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Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70"x72", Chocolate

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70 Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70
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A polyester fabric made entirely of polyester
Originally from abroad
INCLUDES A COMPLETE LUXURY SET - Each Creative Home Ideas shower curtain set includes a shower curtain rod, 12 beaded rollers, and 12 beaded A rod glides effortlessly across the roller balls, reducing friction and allowing for easy handling
fabric is fade resistant and the metal shower hooks are rust resistant. The product fits all standard shower curtain rods.
Adding a shower curtain with a fading ombre effect will add a new touch to any bathroom. In 11 colors, it comes in a textured design that will suit any décor
EASY TO CLEAN & MACHINE WASHABLE - Simply wash in cold water with a mild detergent on a Put the towel in a low-speed tumble dryer and remove immediately. The reverse side of the iron should be heated on low heat
DESIGNED TO FIT CURVED, STRAIGHT, AND ADJUSTABLE WINDOW MOUNTS - We have a variety of shower curtains designed to fit curved, straight, or adjustable window mounts. It measures 70 inches by 72 inches.

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if the item is It doesn't require a curtain liner, so can I use it without it?

There is no water resistance to this product. In addition to the heavy duty clear liner, I have

In terms of color, what is the difference between the marine blue and turquoise? I'm looking for a more greenish/aqua color ?

In the ocean, the blue is a lot more green than it is

This top portion of the website is white. Do you feel fabric when you touch it?

As far as the top is concerned, it is white and feels Red is not here, so if you are looking for it, look elsewhere. The orange one I have is my favorite.

Do you have white on the top? Could you tell me which one it is?

Although the top is white on the red one, it is red on the bottom.

Selected User Reviews For Creative Home Ideas Ombre Shower Curtain Set, 70"x72", Chocolate

What I expected wasn't quite what I got

I find it really amazing how simple things can impact the look of your bathroom so much. This is a wonderful difference, and I'm very glad that I ended up with the one that This is the first time we've used a curtain other than plain, bright white. This is something I have been eyeing for a long time, but my husband insists that a plain one will do. Paint and other accent pieces stand out when the lighting is bright. I just wanted to say thanks for the article, since it is Our theme colors appear in it, so it is simple and easy to use. In my opinion, it looks very modern and isn't flashy. The design is different from what you see in White looks like it's fading into a light gray shade, then into a gray shade. While it would be better if it had a deeper bottom to it, it works well in the bathroom nonetheless! Another thing is that it has a circle pattern throughout, which stands out much more than it does in In spite of all that, I am still glad I purchased As for the price, I think it is fair given the quality and the shower rings that came with it. If you buy a decent curtain at Walmart and then purchase rings, it costs a lot. Ironically, this is cheaper than you might think. Size is perfect, it seems pretty standard. I had a previous curtain that touched the floor and I hated it because of the dirt it would gather. The one in this picture doesn't touch the floor and depending on the color, it will make dirt more difficult to see. With this curtain, my bathroom looks so much better! It blows my mind how much better it looks. All in all, this completed the bathroom and now I'm happy to show it off. I feel at home here! Thanks for reading my review! I hope it helped!.

Nellie Archer
Nellie Archer
| Dec 21, 2020
I love it! Since the reviews were so mixed, I wanted to clarify a few things

My first complaint is that it is not cheap and does not catch I love how sophisticated and beautiful it is. The violet color is not the same as the purple. There are some that go vertically, and some that go horizontally. Depending on the lighting, the vertical threads tend to reflect a blue hue, and the horizontal ones tend to reflect a certain light, it has a dark You should not let any dissuading thoughts creep into your head. This is a gorgeous design in my opinion. until I had the shower curtain to buy paint, so here are some paint swatches you can get if you want to KNOW exactly what colors are in the shower curtain Despite its name, the darkest shade on this swatch (Walking Trail) is not present - so take a look at them It would be possible to use any of them. The Lowe's Valspar (4001) color is also available. In addition, Sherwin Williams (Lowes) PP12 (Sensuous Gray) and Sherwin Williams (Lowes) 337B are also a part of the collection.

Ada Wilson
Ada Wilson
| Jun 28, 2021
I received my curtain today and want to let you know how much There is just enough color here to make the room brighter

I received my curtain today and want to let you know how much The bathroom has just enough color to brighten it up, but not too much that it seems garish. It looks amazing when the yellow and grey curtains are paired with grey rugs! I found a small blemish on the upper left corner of the yellow, but it isn't big enough to make me send Although they are very cute, I chose not to use the clips that came with it since I like the ones I already own better. The curtain I am recommending is excellent.

Keilani Knox
Keilani Knox
| Nov 27, 2020
This is such a beautiful color, I love its Shower curtain with hot pink color that is very lively and vivid

It is the color of my wife's favorite thing even though she can no longer see it since she has been blind for about 45 years. She may love it if she were able to see it for herself. I feel like my turquoise curtain in the other bathroom almost glows when it is exposed to LED lights. There is one warning though--the rings used to hold the curtain are very hard on your hands. You have to crimp them in order to open them, and crimp them back in order to close them. You should get one of these if you want to improve the appearance of your shower. You should then add a shower curtain liner in a complementary color to carry this look over. You just can't help but admire its beauty!.

Lily Turner
Lily Turner
| Mar 12, 2021
The results were not what we expected

Getting this shower curtain for my guest bathroom was because, with its orange shades, I thought it would have a cute season look, where I could accessorize with fall decor, into Halloween and all the way through Thanksgiving. My opinion is that I hung it up as soon as I received it The first thing that stands out is that the product appears cheap, and that the texture is more apparent than in the photos. Although it looks cheap, the texture gives it a shiny, cheap look that I did not expect. It looks a little different in person than it did in Second, both the photos and the item description clearly show that the curtain hooks are decorated with orange beads. Silver were the ones I received. Secondly, some of the holes are not evenly spaced, which results in an odd-looking pattern on the shower curtain. Let us see how I do with it in a day or so and then we'll find out if I can adjust to it, but I suspect I'll have to return it.

Kennedy Rivera
Kennedy Rivera
| Jan 26, 2021
The design is simple, cheap, and pleasing to the eye

This simple, cheap, and beautiful shower rod fits any bathroom decor. The "Marine Blue" is actually much more green than blue, so I was not quite sure what color to expect. Having said that, I probably would have preferred the "Turquoise" color, but that was my own fault for not paying closer attention (and to be fair, I don't really care that much about color). shower rings included with the book are a nice touch, but be aware that they are cheap. When I finally got the hang of it (pardon the pun), I ended up breaking one in half trying to get it on. It's basically they're thick paper clips with some beads on top, but they're in a nicer form factor. It is difficult to get them onto the shower rod since you have to bend them just shy of their breaking point. The fabric also has simple cuts in it for the holes for the rings on top. If you try to poke the rings through it, you will get some loose threads. Due to this, I don't really expect these curtains to last longer than a year or two, in keeping with the adage "you get what you pay for. ".

Jaxon Duffy
Jaxon Duffy
| Apr 17, 2021

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