when the sheet is lifted. Likewise, there is no place for a lantern to be clipped inside. The stroller is sturdy enough in its own right (I have had it for 3 years) but it is too lightweight for much weight to be supported.

Is there a double bed that fits the following size?

That's all well and good. Would you mind explaining what you mean by "double" The full version of this article is available at I have one that is 54"W x 75"L or Queen-size This product has a dimension of 60"W x 80"L based on the chart and specification listed below. 1. The following is a numerical scale 0- It is 75 inches long by 39 inches wide. 4W x 1br The following are the results of the survey It measures 75" long by 47" wide. 'W*1', '2' W*7. This is the fifth of the six. The size of the bag is 59"L x 7"W. The eight digits have the following format Seven inches long by seventy-five inches wide. You will have your answer once you do the comparison.

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I like the item a lot

A trip to Africa led me to purchase this netted product. It was a bit disappointing when the employees changed towels, sheets, etc. , for us even though we stayed in a "high end" lodge. If they let bugs in, they would infect the system. It would be a great place for bugs to sleep Various window treatments were provided in the bedrooms, and there were bug screen curtains around the beds, but I felt they could use an additional layer for protection. The products were tested during a trip to Mexico (where there are not only flying insects, but insects in the air, on the ground, in the ceiling, and in the bed. Hotel ratings are extremely important even if it has a number of stars next to After one bite, my daughter develops massive welts that are extremely red and swollen. Testing indicated she is not allergic to ticks, however, the bite area appears extremely A good night's sleep is a pleasure to me. So there you go. As a result, I am unable to travel internationally if I am worrying about bugs. In that case, so be it. The study was months in the making. A little while ago, I was almost ready to buy the sleeping bag size one. The bottom of the cabinet was solid plastic and therefore retaining a lot of It's amazing how long it took me to see this. The vendors I did not see earlier were probably a result of Amazon's negotiation with them. We gave it a shot because of the price (and free shipping with Prime). The following are a few things to keep in mind 1

A very small hole can be seen in the net. Despite my best efforts, nothing reached me. I did extensive research before making this decision. Based on the screen's dimensions, it has approximately 32 square cm of holes. This is what you get if you do the math. The area of 7 cm2 is equal to This is 09in2. It means you have 226 holes, or approximately 224 holes. Two holes are often found in each of the 225 holes on screens. There have been a few that are as high as 285in2. 1.
2. The pop-up appears immediately. * * *3. It comes in a bag with a zipper that makes it easy to pack flat. You must be extremely careful not to catch the netting on the back side of the zipper when you place the item in the bag. The four

. A diagrammed instruction sheet is included about how to unfold and stow it. You can watch the video here. Video of folding freestanding net bed portable will appear if you search for it. You Tube has a couple of them. If you aren't familiar with this video, DO NOT attempt to fold it. Here are some examples Here's the link There is nortonsafe. com. You are searching. Ask for it. What is . com/search? If chn=1000 and Type = Videos Cite as doi2016- 13 & 14 US & Canada ID 4C2D23DE- The 1-EAD. This is 4C51. The A6DF The 1685FD07F62C and Translation en_US &ndash The o=APN11918 & Input is p2=%5EEQ%5Dfd20us%5E& Id 1 & NSBU & NSBU Search for "portable+folding+freestand+bed+net+video" If tpr=10 & The number of views is 22

5. As a result of number 1, There are five and one ways to do it. There is a difference between the way 8 and 1 are folded. It consists of two zeroes and one one. It is important to watch out for this or the item may be damaged. This is 6. A simple fold is all you need. It took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of it. It will be easier to fold if you practice it prior to your trip. The seventh point. Our attention was focused on the dimensions of these items when folded. A trip to Africa is especially important. This item is incredibly lightweight and extremely small, but the dimensions were off just a bit. Two of them are shown in the attached picture. In the example, 1 is the larger number. A 1 is smaller than a 2. The 1 tells you everything you need to know. There are 23 digits in 5. One and a half feet wide when packed, while one and a half feet wide when rolled. 20 is 2 divided by 2. When packed, the box is 5" wide. Three of the one we brought were here. A 2s suitcase is not permitted to go to Africa as a result of its width dimensions. (My photo posts upside down in spite of uploading upright for some reason). 8.

Located at the top of the bed, this item is a bedside table. Unless you already have sheets and comforters inside, you will need to place them in the sides should be the same as the edges of a fitted sheet. It is possible for the mattress cover to "fit" around the top. But no one has thought of that. Open this item by clicking over the bottom of the screen. It can then be imported with all the other sheets, comforters, and pillows. At 6'0", I have at least 2" of extra space below my feet when I am lying on this item with a pillow below my head. The tenth point. In addition to keeping this item in place, I also put tape on the mattress (even though I haven't seen it "walk" off Whenever I use a mattress clip, I use it. In each corner, clip one of those to the bottom of the mattress (with the fabric under the clip so the screen is not ripped) and then to the bottom of the mattress at the In order to use it, you will need to exert very little effort. As far as I can tell, you seem to use this item as you are in an international setting where insect protection might not be as good as it is at home. A common cause of death in Africa is HIV/AIDS, malaria, and dengue. There are risks associated with this item (such as Zika in Mexico, etc. ), however the fact that this product is so lightweight and cost-effective makes the extra effort worthwhile. In addition to the 30-capacity insurance, we would have needed to buy coverage in the $100 range A deet solution containing 40% should be applied before bed. In this case, we can only hope that a mosquito carrying malaria didn't somehow find a spot that we The deet we used every day was really effective. In that one as well, I did not feel like sleeping.

Keep in mind Infected humans are infected by the Anopheles mosquito that bites them during the dark hours, from dusk to dawn. The only time is There is no sound from the Anopheles mosquito. It wouldn't make sense to hear them because they don't buzz. When you are asleep, this means you are the target. There is also protection from other diseases such as filariasis (known for causing massive swelling of the limbs) and other insects and arachnids such as ticks, beetles, flies, and spiders with bed nets. If you live in a malarious area, please keep bedrooms free of tight fittings If your windows have fitting screens or if the screens are broken, you will need insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets, except in buildings with sealed windows and central air. This is true even when standard precautions are taken. As far as guaranteeing success goes, it depends on how cautious you are.

Elsa Matthews
Elsa Matthews
| Nov 08, 2020
The mosquito tent can be folded in the following way A video of funny things

IBPS MCAS NCAS Those nights when you are infested by mosquitoes are ideal for tent camping. Here is a video showing how I folded it after taking a while to figure it out. I was not able to figure out how to fold this. Though I did not understand initially, I remained steadfast in my attempt to stitch the thing back together, and after about half an hour, I was successful in sewing it back together! I received a twin-sized mattress, as stated in the listing. Is just the right size for a twin bed. Although I was surprised that the tent's bottom also had mesh, it makes sense that the tent would be completely mosquito-proof. Although I might cut out the bottom mesh so I don't have to sleep on mesh, so I can just pop the tent on top of the bed. There is a size chart in one of the seller's photos, if you are unable to locate it. The seller has not bothered to type out the size chart in the product description, so I had to spend a lot of time figuring out this chart and what each size means (i. e. , 1m or 2m).

Natasha Powell
Natasha Powell
| Mar 13, 2021
Dayz is a fun game! Suggie play is a lot of fun with this! If there were an easy-to-use one, I would be all over it The floor needs to be cleaned

cover the screening, but they tunnel under, and I have to take out some of the screens for the screening. There's a good chance I'll have to use a power sprayer on It would also be nice if the structures that hold it upright were But, despite all that, it works and is way better than a regular tent or tub!.

Gloria Bird
Gloria Bird
| May 14, 2021
I think this idea is the best ever! My goal with this purchase was to use it every night for my queen bed

I bought it over a month ago. For anyone who has a problem with bugs crawling on their bodies at night, it's the best idea ever. needs to be carefully unzipped and zips up, so I zip with Even though I got it unfolded, I still have not taken the time to figure out how to refold it and put it back The only reason for a 4-star rating is how easily it collapses and how unintuitive it is to fold up and collapse again. I give this product five stars because of its idea and functionality. THE UPDATE IS In my attempt to fold this, I failed several times. Neither side of my frame was straight since my attempts resulted in a bent frame. YouTube videos on folding helped me learn how to be more proficient at it, as did the pictures and instructions that accompanied the book. The test failed. The piece of food was thrown out after I cut it up. My gut tells me that I could have done this with another person, but I'm kind of skeptical about I don't know if it's okay to take it anywhere as long as you don't plan on going anywhere with it. As a result, the star rating has now been reduced to one star due to all the sweat, swore and effort it took to fold it and bend.

Julio Velez
Julio Velez
| Jul 16, 2020
In the pre- Review of the trip and review of the trip afterward

There is a pop-up here It will be a pleasant companion for a trip to Indonesia when I use this mosquito net. I plan to spray it with pyrethrum before I leave, and when I arrive at my hotel, I will attach it to the bed with Bed Bands before I leave. With the help of videos on Youtube, I've already practiced setting it up and folding it up. Upon returning from my trip, I will update this review with my experience with it. I plan to practice more before I use it on my trip. I am writing this post-trip update for the benefit of all who read it. I had not had time to spray pyrethrum on my net before I left, so I left it without that precaution and still made my way home. The most common beds I slept on were bigger than the net and attached with bed bands the corners of the sheets to the corners of the bed. Using a sarong or Dreamsack as a sheet, I used my blow-up mask, my blow-up hose, and my bed sheet during my initial flight. Inside a silk travel pillowcase is an inflated travel pillow. Additionally, I had brought my iPad with me into the net so that I could read and have an alarm clock with me. I was able to orient the zipped side to whichever side of the bed made the most sense as long as it was on the zipped side. Collapsing the net, rewinding it, and repacking it apparently proved challenging at first. It became easier to rewind the wire after a handful of uses, though the wire did not loosen completely. Despite its size, it did not take up any space in my medium suitcase, which was packed last. The net, zipper, and portable case were all durable throughout the three-day trip. I experienced no mosquito bites during the entire duration of my trip, and it helped me to sleep through the night in the absence of any screens or air conditioning. Every time I got up in the middle of the night, I rezipped my net immediately after getting out of bed. Since I did not use the net every night during my trip for three weeks, I would not say it earned a rigorous work-out We're done. I found that it held up well and I would recommend it, especially at this price range.

Amelie Davenport
Amelie Davenport
| Jun 12, 2021

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