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Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin

Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin

Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin
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It is made entirely of polyester
With this Harry Potter twin bed set, you will receive (1) a 64 x 86 inch twin comforter, (1) a fitted sheet 39 x 75 inches, (1) a flat sheet 66 x 96 inches, and (1) a standard pillowcase 20 x 30 inches. We have a fashionable and super soft Harry Potter bed set that's sure to add a touch of enchantment to your room.
A GREAT VALUE AND HIGH QUALITY - make sure your baby is as cozy as she can be. fabric is both soft and breathable and will keep you cool no matter what the weather is like. This pillow is created using 100% microfiber and is fade resistant, which means it is a comfortable option for sleeping. Cold machine washing is the best way to clean. If you want to dry the item on low, air dry or tumble dry.
PERFECT GIFT - This Harry Potter twin bed set is sure to bring a smile to the face of any child. Perfect for any bedroom, guest room, kids room, RV, or vacation house. Ideal gift to give to a student or a family member. Featuring Harry Potter, and other characters from the movie, this colorful design is fantastic!
Shop the complete Harry Potter collection - Coordinate your bedroom with all of our Warner Brothers Harry Potter products
FAST GROUP - We are still a small company run by our family. Our outstanding products and unmatched customer service place us in a unique position in the industry. We know our wonderful customers are the reason we are in business. Products we offer are of the highest quality and are non-toxic. Whether your kids need a new bedding set, their bedding is a real eye-catcher with our Harry Potter bedding collection. You can choose from boy's comforter sets, girl's comforter sets, sheet sets, or pillows in any combination you desire.

Questions & Answers

Is this an object that weighs a lot?

There is a total weight of 5 pounds on the entire bed.

Do you think this will fit a double bed?

I have a twin that's quite big

Is there a list of what Here, there are a lot of different answers. ?

1 fitted sheet, 1 comforter, 1 pillow case, and 1 fitted sheet were included in the 4 piece overwatch set.

What is the value of this product?

This game is a big hit with my grandson! This is a totally worthwhile venture in my opinion.

Selected User Reviews For Jay Franco Harry Potter Always Bed Set, Twin

This game is great for Minecraft fans

It is the best bedding I have ever seen for my son! As soon as you step into the room, the comforter catches your eye it is a very pretty and comfortable piece of bedding. It is worth the price since it comes with a set of sheets.

Shelby Small
Shelby Small
| Apr 24, 2021
It took a few months for the stitching to emerge

I bought this bedding set for my son because he loves minecraft! Yummy! I love the softness and comfort of this one! Our only complaint about the three stars is that the stitching in one corner came out after we had the comforter for a few months. In the end, I did manage to fix it, but I feel like it should've lasted longer than that for the price. The sheets themselves seem fine and have proven to be durable There was a problem with the set, maybe we just got a bad one, but I was not impressed.

Amir Bowen
Amir Bowen
| Mar 24, 2021
I really like this idea for a gift
Danielle Pollard
Danielle Pollard
| Nov 05, 2020
The colors are so bright and soft

It will appeal to anyone who enjoys Minecraft. In order to cover this new bed, we had to transfer my son's sheets from his twin bed to a full bed. We looked at a lot of bedding options for him because he loves video games. In spite of having to stay at home during the Civi- After receiving 19 orders for stay at home work, we found a set of Minecraft. It took me a moment to realize how cheap this bedding set was since it seemed silly to think it was that cheap. To ensure that he had two complete sets of sheets, we even ordered a matching set. I agree with my son that the sheets are really soft and extra comfy. There is a lot of vibrance in the colors, especially in The mattress is also very well suited for usage with a full mattress and a foam mattress topper.

Rosalie Mayer
Rosalie Mayer
| Mar 18, 2021
It is super-duper The bedding should be soft

Colors are vibrant, and everything washed well after the first wash (sheets and comforter). I loved the sheets, which were soft to the point of almost being When you remove the pillowcases from the pillows, for example, they slide off. These fabrics are a favorite of my son, who is fairly particular about fabrics. His favorite color is blue and he loves Minecraft, so it's an added bonus. A small complaint I have is that the comforter is not long enough on both While the length and width are both good, the width of the bedsheet could have been larger for the full size bed. The mattress cover does not quite cover the sides of the mattress, exposing the boxspring and requiring a bed skirt. As well as a set of pillow shams to go with it, I wish it came with.

Maurice Cherry
Maurice Cherry
| Jun 26, 2021
It is a great game for my 7-year-old

I recently upgraded my 7 year old from a toddler bed to a twin bed, and he required new bedding to go along with the switch. Sheet sets like this are absolutely beloved by him! I like how soft and comfortable it is. I've had to shout at him a few times now for dragging his comforter all over the house-in the heat of summer no less-so I told him to put it back on his bed.

Jeremy Wolf
Jeremy Wolf
| Jun 23, 2021
The materials are of high quality

The September 2019 update is as follows Since my son has had it on for nearly a year, he uses it nearly every day. The shirt is still in amazing condition, the colors are vibrant, and the stitching is perfectly in place. The purchase I made was very satisfying. This is the original Sept 2018 version A few weeks ago, we got this as a birthday present for one of our children. I'm sure he loves it a lot. There is decent quality to the sheets This is not Egyptian cotton, which may be expected at this price point, but it is not as thin as paper. While the comforter is substantial enough to keep him warm in the winter, it doesn't feel stifling here at the end of summer when the weather is starting to cool. My purchase was absolutely excellent, and I would certainly purchase it in other Minecraft patterns in the future.

Marie Barry
Marie Barry
| Jun 16, 2021
You will find everything you need to create your own themed bed in this set

The t-shirt was purchased for my 8 year old grandson, per the request of his grandfather. I am not a big fan of polyester, I would rather have cotton, but this design is no longer offered. Although I felt the set was a bit pricey, he was happy with it, so it was worth it. Besides the comforter, there is a fitted sheet and top sheet as well as two pillow cases included in the set. However, I would prefer a cotton comforter.

Samuel Sanford
Samuel Sanford
| Jan 06, 2021

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